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Texas Gothic Early review Release date 7th July 2011 Book received from publisher When sisters Amy short for Amaryllis and Phin short for Delphinium Goodnight show up to ranch sit for their Aunt Hyacinth, they don t realise quite how much the experience will change their lives Phin is so wrapped up in her scientific studies with a paranormal twist that she rarely notices anything that doesn t fall directly into her sphere of interest, and Amy Well, Amy wants nothing to do with the para side of normal in fact, she has made it her life s work to act as a buffer between her family, who are eccentric at best, and the rest of civilisation.Texas Gothic uses an ingenious recipe of part archaelogical dig, part Scooby Doo esque mystery, and part love story with the added spices of romance, magic, and cowboys Well, actually, it s mainly subtle hints of cowboys, but there is a hunky Texan guy who first appears on horseback so I m definitely counting him in the cowboy column.I m always almost unhealthily glad when bones appear in books don t judge me, I m about to start a degree in Medieval History and I ve always had a fascination with the Black Death , so their appearance teamed with the added aspects of magical heritage and teenage soul searching really kept the pages turning for me The first line of the book is The goat was in the tree again which gives you some idea of the intriguing information that you may learn in amongst the plot do goats climb trees Please don t disillusion me unless you know for sure , as well as the tone of the novel I loved Amy s voice, she s definitely going down as one of my favourite unlikely heroines Recommendation If you like your normal with added para, your natural withthan a hint of super, then take a walk with Amy and see if anything will make her agree with you Did I mention there was magic and a sort of cowboy Come on Fair warning I m all for appropriate swearing in the YA genre, and so are the characters in Texas Gothic. I picked this up on a whim quite awhile ago because the title intrigued me I m glad I did so because I thoroughly enjoyed this story I m always a big fan of anything that has ghosts or witches and when you pair both together, it s a definite recipe for success Not only was the story great but I really enjoyed the characters as well I kept forgetting that many of them were in their teens because they definitely didn t act like teenagers And then the ending was absolutely not what I was expecting I kept wondering how it would all wrap up and was worried I would be disappointed but I absolutely wasn t It was the perfect ending to a great story Amy Goodnight Knows That The World Isn T As Simple As It Seems She Grew Up Surrounded By Household Spells And Benevolent Ghosts But She Also Understands That Normal Doesn T Mix With Magic, And She S Worked Hard To Build A Wall Between The Two Worlds Not Only To Protect Any Hope Of Ever Having A Normal LifeRanch Sitting For Her Aunt In Texas Should Be Exactly That Good Old Ordinary, Uneventful Hard Work Only, Amy And Her Sister, Phin, Aren T Alone There S Someone In The House With Them And It S Not The Living, Breathing, Amazingly Hot Cowboy From The Ranch Next DoorIt S A Ghost, And It S Powerful Than The Goodnights And All Their Protective Spells Combined It Wants Something From Amy, And None Of Her Carefully Built Defenses Can Hold It BackThis Is The Summer When The Wall Between Amy S Worlds Is Going To Come Crashing Down Information to the author of this book I know that people in the US sometimes confuse Sweden with Switzerland After all, they are two countries in Europe, who both begin with SW Bit like Missouri and Michigan, you could say. same same really, or not I d just like to let you know that Alfred Nobel was a Swede and every year since 1901 the Nobel Prize has been awarded for achievements in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and for peace The Nobel Prize is an international award administered by the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden If you didn t know that, your editor should have known It is easy to google.This in my opinion fatal factual error jarred me out of your story, which I sampled free fromNot sure I want to buy the book now Going off to sulk for a while Maybe I ll change my mind The cover is beautiful, after all. DNF at page 116.I like the book but I hate the whole love story angle Ben is such an asshole To continue or not to continue Romance in YA is really overdone Also tends to be really problematic, which wouldn t be so bad if it wasn t portrayed as omg assholes are so hot way Like this whole vendetta against her aunt by him extending to them is really grating on my nerves.Yeah, I m DNFing I hear this book is heavy on the romance and less emphasis on the ghost plotline YAWN Amy Goodnight knows that the world isn t as simple as it seems she grew up surrounded by household spells and benevolent ghosts But she also understands that normal doesn t mix with magic, and she s worked hard to build a wall between the two worldsThis is the summer when the wall between Amy s worlds is going to come crashing down.When I read the opening line of this bookThe goat