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Talking God (Navajo Mysteries, Book 9) A Grave Robber And A Corpse Reunite Navajo Tribal Police Lt Joe Leaphorn And Officer Jim Chee As Leaphorn Seeks The Identify Of A Murder Victim, Chee Is Arresting Smithsonian Conservator Henry Highhawk For Ransacking The Sacred Bones Of His Anscestors As The Layers Of Each Case Are Peeled Away, It Becomes Shockingly Clear That They Are Connected, That There Are Mysterious Others Pursuing Highhawk, And That Leaphorn And Chee Have Entered Into The Dangerous Arena Of Superstition, Ancient Ceremony, And Living Gods

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    What brings you off the reservation on such an inclement Saturday evening What, indeed Old friend, I am running from Emma s ghost, Leaphorn thought I am running from my own loneliness I am running away from craziness.Another solid entry in Hillerman s Navajo Mystery series.Leaphorn an

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    Three and a half stars, rounded up because it had dioramas and the Smithsonian in it My favorite museum growing up in New York was the Metropolitan Museum of Natural History with its amazing dioramas Here a MMNH curator touches up the all time best hunting wolf diorama.Until reading Tony Hillerman s Tal

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    Joe Leaphorn is called out to look at corpse found near railroad The question who he is and how it place aroused he curiosity The answer takes him to Washington, DC Jim Chee has an arrest warrant Henry Nighthawk He learns that Nighthawk will be at an Yeibichai Talking God Jim arrest Henry who is immediately bailed out Jim

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    This is not one of my favorites of the series Other than Leaphorn Chee, I didn t really care about the others characters The mystery didn t grab me and I felt it drug in many places I found myself worried about the appropriate care of Fleck s mother than anything else

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    Hillerman s books are getting better Sometimes he loses me in the story, but I think a lot of that is because I am listening to them on audiobooks The narrator changes from book to book Hillerman even reads a few of them himself.

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    Read as an audio book It s been a few years since I ve read as audio the first four in the series I was quietly hoping someone would obtain the contract and produce the middle ones, but it never seemed to transpire Maybe someday And because it s been a few years, and I skipped a handful of books, the story line has moved forward a bit That being said, it was eas

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    This is a unique mystery in that the voices of the different characters are all brought to life so well In some mystery books the author is so focused on the mystery that they forget to add that touch of personality to their characters, and voice really is a defining part of a character when you are reading There are few things rewarding then reading a good mystery novel

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    One of the marks of great writing is being able to create a villain who doesn t see him herself as a villain And in Leroy Fleck, Hillerman has done that Fleck loves his mother and will do anything for her, living by the code that she instilled in him Which might be commendable, except it s a code mired in racism, paranoia, and illegal activity What takes Fleck to an even further le

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