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Ellie Watt Is Used To Starting Over The Daughter Of A Grifting Team, Ellie Spent Her Childhood Being Used As A Pawn In Her Parents Latest Scam Now She S Much Older, Wiser And Ready To Give Her Con Artist Life A Rest But Returning To The Dry Desert Town Of Palm Valley, California Means One Temptation Than She Bargained For Camden McQueen Once Known As The High School Weirdo, Camden Is Bigger And Badder Than The Boy He Used To Be And A Talented Tattoo Artist With His Own Thriving Business Ellie S Counting On Camden Still Being In Love With Her But What She S Not Counting On Is How Easily Unrequited Love Can Turn Into Obsession Over Time When Camden Discovers Ellie S Plan To Con Him, He Makes Her A Deal She Doesn T Dare Refuse, But Her Freedom Comes With A Price And It S One That Takes Both Ellie And Camden Down A Dangerous Road WARNING This Book Contains Graphic Language, Sex And Violence Readers Who Are Sensitive To Sexual Scenes, Violence And A Lot Of Cursing Should Refrain From Reading This BookThis Is Not YA Or NA And Above Sins & Needles

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10 thoughts on “Sins & Needles

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    Before we even get this par TAY started, I m going to throw something out there This was not a bad book I m saying this now because I know I m about to be the black sheep when it comes to Sins Needles So before everyone in my Goodreads friends list comes out with their torches and pitch forks, guys, I can totally see why you all love this book.Alright, now that we ve got the basics out of the

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    OH MY FUDGEKNUCKLES WHAT DID I JUST READ I I M I DON T KNOW WHAT TO SAY HERE I I need to think and calm down before I A big thank you to Karina Halle for providing me an ARC for an honest review I hate you Ellie Watt, he whispered, lips coming closer to mine, because I still love you after all these years Shock seized me first, the butterflies shredding me to pieces Then he grabbed my face an

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    4 1 2 starsSorry for using such a cheap trick to drag you in but this is the picture Halle used as inspiration for Camden And I know many people have used that image in their reviews but, come on, do you really ever get tired of looking at that This book came as a complete shock to me It s one of those where I have no idea why I read it, it must be some sort of masochistic curiosity that makes me pi

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    ETA downgraded to 3 stars September 20, 2015Review completed February 1, 2013 Nope This is about taking control It s about controlling yourself, getting into that tiny moment in which you can make things happen After a scam gone awry and being on the road for two months, Ellie Watts decides to return home because she ran short of money Because of her criminal lifestyle Ellie does not have a lo

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    This book was just BRILLIANT I swear, it was like watching one of my favorite Tarantino movies, except it wasn t a movie, it was a book and it s the very first time a book has ever made me feel that way The story kept me enthralled the entire time, and I loved every minute of it From shady drug lords to sexy tattoo artists to the maffia and v

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    Sometimes you need to bury yourself so deep in fiction that you forget that the real world exists Sins Needles is a story about drug lords, con artists, the Mafia, and a sexy tattoo artist It s a story about redemptionjustification It s a story that perhaps seems a little unbelievable But isn t that what makes fiction so amazing There s no rules, anything can happen, anything goes It s like Quentin Ta

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    We all make our own paths in life Everyone we meet, everything we do, it changes us It makes us who we are And, if we re lucky, we re given the chance to make things right again Don t try and con a con man A helluva lot STARS Brilliant, inspired, unique, refreshing, mysterious Dark, gothic, gritty, sexy, a Tarantino movie in the making A story of a girl and a boy, names that aren t defining,

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    Sometimes when you finish a book, you loved it so completely, so thoroughly, that you don t even want to give it a 5 star rating Because then you start thinking of all the other 5 stars you ve given, and it just doesn t compare You don t want it to be compared This was one of them Having read a copy the minute it was made available, there were no reviews or feedback yet, giving me absolutely zero expectatio

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    Welcome Readers,this golden tale is about Ellie and Camden She is a con artist and he is a tattoo artist.She is someone who has visible scars and his are deeply hidden.She has the SINS and he has the NEEDLES. Watch her surrender her sins to his needles Jesus, he whispered, gaze lingering everywhere I keep forgetting that you re art already So what are you going to tattoo on me Whatever your scars tell me t

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    She is a con artistThat s what Ellie Watt,with the thousands of other names,is..After a fake bride scam goes wrong she goes back to her childhood town to rebuild her life legitimately When she hits her hometown she runs into a blast from the pastCamden McQueen used to be the freak who dressed all in Goth.At one time he was her only friend until she let peer pressure destroy their relationship I m not bad The world is ba

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