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The Art of the Band T-shirt ONCE, T Shirts Were Just Unadorned Undergarments But With The Evolution Of Screen Printing And The Birth Of Band Merchandising, T Shirts Became So Much Cooler Now Every Band With An Ounce Of Savvy Knows The Importance Of T Shirts Not Only As A Lucrative Sideline But Also As A Means Of Self Promotion And A Way For Fans To Show Their Allegiance The Art Of The Band T Shirt Is A Visual History Of That Perennial Fashion Statement, Complete With Nearly Two Hundred Images Of The Mostimportant, Influential, Iconic, And Ironic T Shirts It Includes Shirt Images From Artists As Diverse As Led Zeppelin, The Ramones, Madonna, Morrissey, Public Enemy, And The Flaming Lips, Each With A Caption Thatincludes Historical Background, Little Known Facts, Or An Artist S Comments About The DesignA Fascinating, Beautifully Illustrated Archive For Hipsters, Fashionistas, Serious Collectors, And All Music Fans, The Art Of The Band T Shirt Is As Indispensable And Classically Cool As The Perfect T Shirt

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    A gorgeous picture book that skips through the history of the shirts used to promote bands from the Beatles to Fugazi to Metallica There were a lot bands I thought could have been inc

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    Ah, so cool pictures of old new band t shirts Not a lot, but still pretty to browse also brings up many trying questions, for example WHO INVENTED THE 3 4 BASEBALL T EW.coffee table rec.

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    I found this to be a cute coffee table book The unique trim size and stylishly cropped photography created an artsy texture to the book It would make a great gift for someone who likes pop culture trends

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    A fun little book to flip through The little bits of info are nice, too Sometimes it woulda been nice if the book had been just a touch bigger so the t shirt images would be bigger, so you could see the detail a bi

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    Ces i hwn yn anrheg gan ddysgwr oedd wedi i ffeindio fe yn siop The Works a meddwl fyddwn i n hoffi fe Werth ei ddarllen jyst am y stori ambytu This Is Not A Fugazi Shirt Bach o fflwff, pam lai

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    sangat lumayan sbg inspirasi yang mau bikin clothing company.

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    Read during a point in time when I was really into music, T shirts, and music t shirts.

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