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The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity The Artist S Way Is The Seminal Book On The Subject Of Creativity An International Bestseller, Millions Of Readers Have Found It To Be An Invaluable Guide To Living The Artist S Life Still As Vital Today Or Perhaps Even So Than It Was When It Was First Published One Decade Ago, It Is A Powerfully Provocative And Inspiring Work In A New Introduction To The Book, Julia Cameron Reflects Upon The Impact Of The Artist S Way And Describes The Work She Has Done During The Last Decade And The New Insights Into The Creative Process That She Has Gained Updated And Expanded, This Anniversary Edition Reframes The Artist S Way For A New Century

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    Julia Cameron works my last nerve She s always talking about looking out at the sun dappled mesas of New Mexico, or using some other affected, high falutin lingo about her gloriously new age, trendy life Meanwhile, I look out at the cracked concrete of my driveway in the Chicago drizzle and wonder how us normal people e

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    On the whole, the key to the Artist s Way is selfishness That is something I fundamentally disagree with You should not skip your child s soccer game to paint your masterpiece Your kid is the masterpiece All of the relationships in your life are masterpieces I use that as an example but there are other moments in this book

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    This is a really difficult book for me to rate At the time I first read it fifteen years ago, it did wonders to open me up creatively I was still struggling to slough off some negative parental programming about being a writer, and this book along with a good friend helped give me permission to explore that side of myself.Since

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    Another book that has changed my life See also The Runner s Handbook I have started this book many times and not finished my 12 week or commitment, but this time, when I got to the point where I wanted to give up, I kept on going, and let me tell you where I am now, as a result of this I pitched my memoir to agents in February.I a

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    My New Year s resolution for 1998 was to finally actually DO the Artists Way I had given it to several people close to me for the last three holidays, but I had never actually done the process This is not a book to read It is a book to do and it promises major life changes in 13 weeks I was desperate to find a new way to make a living

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    A book to cheer you on when you feel like you can only look longingly at your passion writing, painting, drawing because the dog needs a walk and the kids need a bath, and you ve bills to pay so you ve just come home from a job that took you from the house and back to it without a glimpse of the sun.

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    I was introduced to The Artist s Way back in 2005 when I took a college class on creativity If I hadn t signed up for that class, I m sure I would have never picked up this book I expected The Artist s Way to be full of fluffy, New Agey platitudes, and I approached it with cynicism and skepticism However, I kept an open mind I read each chapte

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    Look, for writers and artists whatever inspires you to create is a good thing However, I found this book For me to be too I am an artist, I am bohemian, I create attitude Writing or any of the arts has a greater verity for my when it s a little less GIFT OF THE GODS and a little craft The most successful creators view their work as a craft in the

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    Artist s Way, while it contains some gems, is an overall disappointment I ve started it several times and it took me this fourth time to get all the way through I had previously blamed my inability to finish it on myself than on the work in general The book taken as a whole comes across as pop psychology mixed with a heavy dose of New Age philosophy

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    I read and did the exercises in this book during the most intense professional and personal time in my life It was a life changer because it allowed me to articulate my life purpose which is fundamentally about using my voice and helping others to find theirs I recommend this book often.

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