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Tart and Sweet Going through the seasons for when produce is easily available, this book goes way beyond the usual recipes for making jam, pickles, etc You have some easy and some not so easy to make things but they all sound fabulous and a wonderful addition to your pantry.This book will be added to my collection just as soon as I can find a copy and buy it. Love the recipes in this book I will definitely purchase this one The recipes are original and easy to do This is a fun canning book. Checked it out from the library but it looks worthy of purchase I like that it s broken up into seasonal chapters with an emphasis on small batches 1 3 jars, though you could easily double or triple depending on your haul Our city no longer recycles glass so I m interested in further reducing our glass purchasing and instead can the few things we would normally buy like pasta sauce. I may need to have this book at home My freezer was so crammed after last summer s berry picking and the fall intake of zucchini and pumpkin that I need a better plan for this year This book is understandable and clear It makes it not seems so crazy or scary Highly recommended. I loved this book The author organizes the recipes into seasons based on when the produce is in season All of the fruit spread recipes use almost half 75% less sugar than my traditional recipe I learned that sugar is purely to add sweetness to recipes, not necessarily essential in order for the jars to seal during processing My traditional recipe of blackberry jam uses a cup to cup fruit to sugar ratio To compare, my traditional blackberry jam uses 4 cups of berries and 4 cups of sugar The blackberry jam in the book calls for 16 cups of berries to 1 cup of sugar and 1 3 cup of honey See the difference I tried one recipe in the book so far, which was the Banana Vanilla Rum Butter The banana butter turned out fantastic and is a great addition to oatmeal MmmmThe recipe calls for 4 lbs of bananas and 1 1 2 cups of brown sugar and 1 2 cup of dark rum Although I only tried one recipe so far, the rest of the recipes look promising Ok I ll give you a list of what I m anxious to try in the future Cinnamon Blood Orange Marmalade, Grapefruit Honey Jam, Citrus Overload Marmalade, Lemon Herb Pickled Garlic, Strawberry Bay Leaf Jam, Peach Lavender Jam, Mango Chili Butter, Savory Tart Cherry Preserves, Curry Carrot Coins, Blueberry Lemon Honey Jam, Wasabi Green Beans, Zucchini Relish, Carrot Habanero Hot Sauce, Horseradish Beer Mustardyadda yadda yadda SO many recipes, not enough jars Most of the recipes yield a much smaller amount of jars, which is great for people like me who don t need 14 pints of jams salas etc stored in their cabinets It is also nice that I don t have to purchase bushels of produce to reap the benefits to canning I came across 5 of bananas for 1 at a local grocery store and the next day I was able to make 7 pints of Banana Vanilla Rum Butter Excellent loved the recipes in this book of canning and pickling This book feels like Geary wants her audience to become comfortable and creative canners, but she s not giving them the tools The short chapters on the nitty gritty of water bath canning don t go into enough detail about acidity and safety It s like she wants to be the hip, likeable teacher, and sacrifices depth in order to do so.I want to echo what some others have said, that she focuses on small batch canning, which is not practical for many who can out of necessity and that she includes some exotic ingredients that many won t have access to I also found it odd that she doesn t specify in the recipes what size jars to use you can infer what she is using from her stated yields, but there s no mention that different size jars will require different lengths of time in the water bath.Some of her recipes do sound delicious and I ll be trying them But I would encourage people to use this as a supplementary, idea focused book and not as a reference. Think You Can T Can Think Again The Craft Of Canning Has Undergone A Renaissance, Attracting Celebrity Chefs, Home Cooks, And Backyard Gardeners Alike Canned And Pickled Foods Have Become A Cornerstone Of The Artisanal Food Movement, Providing An Opportunity To Savor Seasonal Foods Long After Harvest And To Create Bold New Flavors Tart And Sweet By Kelly Geary And Jessie Knadler Is The Essential Canning Manual For The St Century, Providing A Modern Tutorial On Small Batch Canning Accompanied By Easy To Follow Photos And Instructions As Well As ThanSweet And Savory Recipes For Preserved Fruits And Pickled Vegetables, Including Jams, Chutneys, Marmalades, Syrups, Relishes, Sauces, And SalsasWith Traditional Favorites Like Canned Peaches And Bread And Butter Pickles As Well As Inventive Flavor Combinations Such As Kumquat Marmalade And Pickled Ramps, Tart And Sweet Offers Endless Possibilities For Creative Preserving In Addition, You Ll Find Recipes And Inspiration For Using Your Canned Goods In Delicious And Unique Ways, From Cocktails To CakesWhether You Re Assembling A Plate Of Pickled Hors D Oeuvres, Baking With Fresh Apple Butter, Or Gifting Jars Of Blueberry Jam In December, You Ll Find Countless Uses For Your Homemade Preserves an interesting book with interesting recipes although i was hard pressed to find pickling recipes that didnt include chili powder or peppercorns in it, since i cant eat those that made me sad i mean, i can leave peppercorns out, but the recipes with chili powder or peppers, if you leave that out, then i ve found that the recipe ends up not tasting like much at all so i m damned if i do and damned if i dont.recipes i liked sweet apple cider baby beets, and pickled cauliflower there was a recipe for canning herby tomatoes that looked interesting the tomato sauce recipe even had peppers in it this gal must really love her spicy food another interesting recipe was for banana butter, banana vanilla rum butter, and pear butter i d never heard of banana butter before. I was really excited about this book I ve been canning tomatoes for years and was ready to branch out into new territory and I was also interested in giving gifts during the holidays that included food that I grew myself Although a lot of the recipes call for ingredients that are unavailable in my rural location, there are many that are The reason that I bumped this down to 3 stars in spite of the interesting recipes is that in every case my yields were approximately half what was listed for every recipe I tried at least 8 Although small batch canning is less intimidating than processing lots of tomatoes, I often found that I didn t make enough to bother processing So it turned out to be less a book of canning recipes andlike a fun recipe book with canning tips included.

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