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The Beautiful Wife I received the Beautiful Wife book, mentor s guide, and prayer journal for review I started with the mentor s guide and I have to say I am impressed As someone who has lead groups before, I have felt completely lost with HOW to go about becoming an effective group leader the author has completely laid out a plan of exactly what to do and how to do it I am blown away at the DETAIL the author has provided for the mentors Both the mentor guide and prayer journal are thin, but they both pack a big punch.The prayer journal is one that you fill in it is a skeleton of questions and though provoking charts for the reader to fill in on their journey through the book The main book is full of wonderful advice I like that the author doesn t pretend that marriages or perfect, or that people are perfect this book doesn t feel fake It is a book that I can relate to, and the topics covered from money to sex to self care and topics that are relevant and needed I am not a huge fan of self help books and this doesn t feel like one to me The Beautiful Wife is engaging and a great read whether you are part of a small group or reading alone. The Beautiful Wife is an inspirational Christian guide for women, devoted to helping them define their role within their marriage, so that they can have a fulfilling and successful marriage The author provides information and spiritual guidance on important marital topics such as communication, money, romance, sex, prayer, self care and living a genuine life The 12 part study guide is filled with the author s own experiences, along with spiritual references and suggestions on how to have a beautiful marriage and live within God s vision of a beautiful life The Beautiful Wife was written and meant for a group setting, but it can easily be used for the individual study as well In addition to The Beautiful Wife, it also has two companion guides Prayer Journal and Mentor s Guide.I thought that The Beautiful Wife was a beautifully well written and inspirational book I appreciated the author providing her readers with examples of her past experiences, her reassuring messages of hope for having a successful marriage is uniquely profound and deeply moving The author provides practical, realistic, useful and inspirational information and suggestions to attain the the type of marriage that God intended for all of us The encouraging and inspirational guidance that the reader will gain from reading this book is second to none, it is a book that a woman can continuously reference back to throughout her marriage.I would recommend reading The Beautiful Wife for everyone who is considering marriage or is currently married no matter the length of time , this book will provide endless spiritual reference and guidance to having a beautiful, loving and successful marriage.Disclaimer At the request of the author, publisher and LitFuse Publicity Group, a paperback edition of the book was sent, at no cost to me, for my honest review and participation in the virtual book tour event.Virtual Book Tour Event On Tuesday, February 28, 2012, in association with LitFuse Publicity Group, Sandy Ralya participated in a virtual book tour event with an Author Guest Post on Jersey Girl Book Reviews.http jerseygirlbookreviews.blogspot The Beautiful Wife is a book for the gloriously messy woman who has serious and not so serious questions about her role as a wife It s a book for the woman who longs to develop deep relationships with real women who don t gloss over the dirty realities of life It s book for the woman who wants to experience fulfillment, passion, and meaning in her marriage.It can be a difficult thing to understand the role of a wife in this day and age As a matter of fact, it s always been a hard role to understand After all, it s not a one size fits all kind of job, and it may require tweaking with each new season of life Your marriage is different than mine, and both of our marriages are different than your friend s Recipe theology living by a one size fits all formula leaves all women hungry But there are answers that satisfy.In the book The Beautiful Wife, you will find some of those answers In fact the you work through the book, the you to turn God and talk vulnerably within a loving community of women, the answers you ll find The stories of imperfect women with imperfect marriages will refresh you and also challenge you to make changes in your role as a wife, which will improve your marriage You can use this book with small groups of women, alone, or with a mentor and I truly believe it will change your marriage for the better and teach you that there isn t such a thing as a perfect marriage or husband.I received the book, The Beautiful Wife by Sandy Ralya compliments of Litfuse Publicity for my honest review and this came at a perfect time for me I m always evaluating how my own marriage can be better and how I can improve as a wife Just the first chapter alone was like a breath of fresh air to my heart and soul as Sandy explains her own personal struggle in her marriage and trying to find a better way to make it work I felt as if her words were my own and could relate to her story, realizing I am not alone in