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Splintered I m not giving it any stars because it s my brainchild But I will say that I love my heroine and her two guys the good one and the naughty one and I had a blast warping up Wonderland. seeing the cover White girl anthem time, because literally, ew, I can t.Literally.Ew.I can t.So the other day I was watching Grey s Anatomy and I knew I was making a mistake because, being a casual viewer and by casual I mean that I can stomach perhaps one episode every seven months I wasn t invested enough in the convoluted story or the characters to ignore all of the insanely far fetched medical and social oversights a woman is furious that her brother died because I m a neurosurgeon, and I could have saved him even though by law you cannot operate on your own family a woman with a broken neck giving birth in an elevator, with no spinal block or stabilizing equipment save for a flimsy neck brace, being told to stay very still, or your neck will breaka woman who just turned the machines off on her brain dead husband being back at work after like two days on bereavement leave the chief of surgery planning to marry the owner of the hospital and then, after one fight, calling off the wedding surgeons walking around the hospital in gowns and masks and gloves, eating food surgeons at the ambulance bay with long flowing hair left loose a man being surprised that his wife has changed after a stint performing life saving surgery in a war zone and a pair of interns left alone with a pregnant woman with a broken neck and subsequently nearly killing her by loosening her neck brace.The list goes on And it reminds me of this book and the absolutely absurd way it plays out even just from a medical angle A nurse carries a syringe full of drugs in her pocket a woman is put in a strait jacket in a padded cell a young woman with a family is locked away on a ward indefinitely with only scheduled visits.The nurse with the syringe in her pocket What the fuck Struck off You cannot carry drugs around like keys Even worse is that strait jackets and particularly padded cells are scaremongering horror fiction using strait jackets, or indeed any extreme physical force, is these days widely considered a breach of human rights There is no if, and or but the author was sensationalizing mental illness A patient like Alyssa s mother would never ever be confined to a strait jacket and certainly not a padded cell.Alison would be assessed, medicated, and put back out into the community Probably with home help She s a young woman capable of looking after herself Gone are the days in which mentally ill people were immediately holed up behind bars But that s not tantalizing enough, is it, A G Howard That s not sensational or exciting It s not thrilling to see someone with mental illness take her medicine and live a normal life This book is FUBAR in terms of how it deals with mental illness Like holy fuck, I cannot get over the nurse with the syringe in her pocket Her POCKET That shit stays on the drug trolley and then goes straight in the goddamn sharps bin when it s done How did nobody catch this How This book went through an agent, an editor, and a whole publishing house, and no one thought to themselves, Is that even allowed Look, I should have known before I even started this The blurb sort of piqued my interest, because I love parallel universes and girls who fall into them, but Alice in Wonderland always just stank to me I never liked it I don t even like the Disney movie and I literally like all of the Disney movies I guess I thought a retelling would bring something other than fishnets, fuckboys, and sensationalised mental illness to the table Oh, how wrong I was. I LOVED this book enough that I m posting my first ever detailed Goodreads review The writing is gorgeous lyrical and evocative without ever descending into unnecessarily purple The story is compelling the twist was unexpected , and the characters felt like they were real enough to have heartbeats The author is also one of those wonderful creatures whose pre finished books are clean enough to read I read this in manuscript, pre galleys, and the writing was so polished that I only noticed one error in the text THAT is rare.SPLINTERED is a great companion read to Carroll s ALICE IN WONDERLAND without disrespecting the original text in any way It s not a re telling re envisioning, but a story that uses ALICE as background to jump off into a new story Honestly, I was hesitant to read it because of the ALICE association I am a lifelong ALICE fan and former university lit instructor However, in A.G Howard s hands, the allusions to the original story are treated with respect It was masterfully done It s also the first book I ve read that I could say was actually a read alike for my Wicked Lovely series I ve seen that phrase thrown around by publishers since WL released, and I usually roll my eyes SPLINTERED, however, is a perfect fit for any of you who enjoyed WL In it you will find a pierced artist who is the protag s best friend, a girl who has a major secret and ends up caught up in the politics of a strange world filled with beautiful terrifying creatures There s even a living ivy vine moment It s a read alike without being derivative.Most of all, though, SPLINTERED is simply a delicious, disturbing, mad, wonderful read I can t recommend it highly