was in the tree againI knew this one was going to be fun I just loved Texas Gothic It wasn t anything spectacular, it wasn t super creepy like I thought it would be, and it wasn t anything new, but I enjoyed the characters, the mystery, and the setting Plus it was just so darn funny at times Mostly I think I loved that this book paid tribute to Nancy Drew and a little bit to Scooby doo as well, two favorites from my childhood I had previously read Rosemary Clement Moore sThe Splendor Fallsand really liked it It was what led me to add this book to my to read list At this point I m a huge fan of hers I really enjoy her writing style and the fact that she writes teens and Young adults as self aware and not just immature The kooky Goodnight family was just plain fun to read about I enjoyed the relationship Amy and Phin had as sisters The romance was light and didn t take over the book, and I really liked Ben a lot This could be a stand alone read, but it does have a companion book that centers on Amy s cousin Daisy I m looking forward to readingfrom this author.Review also posted at Writings of a Reader Originally Reviewed on The Book Smugglers REVIEW First Impressions Thea There are a number of things that Texas Gothic has going for it First, there s the cool Nancy Drew homage vibe right down to the red headed gumshoe sleuth heroine Then, there s the awesome setting of the novel on dusty ranches during a Texas summer Add an old fashioned haunting and ghost mystery to the mix, and you ve got the makings of a fantastic young adult novel And you know what I truly enjoyed Texas Gothic, and although there were a few facets of the characters that annoyed me an at times frustrating heroine, a level of repetition to the plot , I zipped through the book and was thoroughly entertained Ana I think that for a change, Thea and I are basically on the same wave length on this one I too enjoyed Texas Gothic and had great fun with its characters especially with the Goodnight family Despite some reservations mostly when it came to the romantic storyline , it delivered what I was hoping for a good few hours of good entertainment, afternoon movie style On the Plot Ana Amy Goodnight and her sister Phin are spending the summer tending to their Aunt s ranch in Texas Amy hopes that her summer will be non eventful with the odd Goat rescuing mission but eventful things do tend to happen to the members of the Goodnight family You see, the Goodnights are all paranormally inclined and even though Amy strives to be simply the normal in the family, the truth is she is just as paranormally inclined as the rest of them, which is what she comes to realise when a ghost comes to her for help Texas Gothic is great fun it actually has one of the funniest chapters I read in a long, long time But it is not a funny book per se, although the characters are all very witty At its core, this novel combines mystery with coming of age in a well done balancing act.I will get back to the coming of age bit below but the mystery concerns a ghostly appearance that threatens not only the Goodnight family but also the neighboring ranch when bones are recovered on their land The mystery solving involves other members of Amy s family each possessing different skills but also a team of university students and they all work together to discover the truth behind not only the supposed ghost but also of the unearthed bones This combination of Magic or paranormality and Science was quite possibly one of my favourite things about the novel and I loved how a lot of it had to do with local Texas history Thea mentioned Nancy Drew but this book reminded me a lotof Scooby Doo Do you know how it is always easy to guess who the culprit but it doesn t matter because that is not the point There is a certain level of predictability and contriving plot twists in Texas Gothic but because everything else was so much fun, I actually accepted that as being part of the deal and it didn t bother me as much as it usually would Thea Ms Clement Moore is a phenomenal storyteller, and Texas Gothic instantly draws you in and traps you quick, like flies to honey This novel is an homage to the Texas ranch and to old school mystery a la Carolyn Keene, but it also expertly folds in genuine paranormal events It s kinda like one part modern western, one part Nancy Drew, and one part ghost hunters, with a little Practical Magic sprinkled on top for good measure In short, Texas Gothic is an irresistible concoction of fun Like Ana, I loved the setting of the book and the general backstory Amy short for Amyrillis and her slightly older sister Phin short for Delphinium are spending the summer on their aunt s ranch In exchange for watching the livestock and taking care of the usual chores Amy s responsibility , they get their college summer break all to themselves so Phin can continue performing her madcap experiments she s something of a scientific genius, even if her interests mostly involve creating strange, unpronouncable devices that measure the spectra of paranormal activity Of course, everyone knows how the Goodnights are witches, and when a ghost starts terrorizing their neighbors, the McCullough ranch, people start pointing fingers Amy