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Spirit Bound After A Long And Heartbreaking Journey To Dimitri S Birthplace In Siberia, Rose Hathaway Has Finally Returned To St Vladimir S And To Her Best Friend, Lissa It Is Nearly Graduation, And The Girls Can T Wait For Their Real Lives Beyond The Academy S Iron Gates To Begin But Rose S Heart Still Aches For Dimitri, And She Knows He S Out There, Somewhere

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    ok, so what is going to happen with the adrian dimiti thing Ugh, I miss Dimitri, but now Adrian is starting to grow on me and whyy didnt she show abe the note from tatiana it woulda helped her out

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    In an undertone, I murmured, This isn t over I won t give up on you I ve given up on you, he said back, voice also soft Love fades Mine has You forget I have an addictive personality I m addicted to you Somehow I think you could do all sorts of bad things to me, and I d still come back to you Just keep things honest, okay Tell me what you re feeling If you re feeling something

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    This book is crap and Rose is a shameless gold digging two timer Yes yes, I am in a minority here, but it won t be the first time, nor the last Spirit Bound is a bad book and I am contemplating to remove Richelle Mead from the list of the authors whose writing I care to follow She can join my black list next to Beth Fantaskey and Maria V Snyder I was willing to give VA another chance after the d

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    You know you ve read a good book when you turn the final page so ready to start the next chapter but instead you find the acknowledgements and audibly scream WHAT THE FUCK

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    The good news is this Spirit Bound is better than Blood Promises.Now let s all take a deep, satisfying breath of relief for that.But, there is bad news The character of Rose, for me, takes a huge hit in this installment Spirit Bound is fairly well written The pacing is pretty good in that you don t have an opportunity to get bored There are three points in the book that I really feel SHOULD have received

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    4 Restored Stars SpoilersSpirit Bound, the 5th book in the Vampire Academy series, was a good read, but it was a bit slow On top of the slow down in the book Rose was with Adrian and that bugged me Rose loved Dimitri yet she was kissing and almost having sex with Adrian It made her seem fickle I liked Adrian but I don t want him with Rose Then there was the fact that the whole time she was with Adrian she was

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    heres for u people 2 enjoy found itVampire Academy 5 Spirit BoundAuthor Richelle MeadChapter OneLissa stared at the letter in shock But not as much shock as me I memorized the letter the Dimitri wrote me.You forgot another lesson Never turn your back until you know your enemyis dead Looks like we ll have to go over the lesson again the next timeI see you which will be soon.Love, DThe words were strapped into my hea

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    3.5 starsI can t believe I listened to this in one day 500 pages has never gone by so fast.At this point in the vampire academy series, I m kinda ready for it to be over I think Rose is absolutely ridiculous and annoying and i m so tired of her childish words and actions The last book is sooo long but it seems like everything could ve just wrapped up during this one so I have no clue what else there is to solve, which i

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    So it took me exactly a year to read this lolol, and yet I still rate it a 4 Technically, it would be a 5, but since it took me a year, I feel it s only fare to rate it a 4 So this is me and the VA series inhale read, something happens and I m distracted, I watch the movie and that revives my need to read the rest of the books Repeat So here I am, finishing the 5th book and now I only have 1 to go I really love this series

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    Just when you though Rose Hathaway had seen it all This book came out Rosemarie Hathaway, after loosing her true love, Dimitri, to an unforgivalbe evil, went to earn his honor in Russia In doing so she met her father, another pair of spirt bound people, and many others she will unlikly ever forget, but also failed to deliver Dimitri to salvation Now it s Rose s turn to be the prey.but can they save Dimitri before death arives fir

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