enough. More reviews The Beautiful World of booksDNF halfway throughWhat I felt about the cover What I felt when I started reading this book What I felt about the main character What I felt about the male love interests What I felt about the love triangle What I felt about the plot What I felt about the writing My feelings for the book My final verdict Can we take one moment and wonder how much better this book would have been if Jeb wasn t in it CAN WE This guy was a major douchebag Besides the fact that he was as good as useless to the entire plot, he had no respect all for Alyssa s opinions or decisions Jeb, I think Shut the fuck up I decide what you can and can t do Protective was not even how I would describe him Controlling is still an understatement He treated her like a fucking puppy Its not even like I m reading too much into this because Morpheus kept pointing it out And I feel so sorry for his actual girlfriend who he used and cheated on What the fuck is wrong with his mindset Alyssa fell into his bullshit everytime I can tI just can t even with her She was a complete mary sue That s all I have to say.Morpheus had his bullshit detector on the entire time which made me love him His relationship with Alyssa though was so back and forth it made my head spin.The plot itself was alright I would give it a 4 The ending was kind of quick and cheapened Just no with Jeb though Just no.ETA A month ago a made the mistake of taking the plunge and reading the sequel got it from the library no way in hell would I spend money on that trash and it was even worse than I expected If you re interested in seeing a slightly spoilery rant regarding the sequel and Jeb again then you can see it here.All I can say is apparently the author based Jeb off of her own husband and if that doesn t make you question the society we live in than I don t know what ever will. Alyssa Gardner Hears The Whispers Of Bugs And Flowers Precisely The Affliction That Landed Her Mother In A Mental Hospital Years Before This Family Curse Stretches Back To Her Ancestor Alice Liddell, The Real Life Inspiration For Lewis Carroll S Alice S Adventures In Wonderland Alyssa Might Be Crazy, But She Manages To Keep It Together For NowWhen Her Mother S Mental Health Takes A Turn For The Worse, Alyssa Learns That What She Thought Was Fiction Is Based In Terrifying Reality The Real Wonderland Is A Place Far Darker And Twisted Than Lewis Carroll Ever Let On There, Alyssa Must Pass A Series Of Tests, Including Draining An Ocean Of Alice S Tears, Waking The Slumbering Tea Party, And Subduing A Vicious Bandersnatch, To Fix Alice S Mistakes And Save Her Family She Must Also Decide Whom To Trust Jeb, Her Gorgeous Best Friend And Secret Crush, Or The Sexy But Suspicious Morpheus, Her Guide Through Wonderland, Who May Have Dark Motives Of His Own Reread with friends at For Love Of A Book So after re reading this I was quickly going down to a 3 star, maybe less just because of Jeb s character I mean he s hot and all and he s does good things sometimes, but for the most part he just sucks I don t like the way he s controlling with Alyssa I mean who is he to be telling her what she can and can t do or be with when he has a girlfriend Whatever And even though Morpheus did some devious things in the book, I just love him and his beautiful blue wings So, I left it st 4 stars The thing is, Alyssa is related to the Alice Liddell that Lewis Carroll wrote about and they all go madAlyssa s mom is in an insane asylum for talking about rabbit holes and trying to kill Alyssa and talking bugs and flowers Alyssa and her dad visit Alison in the ward all of the time But things are just not as they seem Why would they be, it s all cray in Wonderland world Alyssa is a skater girl and she can hear the bugs and plants talking too She thinks she s going to go mad like all of the other women in the family But no, she just ends up going to Wonderland to be with Morpheus and try to help her mom And of course Jeb just has to go along and for a while there I was ill reading all of his nonsense Alas, the crazy ensued and we were off to the races with madness all around There were a lot of pretty cool parts, some morbid but hey, it is what it is And the freaking book covers on these books are some of the most amazing I have ever seen MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading ListMel Sometime during summer, I took this book in my hands, looked at it lovingly, and sighed before opening the first page and starting my reading of it.Oh, it so isn t the dark but magical story I anticipated It s been months since I ve put it aside to rot next to other books waiting for my interest to rekindle, but I just think that will never happen, because the only thing I like about it is MORPHEUS So DNF for now and probably for ever Oh well, happily never after. More of a 3.5 star rating.Okay, so here is a little truth for you There is no other children s tale that scared me most as a child than Alice in Wonderland I will never forget the first time I heard the story It was by way of my grandmother and these cassette tapes she bought me called Porch Swing Stories It was very generous of her, but let me tell you, those tapes were the devil Pretty much all of the stories were purposefully cranked up in the creepy department and I m convinced that the person who created such torture devices never interacted