has to contend with being responsible for the ghost which she inherited with responsibility of the ranch , and figure out exactly what is going on with all the injuries on McCullough land, or if the so called Mad Monk is really responsible for these events In true Nancy Drew or, ok, Scooby Doo if you prefer fashion, of course you know that there is probably some other very human culprit behind the rumors and attacks and as Ana says, the mystery really isn t very hard to figure out But then again, it s not supposed to be It s a throwback, right down to the greedy, scheming villains and Amy getting banged on the head and kidnapped hey, at least it s not chloroform, right Anyone that s spent a childhood devouring those lovely yellow hardbound books or has sat in front of a Saturday morning cartoon gleefully awaiting the villain unmasking and the I would have got away with it too, if it weren t for those meddling kids will surely take delight in Texas Gothic It s fun Nuff said On the Characters Ana I loved the majority of the characters in Texas Gothic Actually, scrap that, I adored the Goodnight family They were fun, entertaining, had great dynamics between them Phin, the older sister who loves to explain their powers scientifically was an absolute hoot and I would totally love to readbooks about this family And I really like Amy as well and her narrative voice was engaging and interesting to read as interesting was the role she played in the family Because she tried so much to be normal and not to dwell a lot on what the family does with their gifts, she s been acting as the responsible one, as a buffer between her family and the rest of the world I mentioned before that this was a coming of age story and it is because here, finally Amy accepts how much of a Goodnight she truly is However, this happens very slowly over the course of the book and although I truly appreciate when change doesn t happen over night, there was a degree of repetitiveness in the story that made me really frustrated Amy had a really annoying tendency to go over the same excuses for not wanting to be another Goodnight with a gift over and over again that was tiresome and well, expendable My biggest gripe though came with the romantic developments between Amy and the next door neighbor, Ben It is the sort of story between two people that don t get along well to start with, then they bicker and then they fight their attraction until eventually they get together and I usually love that but only when it s well done And this one started off really well as the two bickered and clashed and the dialogue was snappy and witty But then, as the story progressed every single one of their interactions, for the majority of the novel, consisted of Ben being an absolute jerk, Amy trying to get smart comebacks to his snide comments and failing miserably And what made meangry was that she lost all of their verbal sparring because she couldn t focus because he washot I mean, I get that it could happen but did it have to be every single one of them It bothers me that instead of just enjoying their interactions, I kept keeping tabs of how many times would Amy lose it and not be able to get back to him with a cool reply It bothered me because that was a clear winner on what should not be about winning at all I could never get over how much of a jerk Ben could be regardless of the reasoning explanation behind it and was not a fan of the romance at all It is probably the only real downer on an otherwise fun read Your mileage may vary though Thea I completely agree with the utter adoration of the Goodnight family clan and their awesome badassness and simultaneous chaos inducing kookiness Phin is freaking hilarious, and I love her complete frankness when it comes to her beliefs, studies, mad experiments, and inventions I loved that these girls have grown up their lives in a loving family that lives with the paranormal and their own unique gifts Phin with her affinity for gadgetry, cousin Daisy with her psychic powers, Aunt Hyacinth and her magical toiletries and farm products, and so on and so forth Of course, then there s Amy with her own very special abilities, much as she tries to deny them Amy, you see, has an ability to communicate with ghosts I really liked Amy, and can understand the battle and tension within as she tries to reconcile her family s kookiness with reality She s the one that thinks it s on her shoulders to make sure that people don t see the Goodnights as loony new age hippies, and she denies any magical abilities and tries to preempt and prevent Phin from talking about this sort of thing , tooth and nail My main problem with Amy, like Ana, was the LEVEL of denial and for how freaking long it took her to just suck it up and realize who she is, what her abilities are, and get her head out of her ass long enough to solve the freaking mystery The same applies for the romantic relationship between Ben and Amy I actually loved the pair of them, like oil and water, completely different and unable to agree on anything The attraction is obvious from the outset of the book, and I loved the way it played out even by the end, they re still going at it, fighting each other on everything, but in a