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Succubus I really enjoyed this book I felt it was worth saying that in spite of the title, it s not sexually explicit If you re looking for pornography, you ll have to go elsewhere. Adam and Harriet fall in love while fighting demons but this book has a very unusual take on demon possession The demons are tempting as much as frightening, at least at first They don t just have to find a way of defeating the demons, they also have to resist the temptations that are being dangled in front of them.The way they end up fighting the demons is very clever, but I won t spoil it for you.I liked this book because of the originality of the ideas Demon possession isn t exactly a new idea, but Succubus built a very different world around it. A Mysterious Book Whispers Temptation Into Adam S Mind Girls Will Find Him Irresistibly Attractive More To The Point, One Particular Girl Will Find Him Irresistibly Attractive, And The Price Is Very Reasonable Demons Never Ask For Your Immortal Soul, Because Who Would Enter Into Such A Bargain Adam Isn T The Only One Hearing Tempting Whispers, And Some People Aren T Very Good At Resisting Temptation There Is Far Than Seduction On Offer, For People Who Want It There Is Power, And The Pleasure Of Misusing ItThe Demons, Though, Have A Secret Of Their Own Suppose A Human Could Be Tricked, Tempted Or Overpowered That Would Give Them A Tool, Someone They Could Use To Summon One Of Their Ancestors Back From Hell And When She Got Here, She Would Be Sure To Reward The Demon Who Pulled It Off, Wouldn T She Of Course She Would Demons Are Trustworthy Like ThatAdam Might Be Too Shy To Ask Harriet Out, But If They Re To Defeat The Demons, They Ll Have To Work Together If They Can Ignore The Tempting Whispers, They Might Even Fall In Love I love books that mix romance with horror, but these days so many of them are samey vampire stories I really enjoyed this one because it was something new I ve come across incubi and succubi before of course, but the author has his own interpretation which I won t spoil for you.The romance and horror are both very nicely done The hero and heroine make a very sweet couple, and they re both well developed characters Harriet isn t a silly heroine who needs rescuing all the time she s very capable just like Adam is, but in a different and complementary way.The horror starts gently and builds throughout the book, creating a deepening sense of foreboding There are also moments of humour, which I enjoyed I feel the author managed a good balance between being funny, and allowing jokes to destroy the tension.Highly recommended if you like gothic fiction I ve just finished reading this and it was very enjoyable, will there be a sequel I liked the way the romance was told through both characters so when you re reading you see the misunderstandings even though the characters don t The demons tempting the characters only adds to the confusion. My girlfriend recommended this book and I thought it was going to be a bit girly But it wasn t and I totally enjoyed it It starts out with temptations that every guy would want, but by the end they re in real danger The final battle was amazing and I didn t see the twist coming. I liked Harriet, she s a strong character She could easily have been the silly heroine who needed rescuing from everything, but she s sensible and has her own strengths Adam couldn t succeed without her, and she couldn t succeed without him. It was good how Adam and Harriet had to solve their own problems No one was protecting or guiding them, so they had to work it out for themselves, and they knew that if they failed they could die. Thank you for sending me a free copy of this book Here is the honest review I promised I ve never read a book quite like Succubus, but I really enjoyed it The teenage characters fall in love for the first time, but the horror side of the story makes it difficult and tempts them Adam is really cute Am I allowed to feel jealous of Harriet or is that sad Actually I liked all the characters, they re all different and memorable, even the evil ones I don t want to say too much because of spoilers, but you ll find if you read it that they re evil in an original way Although the book is horror in a way, it s not dark or bleak I m not a fan of very dark books, but if that s what you re looking for, you might have to look elsewhere.So yes I d definitely recommend the book It was great to get a free copy of something I wouldn t normally read. I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.I m probably a bit older than the target market for Succubus, but it was very enjoyable It reminded me of being seventeen, though when I was that age I didn t have to fight any monsters Succubus is half love story, half adventure, and the two continually get mixed together When a powerful demon is summoned, Adam and Harriet have to defeat her, but at the same time they are growing up and falling in love Adam starts out shy but if he wants to save the people he loves, he will have to overcome it.The author has managed to write a gripping story, while also sometimes being lighthearted It s a fine line to tread, but I think he s pulled it off The funny moments don t destroy the tension that has been built up.The demons in the book are incubi and succubi After reading I looked these up, and it seems people have been telling stories about them for a long time This book s interpretation is new and interesting, though.

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When I was young, my passion was for technology That became my job, and I ended up running a technology company during the first dot com boom I also helped start a charity, got an interesting and I think important change made to the Fraud Act 2006, and so on.It was an exciting time, but sometimes I wished the world was different exciting, meaningful I ve always had the gift or the

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