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Hailey Anderson S Deep, Dark Secret She S Been Madly In Lust With Her Overprotective Brother S Two Best Friends For Years Gorgeous Woodworking Artist Mark Allen And Sexy Doctor Tony Adamo Have No Idea They Star In Her Fantasies Every NightAfter A Nasty Breakup With Her Abusive Boyfriend, Hailey S Looking For A Little Distance Headed For A Two Week Hawaiian Vacation With Her Brother And His Hot Friends, Hailey Can T Wait To Feast Her Eyes On Mark S And Tony S Rock Hard, Ocean Slick Bodies Even If She Can T TouchBut Instead Of Treating Her Like Their Little Sister, Mark And Tony Have A Surprising Proposition A Monogamous M Nage Trois The Three Of Them And No One Else Both Men Want Hailey And Have Agreed To Share Her The Red Hot Reality Is Even Better Than The Forbidden Fantasy Until Hailey S Ex Threatens Their Newfound Happiness Sharing Hailey

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    I ve been wanting to read a book with a polyamorous relationship for awhile, unfortunately this sort of thing is impossible to find outside of erotica When I saw this one listed on NetGalley I jumped on it because the synopsis was interesting and I always hope I m going to find something I like Unfortunately, I didn t with this book The rest of this has slight maybe s

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    Let me count the spoilery ways I hated this book.1 Slut I don t have a natural aversion to the word but even I have my limit I got up to ten and then I just gave up There might or might not have been , but I d rather not go back and check just how the main character thinks herself a slut for loving two men Loving in this context references to the emotion, not the act tho

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    Me when I realised what this book was about

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    I just have to start out by saying that I really enjoyed this book Hailey Anderson is in love with her brother s two best friends They have all known each other for twenty five years and she has always harbored crushes on them both little does she know the feeling is mutual.I fell in love with the characters from the beginning Hailey is successful and beautiful, but a bad past

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    There were a couple of things that I really liked about this book The first being that Hailey, Mark, and Tony had a great base of friendship The boys friendship was so good that they discussed their attraction to Hailey ahead of time, realized that if one of them ended up with her they weren t sure their friendship would survive, hence the sharing of Hailey I also really liked ho

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    This was ok I liked the beginning Hailey, Tony, and Mark were all likable characters, and I liked them together There was some flirting with m m tht never really went anywhere I felt like it got bogged down in the second half while they dealt with Hailey s stalker ex boyfriend We lost the relationship building while the drama was going on, and it felt like we never really got back i

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    The first half of this was good, I liked the Hawaii setting and the side characters interested me enough to want to read the next books The sexy stuff was good, though I was disappointed like Hailey when the dudes didn t want to kiss each other But what is it with m nage books and the Dangerous Ex trope Maya Banks Colters brothers were full of that too Come on, I m reading a book with

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    Follow this review and others at is an intense book I was on the edge of my seat from the very beginning I cried, I laughed, I cheered, I stressed Name it, I did it All because of this book.Hailey has been in love with her brother s two best friends for years But she thought they always thought of her as a little sister The boys finally decided to stop waiting for her to pick one of them

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    2 1 2 Stars Started off great but the last 25% just went downhill and I have to admit I did not care at all for the ending I am a huge fan of menage stories so when I saw this one I thought it sounded great I was really into it at first but soon I found myself skimming it close to the end I even skipped a few pages.The story in theory was good, I liked the idea of three friends who have had

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    So when I picked up Sharing Hailey I was expecting lots of kinky sex, not much style and substance, and a fair amount of embarrassment over admitting that I read this book As it turns out my expectations, for good or bad, were completely wrong While this book probably deserves three stars, I gave it four because I found it a highly enjoyable way to pass a day and simply could not put it down Al

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