good way You know what I mean I disagree with Ana regarding the arguments and Amy always losing, because that s not true once Amy comes to terms with who she is and accepts her crazy awesome Goodnight status, she s able to turn the arguments around and shut Ben up Instead of letting him walk all over her or berate her family which she never does, I should point out , she tells him he s an ass for not believing in her and walks away And that s cool I actually loved that Ben isn t some insta trustful super sensitive perfect boyfriend hunk type He s very flawed, stubborn as hell, and won t take anyone s word at face value even Amy He has reasons for his distrust, and I liked that he s not a dreamy typical YA hero He s not meant to be every girl s dream boy but he s the perfect fit for a girl like Amy who needs someone infuriating around, I think The romance worked for me.On one last note, I loved that the characters in this book are in college How often do you see that in YA fiction or reallyany fiction I sense a change coming, and hopefully we ll see some YA or New Adult titles that focus on this under represented part of the population Final Thoughts, Observations Rating Ana Despite my misgivings, I truly enjoyed Texas Gothic in a non life changing kind of reading It was fun And sometimes that isthan enough Thea I concur Texas Gothic is the perfect summer poolside read It s fast, it s entertaining and it s fun Totally recommended Rating Ana 6 10 Good solid funThea 7 10 Ditto Last time when I read a ghost story, I was a child, and I ll be honest with you, ghosts were only fantastic creatures I was afraid of I used to have awful nightmares and I was scared to go to any place which looked abandoned and haunted Even later, when I figured out that ghosts don t exist, I had my share of scared to the death moments So you can easily imagine how I felt when I realized that Texas Gothic is a ghost story It wasn t that pleasant to read it at night after everyone went to sleep in my grandparents big, old house which makes all kind of strange noises Yeah, i m scaredy cat Texas Gothic is a surprisingly gripping YA paranormal novel, complete with complex characters and intricate magic in its pages. Five Reasons To Read Texas Gothic 1 A good heroine Amy is 17 or so, and she acts it She has plenty of appealing traits grounded, sensible, caring, brave in a pinch, smart in the mouth and her negatives shooting off said mouth, occasionally doing stupid things for stupid or emotional reasons are framed by a good deal of self awareness It s so refreshing to spend 400 pages with a likable person who recognizes her own flaws without drowning in them Amy is one of the best.2 Excellent supporting cast They are well drawn, unique without being hamfistedly quirky , and introduced efficiently easy to remember and tell them apart, and without sucking up pages in description or back story I m not one for romance, but it s easy to see what there is to like in the cowboy next door.3 It is powerfully short on stereotypes Usually small town Texas is shorthand for good old fashioned god fearing yokels who are inevitably torn asunder by Tremors worms or Chain Saw Massacres or what have you or else intolerant Bible beating hillbillies But while Barnett is fictional, it reads real people speak in sensible ordinary English and behave in relatable, realistic ways they just happen to love their Dr Pepper too.4 Truly sophisticated writing By that I don t mean it s a hard read not at all But it s sprinkled with arcane references you don t need to have ever heard of the Mysteries of Udolpho or the Luftwaffe to enjoy the story they are passing mentions only , but I am so glad to see a book that drops them in so craftily and to such good effect that it might actually inspire someone to go and look these things up, and deepen their enjoyment of the story just that muchSecondly, Ms Clement is clearly a fan of deliberate under writing It would be cleverness enough to name the women of the Goodnight family as she has Amaryllis, Delphinium, Hyacinth, and so on But never once does she mention that they are all named after flowers It s a rare author that is confident enough in her skill that she doesn t feel the need to draw attention to it so if you don t notice, you lose nothing, but if you do, you are that muchprofoundly impressed.5 A very well crafted mystery Jaded and cynical as I am, it is so nice to get through a whole book without rolling my eyes and thinking gee, I wonder where THIS is going And to be fair, there is a little of that you know as soon as Young Mr Cowboy turns up that he and Amy surely will have considerablyscreen time together But I was just so pleased to see how the author broke the mystery up into a hundred little pieces, and doled out one or two to every scene She has a real knack for weaving important things into completely natural and ordinary conversation, and it makes each page pay off so well Bonus Reason It made the 2012 ALA List of Best Fiction for Young Adults And at the end of it, there is really no better praise to give this book than that it is 405 pages, and every one of them is put to exceptionally good purpose.

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