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The Billionaire's Unexpected Heir Becoming The New Owner Of Hickory Hills Thoroughbred Farm Was Not In Billionaire Jake Garnier S Plans Becoming A Father Was Even Unimaginable For His New Business Came With One Heather McGwire, Ranch Managerand Mother To Jake S Secret ChildAfter Barely Surviving His Own Father S Desertion, Jake Knew He Couldn T Walk Away From His Responsibilities Marriage Seemed The Only Solution Yet Heather Wouldn T Settle For Simple Sweet Talk And Seduction If Jake Wanted A Real Family, He D Have To Saddle Up For The Long Ride

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    The Billionaire s Unexpected Heir was a fair read but.there was a trigger that make it a bit difficult to read.A little over a year ago, Jack Garnier, partying playboy and man whore extraordinaire, spent the evening and night with the beautiful Heather, the first woman who ever got to him After their time together he has regretted not getting than her first name, or at least what

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    Cute love story

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    Okay I don t know why I know torturing myself and reading HP books there all basically the same about some Jerk who likes to sleep around but then finds the love of his life and knocks her up but then leaves her because he is to afraid, and then a couple months later he finds out that he got her pregnant and all of a sudden he realizes that he loves her Okay first of all if he really

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    Le do el 04 10 2012

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    Like the previous book and, i m assuming, the rest of the series, this book too was fast paced.Emerald, Jake s grandmother, found out through private investigators that Jake has a 6 month old daughter that he does not know off She pulls some strings and makes sure he and the mother of the child meet again and he finds out about the daughter When I read One night, two babies , I assumed

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    This book was very disappointing I don t really have the highest literary expectations when it comes to Harlequins or anything, I know the usual plotlines, they are usually easy reads etc So I knew right away there was going to be some sort of conflict that threatened Jake Heather s romance and was making guesses as to what that conflict would be I was very surprised that it consisted o

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    Usually I don t care for secret baby storylines mainly because of the fact that they are secret baby storylines Tell the father of your baby that he s going to be a child already and if worse comes to worse, deal with it somehow He has a right to know So, moving on, this one the heroine did try and contact the babies father than once and could never get in touch with him So, she did try

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    I thought it was a great book Jake should have known something was up since she was radiating anger..but hey it was a great book and he had to chase what he wanted..she didnt just hand it over to him on a plattertho at the party I would have walked my self on the dance floor and snatched his tail off..I received this book free from Harlequin ambassadors

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    DNFI got half way through this book and there was yet to be any conflict The plot was pretty bland and wasn t holding my attention enough for me to care about how the story ends.

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    3,5 Esta hist ria foi um bocadinho melhor que as anteriores Foi uma leitura leve e r pida.

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