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Swallow the Moon June Swallowed The Moon To Find True Love A Motorcycle From Hell Dumped Eric On Her Doorstep Now There Is Hell To PayAn Accountant For A Failing Company, June Longs For True Love In A Wiccan Summoning Ceremony, She Swallows The Moon In An Effort To Find Her Soul Mate What She Gets Is Ohio National Guardsman Eric Macmillan, Who Owns A Cursed Suzuki Hayabusa And Two Spirits DEA Agent Jake The Snake, And The Malevolent Stripper Cora CobraBack From Afghanistan, Divorced And Un Employed, Eric Is The Third Owner Of The Suzuki Hayabusa The Other Owners Are Dead, Just Not Departed He S Looking For The Artist Who Created Cora S Snake Inspired Paint Job When Eric Arrives At The Scene Of Jake S Last Sting, On A One Of A Kind Motorcycle, All Hell Breaks LooseVan Man Go Is The World S Greatest Airbrush Artist He Will Repaint Eric S Hayabusa, For The Usual Price Like Cora Cobra And Jake The Snake, Eric Must Put His Soul Up For Collateral Cora And Jake Failed To Pay Their Debts, Now There Is Hell To PayCare To Take A Ride On The Hayabusa From Hell I rec d this book as a free kindle from Book Basset on Thank you Book Basset Now let me tell you this book has it all and I started reading this thinking it was a romance book Boy was I wrong June wants to find her one true love and she is tried of waiting for him She is a Wicca so on this perfect night she goes out into the field to summon her one true love what she summons is her love and a couple spirits Here is where the story really gets interesting See Eric Macmillan has return from the afghan war his wife left him as she could not take not knowing what was gonna happen to him After awhile he has decide he needs a change he finds this awesome motorcycle So he has set out to find himself That s when he was run off the road and June came to his rescue She calls the police he goes to the hospital the bike goes into her garage The next day he comes to stay at her place Now this bike it has a mind of it s own And it doesn t like June nope Cora just doesn t like her one bit See everyone that has anything to do with this bike ends up dead The original owner Cora The DEA agent Jake and now it wants Eric June s true love ends up being Jake but she falls in love with Eric as to how this works out and which one does she end up with For that you will have to read the book And I must say YOU HAVE TO READ THE BOOK As a guy who enjoys a good romance novel from time to time, I tend to be a bit critical When things happen that don t make sense, I tend to frown Well guess what I never frowned ONCE while reading Swallow the Moon I expected to read this in a week or so, only to find myself unable to put it down The plot isn t too complicated, yet it s intricate in how it plays out That s no easy feat to pull off One of my pet peeves of women writers who write about men s reactions in a romantic novel is having the guy so far off base as to be unreal Jorndan s take on this issue is a pleasant surprise She gets it right In doing that, the story took on a quality of realism that I do enjoy, and happily immersed myself into the world and the supernatural problems our lovebirds face Well done, Jordan I can tell that you wrote this from both the heart and mind Keep it up Ghosts, Wiccans, demonically possessed motorcycle, true love..I don t read romance novels I don t read paranormal romance novels When the author asked for readers to review her paranormal ghostly romance, I thought what the hell the worst is that I could positively hate it right Well I was pleasantly surprised While the romance genre is certainly not something I will actively read, it s not half as bad as I thought it would be.The story centres around June, a Wiccan accountant at a failing company looking for her soulmate, and Eric, a troubled Vet who saw action in Afghanistan He returns home after his second tour of duty to find his marriage over and his life in tatters The lab he works for closes just as he purchases a motorcycle From Hell The ghost of the first owner, a woman called Cora Cobra, hovers in and around the motorcycle Eric is hooked the minute he sees it and buys it from a widow whose husband, an undercover Narc, died when losing control of the motorcycle in a bend in the road Jake s ghost haunts the motorcycle too but he is trapped, unlike Cora s ghost She s evil Eric and June meet one night when he is driven off the road by men in an SUV right outside of June s home She calls the police and an ambulance after they drive off, unable to find Eric and make sure he is dead She keeps the motorcycle in her garage for Eric, who is taken off to hospital to patch him up Over the next few days, he stays with her while looking for Van Man Go, the man who painted Cora s portrait on the motorcycle, and recovering from his injuries He wants to restore the bodywork June senses the ghost of Cora around the motorcycle, she feels the evil in it And then there s that instant attraction going on between them And what s up with the ghostly visits in her bedroom And the roses he keeps leaving Overall, a good read, for the paranormal genre While it doesn t inspire me to go out and buy of this type of book, it was a pleasant change from my normal reading list I will however make sure to find other books written by the author. I m sorry I didn t have time to do a longer review of this one, but if you like urban fantasy, then this really is one you should read It s an excellent book, well written and a unique idea in a genre already overflowing with ideas The plot moved along at a good pace, leading to a very satisfying ending I enjoyed spending time with the characters and look forward to from this author Go Indies

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