my thoughts, actions and worse yet, words However through simple instructions, I saw how I could improve my husband through my actions alone and not anything I say or try to get him to do.The biggest eye opener for me was when Sandy taught about the unique differences and roles we each bring into the marriage, though we are equal, we are not the same Clearly Adam needed something he didn t already possess or there would be no need for Eve It s realizing what strengths each of us brings to the marriage and how we can use those strengths to build the other up and strengthen our marriage Men need our strengths in encouragement, our ability to find solutions in the midst of storms and instead of us dwelling on all the things we find fault with in our husbands, we need to think about all the positives, Philippians 4 8 I can wait to see what blessings our marriage will bring as we both work through building our marriage and work towards being the best we can be in our roles as husbands and wives.I easily rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend it to any woman who is currently married or considering marriage It s also great for women s Bible Studies and for Couples Counseling as well. The Beautiful Wife Focused on Christ, Fulfilled in Marriage by Sandy Ralya is a 222 page book written in an eloquent, simple yet honest, heart filled way to encourage wives seeking to grow and be strengthen in and through Christ.Each chapter starts with a scripture and topic related quote and ends with a set of reflection questions that encourages the reader both for discussion and personal enrichment along with a set of first step questions that seem designed to help the reader get direction in working through the chapter.With a companion Prayer Journal and Mentor Guide, The Beautiful Wife makes a wonderful book for either personal reading, discussion with your closest friends or topic of a bible study.On page 29, Sandy Rayla seems to sum up what a marriage is about, You are an equal partner with your husband in marriage, and your role holds great influence This speaks of the saying that is sometimes used, Behind every great man, there s a great woman and how as wives, we are basically one of the many roles that Sandy broke down as Equal Partner.Friend.Helper.Prayer Warrior.There is a great quote in the book by Ruth Bell Graham that goes, If two people agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary To which it is said her husband, Billy goes, The sooner we accept that as a fact of life, the better we will be able to adjust to each other and enjoy togetherness.Marriage is definitely a lot of give and take and with, The Beautiful Wife , Sandy addresses topics from cultivating beauty to professionalizing the role of wife and mother to even managing money, going along the lines of Proverbs 31.Sandy writes about topics that are both common sense but yet at the same time, seem lost in complicated times and shares knowledge that once were passed down from older generations to the younger generations.Along with short, inspiring chapters, there are additional resources that Sandy shares, via authors that are both familiar and maybe somewhat unfamiliar as well as important understanding that abuse is not acceptable in a marriage and for those who may find themselves in an abusive relationship, numbers and information of where to go for help.Through it allreaders will find that The Beautiful Wife is a great book for wives to read, girlfriends to discuss and for fellow Sisters in Christ to study. Are you married, or looking forward to the day that you will be Planning for your wedding is the easy part, becoming one with your husband, well, that is a life long process Sandra Ralya has written a devotional that is relevant to any women whether she is engaged, newly married or has been married a long time I know I found this book helpful, and I have been married nearly 18 years.The Beautiful Wife contains 12 meaty chapters that use examples from Sandra Ralya s own experiences and include some of these topics Prayer, Being Genuine, Mystique Romance Communication, and Speaking the Truth in Love And it is filled with Bible references to make you think about your own situation At the end of each chapter you will find journaling discussion questions to help you to think through what you have learned No matter how long you have been married, or how good your marriage is there is always room for improvement So if you like Bible studies this might be one you would like to have on your coffee table, or night stand.Companion Materials I also received the Prayer Journal and Mentor s Guide from the publisher each of these little books are a nice edition to The Beautiful Wife devotional.The Prayer Journal has places to write down pray requests, your prayers, and the answers you have received Places to write down the Bible verses you are learning, as well as, what you have learned from reading them I think it would fit well into your daily study.The Mentor s Guide is a nice tool for Bible study group leaders It includes everything you need to lead a group study, and whether you are an experienced leader or it is your first time to lead a Bible Study Group I think you will find it very helpful The Beautiful