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Strigoi A deliciously dark, multi layered story of cryptic clues and archaic mystery that s spellbindingly mesmeric Blending together ancient Witchcraft and Vampirism with religious references this beautifully detailed story merges historical with a contemporary twist This utterly bewitching book is an addictive page turner and a highly recommended read for fans of interesting literary works containing substantial depth and meaningful connotationStrigoi tells the story of a Witch willing to give her heart to the one she loves, despite the trail of danger and sinister secrets that lie in wait Traditions of the Strega the Roma Clan , and a breed of Vampire known as the Strigoi, come together in a mysterious tale fuelled by betrayal, intrigue, hope and immortal everlasting love The fervent intensity and deeply ingrained connection between fantastic main protagonist Lady Renata LeSabitine and Lord Delane DeLuca tugs at the heartstrings and pulls you into the delicately woven plot Anyone seeking a sensational story that will melt the heart and is wonderfully gripping and compelling, will find this exquisite debut novel an enchanting read I still have the blood of a powerful Strigoi in my veins If in a moment of uncontrollable emotion, we were to give into temptation, our union could give birth to a true abomination As an avid reader of this genre I was curious as to what new concepts and innovative ideas the author could sprinkle into her story, so as to set it apart from other novels like for instance Victoria Lamb s Witchstruck etc I was delighted to discover a well written, engaging tale that was brilliantly brought to life on the page written in a fresh, distinctive voice This is certainly an entertaining romp through the past and one that I am so pleased to have had the opportunity of reading 3.5 stars I would like to thank Wynter Wilkins for providing me with a physical copy of her novel Strigoi to read provide a non biased, honest review on. I don t understand why this was rated so well I couldn t get engaged in this story, and the ending seemed rushed and forced. Hi well to begin with I truly loved this wonderful book with its roller coaster ride with adventure to be had and the fabulous story line did the very good job of making the characters come to life as you read on and on you can,t stop reading this wonderful book so many thanks to the author Wynter Wilkins for this wonderful peace of art and I will be going to get of there books as they come out so with all that said keep smiling and happy reading to all with love from wee me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This book was absolutly amazing It kept me coming back the entire way The characters are so well defined, and at the point where you think you figured everything out it completly turns around again Also the way Wynter Wilkins stays in contact with her readers through the medium of facebook is unlike anything i ve come across For anyone interested in reading, it really is a must read and I can honestly not wait for the second part of the series Lady Renata LeSabitine Is A Mortal Witch Who Comes From A Long Lineage Of Gypsies Kidnapped And Adopted At Birth By An Evil Vampire Coven, Renata Is Forced Into A Cruel And Corrupt Life Renata S Adopted Father Arranges For Her To Marry A Fellow Vampire Who Holds Tight Reins On Renata And Demands She Give Up Her Religion And Practicing Witchcraft Hoping To Seek Divine Help, Renata Meets Lord Lane Deluca They Fall In Love And Vow To Be Together, But Renata S Fiancee Has Other Plans In Store For The Couple Can Lane Save Renata From The Evil Vampire, Or Will Her Blood Be Splattered On Lane S Hands

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About the Author: Wynter Wilkins

I was born in a small town in Central Kentucky After high school I graduated from the University of Kentucky and attained my Masters Degree from Campbellsville Kentucky After working as both a social worker and a special education teacher I left my position to care for my ailing parents While caring for them I became inspired to write The series really took hold of me and gave me a wonderful e