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Sloth Dear A I Am Writing To Express My Gratitude For Your Gift There Are No Sufficient Words, But Please Accept My Sincerest Thank You Yours,R She Writes Me Back I Didn T Expect That She Tells Me She S A Lover Of Chicken Pizza And Video Games, A Hot Sorority Girl With The Nickname Sloth She Wants To Know Something About Me In Return She Says I Owe Her This Is How She Saves My Life She Doesn T Even Know It We Ve Never Even Seen Each Other But I Need A Reason Just One Reason To Continue She Becomes MineThe Anonymity Is Good She Doesn T Need To Know Me, But I Need Her Kindness We Both Live Our Lives A Letter Here, A Post Card There For Three Years, I Escape My Demons And Then One Day I M Pulled Back In I Ve Resigned Myself To What I Know Is Coming Until The Girl I M Spanking Gives Her Safe Word Sloth And Then The Lie I M Living Starts To Unravel Sloth Is An Erotic Romance It S A Dark Mystery, So If You Re Sad, Read Another Book This One Is Real, And Hard Not That Kind Of Hard That Kind Of Hard, Too Consider Yourself Warned PS The Book Ends On A Beach That S All I M Saying As For An HEA, You Ll Have To Read And SeePSS Sloth Is Long About Pages It Was Supposed To Be Short And Quick Instead It S A Behemoth That Consumed Its Author For Six Months As Such, The Price Is Going From To Shortly After Release I Whirl Around, Because I Need To Go Now Need To RunHe Grabs My Arms, Snatching Me Around To Face Him, Holding Me In Front Of Him Holding Me Still As He Tries To Tell Me Things I Never Want To HearStop It Shut Up Shut Up, Kellan Fuck YouHe Pulls Me Closer, And I Slap His FaceThe Sound Echoes Through The Foyer His Smooth, Tanned Check Stains Brilliant CrimsonHe Doesn T Move A Muscle Doesn T Even Blink As I Look At Him For What I Know Will Be The Last TimeI M Sorry His Lips Move Silently I Don T Care I Can T His Secrets Ruined My Life He Ruined My Life If I Live To Be Hundred, My Heart Will Never Be The Same Note Sloth Is The First In My New Sinful Secrets Series Each Intense, Erotic Story Is Inspired By A Sin, And Centered Around A Life Altering Secret Each Sin Stands On Its Own, So They Don T Have To Be Read In Order After Sloth, I M Writing Envy Between These Two, I M Releasing A Stand Alone A Traditional Romance Called The Boy Next Door

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    Ella James has blown me away with her novel, Sloth Most of this novel is cloaked in mystery that all starts off with a few lies So even trying to give any brief recap of the story of Kellan and Cleo is just outright impossible So let me just touch on my feelings.The heat Holy smokes I was a goner Ella not only

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    2.5 starsThese are my least favorite reviews A friend who rec d this and someone I read this with both really liked it, so by all means it could ve just been me I m going to be honest, I really struggled with this one I almost called it quits many times Much like this review, I contemplated giving up It had some hi

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    4 Sparrow stars I ve resigned myself to what I know is coming Until the girl I m spanking gives her safe word Sloth And then the lie I m living starts to unravel Whoever is responsible for writing the blurb did an incredible job at making it intriguing enough to one click this book ASAP, Trust me I ne

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    3.5 STARSThis book has a strong emotional toll on a person This is NOT a badly written book It started off good and strong but unfortunately it took a bit of a dive and lost me half way through It was difficult for me to write a review without giving away the story, but I tried and here it s what I think about Sloth

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    Call me a prude or whatever but deep throating a guy after only having two encounters is laughable Selling drugs is not DNF 12%

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    Sooooo, yea This didn t work for me I am not a fan of extremely detailed writing and extremely slow builds, and this book had just that I feel it could have been cut down SIGNIFICANTLY without taking away from the story I skimmed majority of this because I just couldn t take reading 2 whole pages about weed or the names of every s

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    I read this via Kindle Unlimited I actually finished this book about 3 hours ago.but I wasn t able to jump on the computer until now When I finished, I knew it was going to be 5 stars.sadly, it isn t, as I ve had a little while to think about it.This bookwas not at all what I was expecting Not.One.Bit I actually read a little

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    I can t.I just can t read this mess any.I don t care what happens later.I don t feel any connection to the characters, or to the story.The sex scenes are giving me the headache They are simply awful and ridiculous.She has tighter unt than a virgin, and he has the biggest c ck, NOT di k.Them as individuals, and them together, their convers

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    Too many things going on I felt I was reading 3 stories, one after the other Not every fire started in the plot was put out I was still left with too many questions The Hero s and heroine s relationship was very unhealthy and codependent The ending was predictable and manipulative At least I ll say this, I didn t DNF it I stuck with all 400 p

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    I ve had this book on my Kindle for a while now I ve read over and over that the twist should be left a surprise so I m going to leave it a surprise in my review Being the spoiler whore I am, I eventually did peek at the ending like I always do though I did hold out for about 20% lol For me knowing a little slice of what was coming didn t ruin it

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