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Smiley's People John Le Carre S Classic Novels Deftly Navigate Readers Through The Intricate Shadow Worlds Of International Espionage With Unsurpassed Skill And Knowledge And Have Earned Him And His Hero, British Secret Service Agent George Smiley Unprecedented Worldwide AcclaimRounding Off His Astonishing Vision Of A Clandestine World, Master Storyteller Le Carre Perfects His Art In Smiley S PeopleIn London At Dead Of Night, George Smiley, Sometime Acting Chief Of The Circus Aka The British Secret Service , Is Summoned From His Lonely Bed By News Of The Murder Of An Ex Agent Lured Back To Active Service, Smiley Skillfully Maneuvers His People The No Men Of No Man S Land Into Crisscrossing Paris, London, Germany, And Switzerland As He Prepares For His Own Final, Inevitable Duel On The Berlin Border With His Soviet Counterpart And Archenemy, Karla

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    Like an archaeologist who has delved all his life in vain, Smiley had begged for one last day, and this was it Smiley s People is the extremely satisfying conclusion to John le Carr s Karla trilogy Having finished the first in the trilogy Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy in March and the second The Honourable Schoolboy in A

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    If you have ever been curious about exploring John Le Carr s writing, this Trilogy titles listed in order in the next paragraph from his George Smiley series would be a great place to launch from I learned in the author s notes that his intention was to continue the conflict story between George Smiley and the head of Russia s most top se

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    What is so exhilarating and fulfilling about reading le Carr is the sense of genuine intelligence at play, both in the characters and in the author There are different ways of trying to convey great cleverness in a literary character one approach is to give them superhuman deductive skills la Sherlock Holmes, you know I perceive, sir, that

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    Note for completists This is the third of the Karla books, preceded by first Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and then by The Honourable Schoolboy While it is possible to read these books out of order and still enjoy them, the later books are informed by the events that come before and definitely spoil salient plot points of those novels.Life has n

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    The conclusion of the trilogy that starts with Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy but, while that book is about betrayal, this one is about manipulation The heartbreaking message is that, when you want to manipulate someone, the most effective approach is not to try and exploit their weaknesses Needless to say, that can work too But the very best way is to exploit their

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    This book changed my life My dad, sick of hearing me make fun of his spy novel proclivities, bet me 50 that I would love this book It was a safe bet, too If I loved it, I owed him nothing other than the smug satisfaction of having been right If I hated it, he d give me 50.I loved it I love the entire trilogy, in fact, but since I read this one first, out of order tsk tsk dad it

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    The best of the best everything a spy novel could possibly be Smiley vs Karla a weakness, a mistake, a brilliantly orchestrated response and of course the bridge into West Berlin.Smiley s People is also a master class in writing when to expand, when to move quickly, setting a scene, using peripheral characters I think I ll read it again But for now, I will go into my class next week at O

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    Smiley s People is the last book in the Karla Trilogy a series that describes the world of espionage during the Cold War The story starts with a revelation by a lost agent recently resurfaced that at the very top of Circus British secret service there is a KGB agent, a mole spying for the Russians And he is there for decades Dangerous, resourceful and one of their own, this double agent is capable

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    Smiley comes out of retirement was his people come under attack in this aptly named conclusion to the Karla trilogy.This is fantastic stuff Taut tension, high stakes, personal vendettasah, it s all wonderful The characterizations and conversations are finessed with an admirable subtly The Cold War settings descriptions put you in the middle of these depressingly drab locations John le Carr is on fire in

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    The last book of le Carre s Karla series might be the best I turned to this book after watching the recent and excellent film adaptation of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy I read the book many years ago I don t know why it took me so long to finish this series, since I also loved the second book, The Honorable School Boy Maybe I just didn t want the series to end In this chapter Smiley finally goes on offe

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