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The Bachelor's Baby Father In Training For Jake Hallam And Amy Jones It Was Love At First Sight Amy Recognized It The Trouble Was, Jake Refused To Only, He Couldn T Refuse To Acknowledge That, After A Night Of Tender Lovemaking, Amy Was Expecting His BabyJake Was Horrifiedyet Fascinated He Couldn T Stay Away From Amy Or Ignore The Growing Life He D Helped Create But He Was A Confirmed Bachelor Wedded To His Work Could He Learn To Be A Husband And Father Before The Baby Arrived

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    A commitment phoebe H and a very very patient h I am not sure I got his logic behind his fear for commitment but I enjoyed reading so I am not gonna complain.

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    Sweet but low energy story about a commit phobic hero and an emotionally distant heroine.Instant chemistry and a ONS have obvious consequences The h is of the Love and Logic school of romance, not putting any restrictions or pressure on the hero.

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    Rating 3.5 starsI just didn t feel this book, hero is a commitment phobe with issues from his bad childhood, heroine falls for him immediately and falls pregnant, hero does his level best to distance himself while not shirking his responsibilities, so he tries to offer financial help which the heroine keeps rejecting.

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    This is a lovely story about two people who fall in love but because of the wounds of the past, struggle to make things work Jake and Amy feel the connection the first time they meet and when they give in, their special night results in a baby.This is essentially the story of how Jake comes to terms with love and fatherhood, two things he never considered necessary or even possible for him, given his past Amy has her own wounds which make

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    The Bachelor s Baby is a book to not be missed filled with lots of love and confusion confusion as in wondering what real true love is Find out how much love can be put in one story by just picking up this book and turning the pages

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