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Tata Log Engaging And Inspiring Stories Of Tata Companies That Underwent Several Tribulations Yet Demonstrated The Principles Which The Company Stands For TATAlog Log English Record Keeping Device Log Hindi People From Steel To Beverages And From Supercomputers To Automobiles, TATA Companies Have Broken New Ground And Set New Standards Of Excellence Over The Past Two Decades TATAlog Presents Eight Riveting And Hitherto Untold Stories About The Strategic And Operational Challenges That TATA Companies Have Faced, And The Forward Thinking And Determination That Have Raised The Brand To New Heights Among The Engaging And Inspiring Stories Told Here Are Those Of Tata Indica, The First Completely Indian Car That Succeeded In The Face Of Widespread Cynicism The Jewellery Brand Tanishq That Has Transformed One Of Indias Largest Industries And Tata Finance, Which Underwent Several Tribulations Yet Demonstrated The Principles Which Tata Stands For Written By A TATA Insider, TATAlog Reveals The DNA Of Every TATA Enterprisea Combination Of The Virtues Of Being Pioneering, Purposive, Principled And Not Perfect, Along With Tremendous Human Effort

About the Author: Harish Bhat

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tata Log book, this is one of the most wanted Harish Bhat author readers around the world.

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    A simple and lucid account of the triumphs, trials and tribulations of the pioneering Organization we call the TATA This reads just like one of those logs of Captain Kirk in Star Trek, except for the fact that this Enterprise TATA is very much on Earth, yet its heart is set on the stars.An Organization boasting of many firsts in various sectors, we get to know what happens behind the scenes, the inherent philosophy which this Organization adheres to in Tata Log These people had the b

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    I have always wanted to read success stories fro the vast conglomerate TATA This book amply fits into those collections of sucess stories from TATA, India s corporate with a heart This is one organisation which you will admire after reading this book.It tells you the story of India s first indegeniously manufactured Car Indica, India s fastest supercomputer EKA, about TATA steel winning the prestigious Deming Prize, which is again the first steel company outside of Japan to win so.This book is easily diges

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    Over an enduring legacy spanning a phenomenal 150 odd years, the TATA Group has come to symbolize the tenets of integrity, intensity and indispensability With an uncompromising bent of mind in so far as the sphere of business ethics is concerned, this conglomerate has transformed itself from a fledgling textile manufacturer into a virtual pride of India a crown jewel whose Mantra is diversity and motto quality.In this refreshing work, Harish Bhat, an insider shares his perceptions regarding the various factors th

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    Tata Group is one of the largest conglomerate in India Its businesses range from beverages, retails, jewelries, steel producers, chemicals, automotive to IT services It also had acquired global brands such as Jaguar, Land Rover and Tetley tea Tata Group can maintain its success for than 150 years thanks to its Tata Way Tata Way marks out four distinguished characteristic of the company Pioneering, Purposive, Principled, and not Perfect.The book explains in short but detailed manners about ten events that show how Tata

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    Of all the stories, the tales of Tanishq,Tata SCIP and their acquisition of Tetley stayed with me.In the story of Tanishq it is inspiring to understand how the people involved have turned it into the brand that it is today despite its slow start in the market during its inception It highlighted impact and necessity of strong brand management to make things work.Tata SCIP hightlights the group s efforts in trying to give it back to society It brought up some alarming numbers of how only 22% of the women graduated every got in

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    First hand account of all things TATA by a TATA insider You can t ask for The book lets you into why the Tata Group is the way it is and its operating ethos The best part is that its not a TATA is Great book It doesn t shy away from pointing out some of the short comings and also accounts things that didn t go well Its an account of 8 of the defining stories related to The Tata Group which give you a glipmse into the TATA WAY And in the intial pages when you read that the Tata Way is Pioneering, Purposive, Principled and Not Perf

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    To judge the truthfulness of this book, would be a daunting task because one could never know the real truth behind the 8 absolutely fantastic tales from the company that is respected in India for its vision in the future The 8 stories, described in the book tell the story of why Tata is so well respected, doesn t only tell us the good pioneering stories but tells us what Tata did in it s own Tata way to make these ideas a successful ones and what it does to keep the respect it has in the eye of the public All in all, good read can be f

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    A glance at some of the stories from the biggest corporate house in India The account serves the stories with an extra slice of humility, and overdoes it so very often that you start suspecting whether it was this humility that holding back TATA for all those years.The thing you get it that general management practices in India still have a long way to go esp in Quality control and Productivity given that TATA pretty much defines the upper limit.

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    Beautifully brings out the Tata philosophy The piece on Tanishq is riveting , particularly the closing words by Xerxes Desai on its future Similarly the piece on Second career internship program for women If anything, the writing is a tad sycophantic but I guess one cant help it when you have been with Tata that long

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    This is an amazing book on not only how TATAs do it, rather how any individual institution organisation should function What is the importance of perseverance and sheer determination with hard work and detailed decisions and actions Loved it.

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