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The Biggest Loser Success Secrets: The Wisdom, Motivation, and Inspiration to Lose Weight Now Some great tips If you re a fan of the show, especially the earlier seasons, you ll probably enjoy this book and the tidbits from former cast members Most of the advice and success secrets here are things that you ve likely read elsewhere, though I d say if you can find it cheap or it s at your library, it might be worth your time It s a quick read I finished it in about an hour. This is not a diet, although there were several references to The Biggest Loser diet I guess that s in another book But, I ve found that I quite like healthy lifestyle books that don t include a diet I m becoming quite convinced that the secret to losing weight is not in the diet, it s in the tools you have or create that help you stick to whatever food and exercise plan you have decided to pursue.This book is filled with tips and tricks And, it s a lot of fun with color pictures throughout and quotes from The Biggest Loser. Sorta repetitive in a lot of aspects It wasn t bad but slightly boring considering there areinfo out there and books I ve already read prior Thought its givefrom the Losers Easy read maybe good for vegan nets just venturing into the healthier life style because this book won t be overbearing. This is one of my favorite TV shows, so to read a book with people I ve watched lose TONS of weight and hear their stories, get advice and tips is very inspiring and motivating I love The Biggest Loser I am one This is a good book to review for quick motivation, especially if you are a fan of the show A lot of the secrets are very practical for those of us at home I read a few pages a night while doing Weight Watchers to help me keep up the motivation. If you need a boast on your diet program, here some inspiration for you was ok but nothing new heregood one to borrow from the library Much of the information in this book, I ve read or heard before, but it was good to see in the context of a show I ve watched some over the seasons One suggestion I learned in this book is to come up with flags like benchmarks for your diet health things that will alert you to the fact that you need to change things Green flags are things that are going well in your healthy eating, yellow flags are a sign that things are slipping, and red flags need some serious action I also liked the reminder not to eat out the package something comes in Not something I do often, but sometimes. Millions Of Viewers Have Watched The Contestants On The Biggest Loser, NBC S Hit Show, Radically Transform Their Bodies And Their Lives In Turn, Many Of Those Inspired Fans Have Shed Countless Pounds On Their Own By Following The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Program But As Anyone Who Has Tried To Get In Shape Knows, The Hardest Part Of Any Regimen Isn T The Battle Of The Bulge It S The Battle Of The Mind Now, The Contestants Share Their Diet And Exercise Success Secrets And Confess What Helped Them Overcome Their Biggest Challenges Through Their Astonishingly Candid Revelations, You Ll Learn How To Find The Time And Energy To Work Out Overcome Powerful Cravings For Your Favorite Foods Avoid Slipping Back Into Unhealthy But Comfortable Habits Power Through Weight Loss Plateaus Overcome The Temptation To Quit And Regain Focus Maintain Weight After Reaching Your Goal Staying Healthy Is A Daily Battle And The Biggest Loser Contestants Have Learned What It Takes To Win Discover How Their Tried And True Diet And Exercise Tips, Insider Wisdom, And Personal Stories Can Help You Achieve Your Goals And Live The Life You Ve Always Wanted

About the Author: Maggie Greenwood-Robinson

Maggie Greenwood Robinson, PhD, is a leading health and medical writer in the United States She has authored or coauthored than 30 books on nutrition, exercise, weight loss, psychological health, and other health related issues, among them The Biggest Loser, a New York Times best seller that is the official diet and fitness book for NBC s hit reality show of the same name Some of her most r

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