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Simple Abundance:A Daybook of Comfort and Joy With The Grace Of Anne Morrow Lindbergh S Gift From The Sea And The Wisdom Of M Scott Peck S The Road Less Traveled, Simple Abundance Is A Book OfEvocative Essays One For Every Day Of Your Year Written For Women Who Wish To Live By Their Own LightsIn The Past A Woman S Spirituality Has Been Seperated From Her Lifestyle Simple Abundance Shows You How Your Daily Life Can Be An Expression Of Your Authentic Self As You Choose The Tastiest Vegetables From Your Garden, Search For Treasures At Flea Markets, Establish A Sacred Space In Your Home For Meditation, And Follow The Rhythm Of The Seasons And The Year Here, For The First Time, The Mystical Alchemy Of Style And Spirit Is Celebrated Every Day, Your Own True Path Leads You To A Happier, Fulfilling And Contented Way Of Life The State Of Grace Known As Simple Abundance I didn t read even half of this book in total, I admit up front This isn t the type of book that a person needs to read forthan a few pages to know whether it s for them or not I therefore feel proud of myself for spending as much time as I did on it When I initially read the description for Simple Abundance it really seemed like something I would love how to improve your life one day at a time through introspection and appreciation of what you already have Who wouldn t benefit from such a mindset It only took a few entries to see that the philosophy presented here was written from a very specific point of view and rarely made itself accessible to those outside its limited scope, such as myself It seems that in order to really enjoy this book and take anything of substance from it, the reader must be female, married, a parent, of Judeo Christian faith, and Generation X or older.Although the author is female, I did not expect based on the title and subtitle that the book would be exclusively aimed at the author s fellow women That in itself wouldn t bother me but because the book s idea of what a woman is or strives to be is so narrow, I was swiftly excluded despite meeting one of the main enjoyment criteria The next requirement, to be married, actually occurred for me in the middle of my course of reading, but like my status as female, it didn t really matter The idea of married life in this book is just as limited as the idea of womanhood Indeed, the rest of the enjoyment requirements stem from this limited view So much of the advice is based on having kids and practicing either Christianity or, to a much lesser extent, Judaism All of that is what brings in the final requirement of age This book is something I could perhaps see my mother getting into but it fits even better with my grandmother it s exactly the type of thing she would have lived her life by In fact it wouldn t surprise me, based on what I read, if my grandmother really had known of and adhered to this book s principles.But even when throwing away my own perspective and thinking of this book as something written for a baby boomer, a big issue remains I really don t find Simple Abundance very simple at all The overarching principles by which the reader is meant to live their life are so numerous and complex that it seems impossible for a person to actually remember them all even if they followed the book day by day At first, the plan actually seems pretty straightforward simple abundance comes from finding one s authentic self I can agree with that, I would love to live my life based on a foundation of personal authenticity The how to is where is gets tricky From the entry for December 24th, the following principles of Simple Abundance are italicized gratitude, simplicity, order, harmony, beauty, and joy They all sound lovely and are excellent things to strive for in one s life, but a philosophy based on so many ideas is too much for this reader to remember Even if I was someone who intended to follow this book not just every day for a year but every day for however many years it took to really live and breathe its philosophy, there s just no way Simple Abundance lives up to its name It seems to take the course of a year not because it wants to use that time to show how its principles can be applied to different situations throughout the changing months but instead because it takes at least a year to really get through everything it has to say If a reader intended to actually mold their life on Simple Abundance I believe it would take at least two year long read throughs one to learn everything and a second to put it into practice.The most unfortunate aspect of this book is that it actually did have some wonderful entries Even considering I only read a few days throughout summer, a bit at the start of January, and all of December, I still managed to find a day here and there that actually spoke to me It was often when the author managed to share her daily topic in a way that was relatively inclusive Even those instances, however, easily came across as someone talking to an in group person about an out group person whose lifestyle they find admirable and worthy of imitation I found these little gold nuggets among the rocks, but I still felt like they weren t really meant for me, like it was a coincidence that I found value in them, and that s what s so unfortunate.Maybe if I had been born a few decades earlier, maybe if I found organized religion compelling, maybe if I had led astereo typical American life, maybe then would this book have been of value to me I do feel that even today it has an audience, only that the audience is shrinking and the scope grows ever narrower as the years go by This is not a book for the ages but perhaps it is still one that helped shape the world as it is Perhaps the reason my life is so different and therefore incompatible with this book is partially thanks to the influence the book already had on the generations that came before me, the generations it was originally written for Perhaps it came into my hands too late to be appreciated as it was originally meant to be And so perhaps its growing obsolescence is not evidence of its weakness so much as proof of its work already having been generally completed. I have a lot of found memories about this book It is a book about self, featuring a short essay to read each day It is set up in calendar format and wonderfully