with a child Later, I saw the Disney movie version of the tale and was further traumatized by the damn Cheshire Cat, who was just a little too happy for my taste, and his Wonderland posse I mean, what was their problem anyway Well, I guess that explains it Obviously, since losing my heart and soul as Kat frequently reminds me , being afraid of Alice in Wonderland is no longer an issue for me But besides that less than disturbing fact, I had to read Splintered because A The cover is to die for B The cover is to die for C The cover is to die for This level of novel vetting always works for me That is, except when it doesn t, but that s besides the point Splintered brings such a unique spin on Alice in Wonderland with rich world building, re imagined characters and a clever plot.Alyssa Gardener, our protagonist, has a family history of insane women all starting with Alice Liddell In fact, even her very own mother, who she distantly refers to as Allison, is committed to an asylum With her strange ability to hear the whispers of flowers and bugs, Alyssa fears she is soon to follow However, her true fear is ultimately losing her mother to the madness unless she can somehow break the Liddell curse So she gathers family trinkets a key, mirror, gloves, hair pin, etc , repeats history and travels down the rabbit hole only to find it s not exactly the same Wonderland described in the famous story.If you are one who, unlike myself, knows the original Alice in Wonderland pretty well, then I think you ll be very pleased with what Splintered has to offer Right from the beginning when we are introduced to Alyssa Gardener, I could see the subtle references But, of course, simply mentioning pieces of the original isn t enough to make it feel authentic There s the vivid descriptions, character mannerisms and, of course, Wonderland like puzzles and riddles And that is where I think Howard truly excelled with this novel She effortlessly wove in the old with the new So instead of it feeling like a simple retelling, it salong the lines of an extension of the original because it s clear that Howard left no stone unturned when it came to crafting the her Wonderland.If that isn t enough to entice you, there s also this gothic feel the novel carries, especially in the beginning when the mystery of Alyssa s past is at it s strongest Alyssa the skater girl, who likes to wear colored dreds and collects moths for artistic collages Little things like that added a certain level of charm, but also helped Splintered to stand out as taking a slightly different route as a retelling.Now, while I ve been singing praises left and right about Splintered, there are a few things that bothered me However, I should note that it did not detract from my personal enjoyment from the novel much.The Characters My biggest problem would have to be Jeb, Alyssa s best friend I can understand what Howard was going for with his characterization Present the reader with a character who has to have some type of control over the main character to help show her resulting personal growth by the end of the novel At least, that s what I got from it Unfortunately, this did not work out for me Why Because 90% of the time I found Jeb to be a controlling douche In the beginning, Alyssa wants to go to London to study art, so her dad and Jeb sit down for dinner to decide if she can go Did I mention that he is only a year older than her and the love interest of the story Yeah I wasn t exactly thrilled with him having so much say in the matter Yet, I tried to like Jeb Tried and failed Every time he went missing from the storyline, I felt myself really enjoying the book, but when he returned Nosedive By the end of the book, the only way to describe how I felt for him is to simply say I tolerated him Basically, I went from stabby feelings to an eye roll whenever his character had dialogue.Even still was his girlfriend, who has a history of bullying Alyssa Jeb seems to never defend his best friend, but instead expects Alyssa to try harder with getting alongWhat s worse is that Alyssa never really calls him on that Why should Alyssa have to place nice with a bully More importantly, why would her best friend ask that of her and never say anything to his girlfriend The good thing is that once Alyssa got to Wonderland the annoyances decreased significantly Alyssa s characterization picks up and we are introduced to Morpheus And this might surprise some that know my tastes, but I kinda liked the guy I think his twisted personality fit in perfectly with Wonderland But I do think the reason why he didn t bother me is because I never truly saw him as a contender for Alyssa s heart I saw that he had feelings for her and that they shared a connection, but I never thought it would go further than that.Overall, if you are looking for a richly imagined retelling of Alice in Wonderland, Splintered is definitely the way to go I had a few mild reservations, but I think most people will probably enjoy seeing just how deep the rabbit hole truly goes I did and I can t wait to see what future works Howard has planned Hopefully I didn t lose too many cool points with you for that strange, compulsive confession.ARC was received from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review Thank you More reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog.

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