Wife by Sandy Ralya was provided for me free by Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for my honest review. The Beautiful Wife discusses topics such as self care, romance, communication, truth in love, the roles of wife and mother, and choosing God s best The author recommends following the chapters, encouraging a small group of women who will support each other, and holding one another accountable for implementing the suggestions in the book There are also companion books for the mentor of the small group and a prayer journal for each individual In the journal, Bible passages for contemplation are suggested as are prayers focusing on your husband and marriage.Ralya s marriage mentoring ministry would seem to be a terrific offering I would have reservations about joining a small group and removing my mask as the author recommends I think my friends like my mask If I had many problems, my poor friends would probably feel helpless and embarrassed by my troubles However, Ralya s insights seem to ring true As she says, Be direct Hints to my husband only frustrate good communication Also, she suggests appreciating rather than criticizing That realization early in my marriage helped turn frustrating moments into moments of love and laughter These relationship tips have been suggested in thousands of books, but Ralya s sincerity, scripture passages, and organization might win many readers over Many women, like me, might feel comfortable using the text and the companion books for individual reflection and study A few less than politically correct comments surprised me Some women may feel that the book puts too much emphasis on fixing ourselves rather than on our husbands taking part in the process However if the results are good, why worry about pointing fingers or who made of an effort These books, because of the author s sincere intent, could improve the lives of married women who really wish to connect with their husbands, becoming caring partners again. Sandy Ralya did a wonderful job of pointing out things that I, as a wife, had never thought of before in regards to my role as a wife I ll be the first to admit that I get tired of hearing Christian authors and speakers tell us to submit to our husbands and while Sandy did touch on this she talked about it in a way that didn t leave me feeling like being submissive is being weak There were several points in the book where I felt as though she was talking directly to me Each chapter covers a different facet of life as a wife and gives tips on how to revamp that area of your marriage in order to make you the most beautiful wife you can be.This is a book that I will be going back to, making notes on in the accompanying journal, and hopefully leading a study using the Mentor Guide At the conclusion of each chapter there are questions to prompt you to write in the journal but I promise you won t need them in order to have things to write about It is that thought provoking The journal also guides you in what to write about and from looking at it it s going to be easy to fill the pages The mentor guide gives great instruction to lead discussion on each chapter as well as clearly defining your role as a mentor.I ll leave you with my favorite verse from The Beautiful Wife So, chosen by God for this new life of love, dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength, discipline Be even tempered, content with second place,quick to forgive an offense Forgive as quickly and completely as theMaster forgave you And regardless of what else you put on,wear love It s your basic, all purpose garment.Never be without it Colossians 3 12I receied this book free of charge from Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for my honest review. I can not tell you how blessed I feel after reviewing this Bible Study I love the way Sandy writes, as if she knows me and is speaking right to me So much so I have several times wondered if she can some how read minds or maybe my house is bugged Seriously though, I have not been able to join a Women s Bible Study for quite a few years now But The Beautiful Wife Study has made me want to start up a Summer Bible Study at my house for my Homeschool Mama s I have to say I think Chapter 11 Professionalizing the Role of Wife and Mother may have spoke to me the most Sandy s The Professional Wife s Strategy For Success covers Talking to Your Boss God , Determine a Vision for Your Role as a Wife, Develop a Plan of Action, Get an Education, and Find a Mentor She even has one for The Professional Mother As a career girl turned stay at home mom and then homeschooling mama I absolutely LOVE this chapter I not only had the privilege of reviewing The Beautiful Wife Bible Study, but the Mentor s Guide and Prayer Journal as well WOW The Mentor s Guide does an amazing job of really breaking it down and helping you as a Bible Study Leader If you are just doing it on your own I highly recommend the Prayer Journal well either way you should have it Sandy breaks down prayers for you, your hubby and your marriage plus leaves room for you to write down your answers to prayer I highly recommend this Study to any woman how is married or engaged to be married If your church or small group hasn t discovered it