written to inspire peace in one s life A book I will never part with I bought this book back in 1998 It is my favorite book of all Each day you read a small section for that day It is very inspiring and informative Not only does the author, Sarah ban Breathnach, give me something positive to reach for but I usually learn little tid bits of interesting, historical trivia If I go a few days and forget to read this book, after I pick it up and begin again, I am back on top of things and looking at the world from a much sweeter perspective I highly recommend it and have given one to each of my daughters and dauhter in law I wrote little notes to myself about this book, one in 1998, one in 2001 and the last one in 2006 says, A ray of light in a hard world It makes me feel good I truly love this book It is like a trusted friend There is a companion gratitude journal to go with this, as this is all about creatng an attitude of gratitude. A gift from my mom I ve been reading this book off and on for a few years I really have come to like it lately it helps me keep my head on straight The only exercise I ve actually done from the book is a gratitude journal It s amazing how much it helps to write down three things I m grateful for before I go to bed, especially on those horrible, terrible, no good days. I loved this book when I first read it in 1996 I loved the ideas for appreciating each season, and how it encouraged you to live your authentic life I did a lot of the exercises in it too, like creating a book with all pictures in it that you like to learn your true style I had a little trouble with the gratitude journal though I found it difficult to do on a nightly basis But I loved everything else this book suggests My all time favorite is the Living Easter Basket which is a basket filled with live grass The book has the directions, and I tried it back in the day, and got lots of compliments, but then didn t do it again until 2008 for my stepdaughter s Easter basket Simple Abundance should really be called Be Good to Yourself for Dummies But I say that in a reverent way This book looked and sounded like a good devotional Unfortunately, after 3 days of reading it, I decided not to The author is Catholic and rather than referring to God she keeps using the word Spirit and not in reference to the Holy Spirit I almost felt like it was written from a New Age viewpoint. This book was already a best seller when my dad gave me a copy back in 1998, but I had never heard of it then, and didn t know what to expect I plunged in, was immediately impressed, and now I give the book five stars because it made such a difference in my outlook on life at the time These little essays are just plain feel good stuff and inspirations for every occasion I can think of Further, these various missives I have several favorites continue to give me a little emotional boost whenever I need it Sarah Ban Breathnach has written 366 short essays one for each day of the year, not forgetting Feb 29 on a variety of inspirational topics Basically, her theme is that every woman can become the woman she was meant to be, and suggests various ways in which a person can find her authentic self on a path she describes in a six part journey beginning with gratitude, then progressing through awareness and practices of simplicity, order, harmony, beauty and joy The January February essays begin with daily assurances that every individual is of infinite worth, that there are benevolent forces in the universe that are helping each one of us to succeed and achieve our dreams, and that self nurturing and pampering through little affordable luxuries and indulgences can help the most frazzled busy mom and or career woman to relax and enjoy the daily wonders of life Breathnach stresses the need for a daily gratitude journal in which one must write down each day at least five things in her life for which she is grateful Once this becomes a habit, Breathnach urges women to experience spiritual awakening through such habits as meditation, creating a personal sacred space, and outfitting a comfort drawer Later essays laud the joys of homemaking Hestia is the goddess of homemaking who watches over us as we complete our routine household chores even these are sacred , gardening, house plants, cooking, etc., I love the essays in which Breathnach inspires us all to value and develop our own untapped sources of creativity Another of my favorites is Meditation for Bad Girls Nov 22 , which is hilarious She describes typical bad girls as having blond, raven, or flaming tresses, red mouths and nails Think Mae West, Rita Hayworth, Ava GardnerBad girls wear capri pants, mules, cashmere or mohair twinsets, silk scares covering their pin curls Bad girls are passionate while the rest of the world is cool Bad girls don t just want to have fun, they make sure they doBad girls know that it s not the cards you re dealt but how well you play your hand. Bad girls realize this isn t a dress rehearsal Real life is what you make of it Breathnach ends this short piece by saying, You can be bad, you can be good You just sure as hell better be authentic Lest I have made you think these essays arenaughty than nice, I ll hasten to add that there is a lot of spritual advice in many of these compositions, including a really nice treatise on Hanukkah Dec 6 that describes how important this Jewish observance should be to all Christians I won t tell you what she says, but it s really interesting I can t recommend this fun, inspirational book highly enough This book changed my life for the better, plain and simple, when it was first published I read it again every few years to refresh the lessons learned.Notes from 2018 some of the meditations seem a bit dated since this was first written 23 years ago but the nuggets of truth remain I was surprised and pleased that my adult daughter requested a copy for herself for Christmas this year I hope it has the same impact on her life as it has on mine. Read and listened to this book too many times to count.

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In addition to SIMPLE ABUNDANCE, Sarah Ban Breathnach is the author of THE SIMPLE ABUNDANCE JOURNAL OF GRATITUDE, SOMETHING MORE, and MRS SHARP S TRADITIONS She currently resides in California Please visit her website at

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