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Tail of the Devil (Mathias Drvar #1) Like Many Homeless Kids, Fifteen Year Old Mathias Drvar Died On The Streets Unlike The Rest, He Came Back As A VampireIf Mathias Thought Being Homeless Sucked, Being A Vampire Is Worse The Vampires Who Transformed Him Believe He Is The Reincarnation Of An Ancient King They Expect Him To Quit Swearing, Use A Napkin, And Play By Their Weird, Ancient Rules F ThatBut After The Reigning Queen Assaults Mathias, He Has Visions Of A Past Life In Which He Was That King Turns Out The Current Queen Killed Him Then, And Wants To Kill Him Again He D Better Grow Up Fast, Because If He Doesn T His Second Life May Be Shorter Than His First

About the Author: Danielle DeVor

Danielle DeVor spent her early years fantasizing about vampires and watching Salem s Lot way too many times After living briefly in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, she moved back to her hometown to write When not writing and reading about weird things, you will find her hanging out at the nearest coffee shop, enjoying a mocha frappuccino.

10 thoughts on “Tail of the Devil (Mathias Drvar #1)

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    Wow I read this book in 4 days which is about ten times faster than I normally read It flowed really well and the obstacles and pace of the book kept things moving along nicely.This is a dark story o

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    Interesting story about a streetwise orphan who is saved by an ancient vampire Mathias matures with his newfound vampire family and you follow along with his journey I think there are a lot of gems in this st

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    Mathias is just a street kid trying to survive He does what he must to get money for food When one of these errands for a really suspicious character goes horribly wrong he wakes to find himself in a whole new world H

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    Tail of the Devil is the story of 15 year old Mathias Drvar as he reaches manhood in the most unexpected way After the death of his parents, Mathias is sent to live with his monstrous aunt and her evil offspring Mathias has no

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    I started out not quite sure about the story but as it progressed I enjoyed it This was a different take on the whole vampire story so that was nice I did feel like there were unanswered questions but that could just be how I interpre

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    Tail of the Devil is a fast, edgy and gritty read Anti hero Mathias has had it rough in his few short years and it shows He s an interesting character distrustful, resentful and prickly But DeVor keeps him sympathetic on his journey through lif

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    This book has a lot of potential to be a series It has a very Harry Potter ish feel about at times But don t think your getting the vampire version of Hogwarts This fifteen year old has a darker past and an even darker past life Reincarnating as a human

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    Tail of the Devil by Danielle DeVor is a well written Vampire Story about a 15 year old boy Mathias Drvar has run away from his evil aunt who became his guardian after his parents dies in an accident.Living on the streets of New York he occasionally earns money

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    After the death of his parents Mathias was left to live with his evil Aunt and her sadistic kids When he found a chance he left and never looked back He s been on the streets for a year and had to learn to be strong in order to survive On the brink of starvation and on t

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    This is decent vampire ebook that I enjoyed and as the story progressed Mathias is a young lad who got dealt a rough hand and wound up in the care of his evil aunt, so had to make his own way in the fantasy world that was well painted by the author.The characters were interesti

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