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Stratagem This book is so well written that the words flooded my imagination with a movie that continued even after I set it down I was able to live in the story, visualizing the characters clearly and experiencing the action I can t wait to readfrom this Author Meda is different than other teenagers her age, she s a mimic and can make herself look like anyone she chooses That ability gets her hauled in from the Agency, to use as they see fit, and they don t have good intentions In fact, she s already been doing some dangerous missions, Meda s problem is that she doesn t think about what she does or the repercussions that come from those actions.Meda is insecure in herself and sees herself as weak when in actuality, she has skills even she doesn t know about there could even be a book 2 involving the skills that were discussed but never came about in the book Sometimes her self doubt was a bit too much for my taste as it made her appear weaker, and I prefer strong leading ladies She has a high level of distrust of people, but considering the fact she s being used, it s understanding But sometimes she needs to learn to trust her gut.I liked Brody as a good supporting character although there wasn t too much depth to him I think the book being short and sweet allowed you just enough time to get engaged in the storyline, but not as much time to giving our characters multi dimensions I also really liked what we knew of Isa, and being that she sruthless than other Mimic s, I think her character could do a lot of things Strategem was a super fun read for me I liked the idea of having people that can change what they look like at will, and the possibility that there arepeople out there that have skills we don t know about I think as I mentioned above that Hagmann could do a book 2 to give her readersof Meda and the skills that Isa alludes to in the book This was a quick and easy read with a fun and engaging plot Nicely done. Being Dragged Out Of A Car And Shoved Into A Darkened Trunk Might Make A Normal Girl Feel Helpless, But Meda Isn T Just Any Girl, And The Boys Who Kidnapped Her Have No Idea Who Or What They Are Dealing WithAt Seventeen Years Old, Meda Is Ripped From Her Family To Train As A Shape Shifting Operative For The Agency It S Her Job To Seek Out And Discredit Political Figures While On A High Stakes Mission, Meda Is Kidnapped By Three Teenage Boys It S The Last Thing She Needs She S Behind Schedule, And If The Mission Fails, Her Family Pays The Price However, The Longer She Spends Playing Hostage, The Information She Gathers On Her Kidnappers Fueled By Revenge, The Boys Are Gathering Intel On The Agency In Hopes To Take Them DownAllegiance And Family Are Tested To Their Limits As Bullets Fire From All Sides Meda Finds Herself Caught In A Political Conspiracy That Shakes Her To Her Core, And It Ll Take All Her Strength To Trust Her Own Instincts And Stop Following Orders Christina Hagmann s debut novel, Stratagem, combines YA, magical realism, mystery and thriller in an action packed ride that starts on the first page and never lets up until the very end Mixing all those genres isn t an easy task, but Hagmann pulls it off seemlessly The story is told through the eyes of Meda, a 17 year old girl who has inherited the ability to shape shift at will, called a Mimic A first person narrator is often suspect, and we can t expect Meda to accurately interpret what happens as narrates the tale That can lead to a sense that she is merely objectively reporting what she sees, but narration is enhanced as she discovers a reality she never understood.Meda has lived a sheltered life essentially as a prisoner of The Agency that keeps her locked up until she is needed to impersonate a political figure to advance the Agency s evil plot to take over the US Government She does whatever she is told and waits in isolation for her next assignment Since she has been kept sheltered from the world, she is naive to the feelings and experiences of a normal 17 year old Understandably then, her assessments are often a bit shallow and sometimes seem unfeeling That all changes in a hurry when she is kidnapped by three teenaged boys who are members of the Opposition.In the end Meda is able to grow beyond her limited experience of the world and unleash her suppressed emotions In doing so, she becomes a legitimate heroine A heroine you ll be cheering for. This has honestly been one of the best books I have ever read Your constantly going through the book and wondering what will happen, as well as seeing the characters develop through the book based on the other characters and events You can you really tell the development that Meda goes through in this story from start to finish I would definitely recommend this book for others Stratagem captivated me from the get go I was anxiously awaiting forof the story to be revealed each time I turned the page The character development was so detailed and each situation was so descriptive, I could see every scene play out in my head Meda s inner struggle is so relatable Trying to figure out who she really is and the journey it takes to get her there I felt like I was right there with her the entire time Highly recommend A thrilling ride right from the beginning The characters were complex and well developed with suspense at every turn I really felt for Meda, the mc, as she made the best of her complicated family structure that steered her into a world of danger and unpredictable situations At age seventeen Stratagem is a twisty, suspenseful ride from start to finish that I would highly recommend. Stratagem by Christina Hagmann is a short thriller that is always one step ahead of the reader I was left time and time again with my jaw open as each twist and turn was revealed to me through Hagmann s expert storytelling I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick and fun read that will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat Bravo It was amazing Definitely a must read Beautifully written and you truly get lost in the story Would recommend for everyone This is exactly my kind of book Short chapters, cliffhangers at the end of each one, and the perfect amount of suspense to keep me turning every page Stratagem has a great plot line, involving a shapeshifter, conspiracy, and a whole lot of backstabbing Like the main character, Meda, I never seemed to know who to trust A quick, suspenseful read, perfect for fans of April Henry and Ally Carter Can t wait to readby this author

About the Author: Christina Hagmann

Christina Hagmann is the author of the young adult novel, Stratagem, and the upcoming young adult fantasy novels, The Brothers Finn and Touch When not writing short stories or novels, Christina can be found spending time with her family, teaching readers and writers, coaching youth sports, and going to Brewers games.

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