yet you need to show it to them I know we could ALL absorb so much from Sandy s Study Find this review at I believe this book will be life changing for many, many women and their marriages Shaunti Feldhahn, For Women Only Jeff Feldhahn has a book, For Men Only My Review The Beautiful Wife, by Sandy Ralya, is based on Titus 2 2 5, Older women likewise are to be reverent in their behavior, so that they may encourage the young women to love their husbands, children, being subject to their own husbands, so that the Word of God will not be dishonored Sandy s book is instrumental in teaching wives how to become a Christ centered wife that complements her husband and cares for her family Sandy doesn t just tell you what you should be doing, but gives personal and other examples that help you understand the concept She s very transparent about her own marriage so you know that everyone has struggles.The first chapter, Equipping for the Journey, is pivotal to the rest of the book Sandy lists several steps that are vital Turn to God Be Still Worship Read the Bible Pray Understand Your Role Equal Partner, Friend, Helper, Prayer Warrior Share Within a Community of Women Humility, Transparency and AccountabilityThe rest of the book is centered on these three important issues Part of it is accomplished by the Reflection section, where you answer questions about yourself with deep honesty and transparency The First Steps section will give you some goals steps that you will be expected to follow through on, and will be held accountable for at the next meeting As Sandy would ask, After all, isn t that why you ve made time to study The Beautiful Wife The other chapters include the following They are in depth and handled with grace Self Care Living Genuinely Cultivating Mystique Inviting Romance Thoughts About Sex Opening Communication Speaking the Truth in Love Managing Money Creating a Culture of Beauty Professionalizing the Roles of Wife Mother Choosing God s BestOne thing I suggest when you read the book, is to remember it s written for wives, not husbands I struggled with some of the concepts because I felt it fit both spouses And a lot of it does, but Sandy is only focusing on the woman s part That will help calm down some of those hackles that start to rise when you think the woman has to do all the changing.My biggest complaint is that this book wasn t available when I first got married Growing up with three brothers, being a tomboy, and not getting much motherly advice on the ways of women made our marriage difficult for a number of years as well I could have used a lot of the advice written between the covers of this book So much practical and Scriptural advice Also, please heed the advice about sexual and physical abuse issues You will most likely need professional help.If you whole heartedly persist with God and the Holy Spirit, your marriage can be changed to be a light to others, while creating a peaceful, loving home environment for your husband, your children and yourself It s a win win situation.This study can be implemented in home groups, church hosted meetings, or one on one mentoring I would recommend Sandy s book for single women thinking about marriage as well as engaged women.This book was provided by Cat Hoort of Kregel Publications My review is my own honest opinion No monetary compensation was exchanged. There Was A Time When Author Sandy Ralya S Marriage Was In Trouble She Needed Help But She Was Afraid To Ask For It At The Time, She Didn T Know That Hundreds Of Other Wives Were Struggling With The Same Issues She Was Though Sandy Eventually Sought Guidance From Godly Mentors And Christian Counselors, Other Women Remain Silent Many Churches Lack Ministries And Resources To Reach Out And Help These Women Sandy Ralya Founded Beautiful Womanhood In To Provide The Same Nurturing And Mentoring That Changed Her Life And Her Marriage And Began To Speak To Hundreds Of Women Each Year Hearing The Stories Of Women Like Herself, Sandy Realized The Need For Resources Based On Practical Teaching, Sound Research, And Real Life Experiences The Beautiful Wife Uses These Inspiring Stories Along With Biblical Principles To Guide And Encourage Any Wife Looking For God S Best In Her Marriage The Beautiful Wife Answers Serious Questions Women Have About Their Roles As Wives Discussing Everything From Romance And Money To Beauty, Communication, And Sex, Sandy Challenges Women To Open Up And Share Their Journeys So That Together They Can See God S Plan For Their Marriages It Is My Passion To Help Women Discover God S Heart For Their Marriage, Just As Other Women Helped Me, Writes Sandy When Women Share With Each Other The Details Of Their Journeys With God As Wives, It S A Beautiful Thing Indeed

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When author and speaker Sandy Ralya s marriage was in trouble, she walked into church each Sunday morning desperate for help, but not daring to ask for it because everyone else s marriage seemed so perfect Her life appeared beautiful on the outside, but on the inside it was a mess Over time, Sandy turned to God by reading the Bible and prayer and sought guidance from trusted friends, godly mento

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