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The Academy A marvelous first novel.The Academy is one of the best experiences I have had as a reader in a long, long time Set in New Mexico s desert, the story unfolds as the main character Kate explores the intricate and often times complicated relationships between family, the turbulence of adolescence, and the growing pains of love and loss Beautifully and powerfully written CJ Daly is a born storyteller and her brilliant debut novel is destined to suck you in with startling plot twists, richly developed characters, and heart wrenching love triangles.The Academy is one of those rare novels that, once you ve finished, the story and characters stay with you long after, leaving you longing forBook 2 PLEASE Unexpected and excitingGet ready for an all night read If you like unexpected twists, well thought out plots, heroes, villains, and underdogs, you are in for a treat I can t wait for the sequel Amazing Start Intrigued with the blurb I decided to give the book a chance When starting a new book I m always open with my expectations, especially with unfamiliar author s, and I have to say this book has left me speechless It was suspenseful, intense, unique, and definitely worth the read The compelling characters, well written story, and plot twists that ll keep you guessing , will encourage you to read from start to finish That ending though you just never see it coming I m definitely looking forward to the next book All n all give this book a read you won t regret it. Great YA romance with intriguing story and there areto come in the series I loved this book, the chemistry between Kate and Pete is white hot and trying to figure out what is going on at the mysterious Academy made it impossible to put down It s also longer then a lot of YA books which I loved as they always end too soon I m dying to know what happens next and can t wait for the sequel This is sexy fun while also being a compelling page turner Loved it WowI am so happy that I got the opportunity to read this It was an great story You know you are hooked when you are muttering at the characters and staying up late to finish the story I m looking forward to the next book. Oh my gosh My bookclub just read this, and I wanted to crawl inside and live in this book I was a little disappointed we didn t seeof the Ranger character thoughvery intriguing ending Hopefully, we ll seeof him in the sequel Definitely a page turner I kept telling myself onepage and then onechapter I couldn t put the book down The characters come to life on the pages and there are twists and turns that you won t see coming Can t wait for the next one Kate Connelly Should Be Careful What She Wishes For Just Seventeen, She Already Feels Like She S Suffocating Since Her Mother S Death, Her Father S Basically Checked Out, So She S Stuck Raising Her Brothers By Herself Out In The New Mexico Scrub All Kate Wants Is A Little Distraction From The Same Ole, Same Ole That Is Her Life When Two Mysterious Guys Show Up At The Diner Where She Works, She Thinks Her Wish Has Come True, Until They Start Giving Her A Hard Time Like Her Life Isn T Hard Enough Something About Them Niggles Her, But She Brushes It Off She S Never Going To See Them Again Anyway Right Then They Appear In An Alley One Night To Either Rescue Or Kidnap Her She S Still Not Sure Which Before Disappearing Like Figments Of Her Imagination Kate Decides To Put The Bizarre Encounters Out Of Her Mind She Has Bigger Problems To Worry About Like That Elite Military Academy That S Been Pursuing Her Gifted Little Brother When One Of Their Cadets Shows Up At Clovis High School, He Creates Instant Pandemonium And Just Happens To Be One Of Those Mysterious Guys Coincidence Mama Said There S No Such Thing And To Always Trust Her Instinct But That Might Be Kind Of Hard, Because Every Time She S Around Cadet Peter Davenport, Her Gut Starts Flip Flopping On Her And Her Heart Can Kate Keep It Together Long Enough To Stop Cadet Davenport S Mission She S About To Find Out And Once Again How Neatly Life Can Be Split Into Before And After Such a well developed story The chemistry, the mystery kept me turning page after page You love some characters and then hate others but love them all too Can t wait forbooks from this writer Please tell us what happens next Looking forward to the next book The ending left me wantingbackground on Ranger and slightly confused on who I like better, Pete or Ranger 4.5 stars There s has to beto the story.

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