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Shadows on the Nile Mystery, romance, intrigue, corruption and exotic settings all combine into one terrific read In 1912 London, Jessie Kenton hears her younger brother crying in the middle of the night The next day, Georgie is gone and her parents refuse to let her ask questions or speak of him They soon adopt a new child, Timothy, whom Jessie grows to love as if he were her own brother Fast forward to 1932 When Timothy vanishes without a trace, Jessie is haunted by the same nightmarish scene Frantic to locate him, she joins forces with an impoverished aristocrat and together they follow clues which lead them to Egypt and the illegal antiquities trade. After immensely enjoying Kate Furnivall s The Liberation and checking out her back catalogue, I added Shadows on the Nile to my wishlist, as I have a keen interest in Egyptian history I recently popped into my local library and the breathtaking cover of Shadows on the Nile was shining in front of my eyes like the golden rays of the sun god Ra So I put my feet up with a nice glass of wine and prepared to be whisked away to Egypt.With a dramatic, heart wrenching first chapter, the story starts in 1912 with 7 year old Jessica being awoken by a noise in the night followed by a frightened squeal from her little brother Waking up the next day, it s as if events of the previous night never happened and Jessica s life continues as normal Fast forward to 1932 when Jessica s brother, Tim, goes missing after attending a s ance Jessica follows Tim s trail to the location of the s ance and meets Sir Montague Chamford Monty joins Jessie in her search for Tim and I was quite suspicious of his motivations what is he hiding or what doesn t he want Jessie to find Whereas we would hop on a plane, Jessie and Monty have an 80 hour journey across Europe to Cairo This is where Kate Furnivall excels in her writing the sights, sounds, smells, heat and dust of Cairo are described in such exquisite detail that you feel as if you are there I have been to Cairo before so my imagination does have a head start, but it really is exactly as Kate Furnivall describes it The golden glint of Tutankhamun s death mask and the majesty of the pyramids are truly brought to life in Shadows of the Nile.Jessie s family history plays a massive part in the story, but I can t say too much without spoiling it for others Suffice to say, Jessie s search for Tim leads to a confrontation with the past, a past that may have been buried but history has shown us that so many well buried secrets are unearthed in Egypt.Another superbly atmospheric story from Kate Furnivall that swept me away to the Nile valley Through her breathtakingly beautiful prose, Kate Furnivall paints a stunning and vivid picture of this incredible ancient country This is historical fiction at its finest and I highly recommend Kate Furnivall s books.I borrowed this book from my local library and this is my honest and unbiased opinion. The New Novel From The Author Of THE RUSSIAN CONCUBINE And THE WHITE PEARL, London Year Old Jessica Kenton S Stable Life Is Torn Apart When Her Younger Brother, Timothy, Vanishes Vowing To Find Him, She Follows Timothy S Trail To The Lush And Exotic Lands Of Egypt But She Doesn T Expect The Danger She Is Confronted With There Are Powerful People Who Do Not Want Her Brother Found But Not Everything Is As It SeemsA Dramatic Story Of Courage And Betrayal And Of A Determined Young Woman S Search For Her Brother And Her Discovery Of An All Consuming Love In The Shifting Deserts Of Egypt I have mixed emotions about this one It wasn t as good as I had hoped I felt like the disparate elements the pre WWII rise of fascism, autism in the early twentieth century, Egyptology romance just didn t mesh well together I liked the individual parts, but don t feel like the combination was effective I was hoping for something like Deanna Raybourne s Night of a Thousand Stars. I m a huge fan of Kate Furnivall s novels, especially The Russian Concubine, and found this to be a new and entertaining direction for her Shadows on the Nile is a mix of historical fiction, romance, and mystery, and best of all, it s set in Egypt and is chock full of Sherlock Holmes references As always, Furnivall s descriptions are lush and every scene is action packed I particularly liked Malak, the plucky Egyptian boy guide, and the relationship between Jessie s brothers, Georgie and Tim, was especially poignant A meticulously researched and entertaining read, and one I highly recommend for anyone who loves reading about Egypt Shadows on the Nile begins in London in 1912, with our young heroine, Jessie and her changeling brother It s a cracker of a start to a story that then leaps ahead to 1932, when the principle characters are now adults.Jessie and Timothy s wealthy parents are in thrall to Oswald Mosely s Fascist views, and the theory of eugenics Meantime, discontented and down at heal Londoners are on the march against the imposition of the Means Test.Then Timothy disappears, and through an improbable collection of clues, Jessie and her friend Sir Montague Chamford head to Egypt to find him.The interesting blend of historical background and atmospheric settings carries the story along at a relatively lively pace, interspersed with chapters told in a first person narrative that follows its own timeline.All well and good except that it takes far too long for the story to get where it s going, and when it does get there, things degenerate rapidly into a potboiler.I would have had patience with Ms Furnivall s novel if it had been a couple of hundred pages shorter I found myself being able to quite comfortably skim paragraphs until something happened that actually advanced the story or told me something useful about the characters.This is a frequent complaint of mine, and something which I blame modern publishing methods for everything seems geared to the number of pages and the size of the product to command a bigger price tag rather than the quality of the writing and efficient flow of the narrative.Even stripped of some of its excess wordage, I m not sure I would be than mildly interested in Shadows on the Nile I love the idea of it but in my opinion it is a book that promises than it actually delivers. The love story was perfect It was believable and moved at a great pace The historical geographic context was well incorporated and intriguing I was skeptical about the chapters from Georgie s perspective, but as the book goes on it became relevant I liked it Well what can I say this is a bit like an Agatha Christie story with so many coincidences it is beyond belief although I am not sure being believable is a quality the author aspires to I like the way the author describes her characters and the atmosphere in Egypt in the 1930s One of the characters, Georgie, is interesting and well observed but a distraction in someways The heroine, Jessie, encounters an amazing amount of mishaps with some miraculous lucky escapes This is an enjoyable read that strays into old fashioned romantic territory Harmless and a bit of fun probably a good holiday read. This took a long time to get into I persevered as I liked the character Jessie and was a little curious where the story could go.Although it was a bit far fetched and cliched, this was entertaining and a fun book to read. 3 and a half stars.I only realised once I had started reading this book that it was the same author who had written the Russian Concubine If had known that, I probably would not have picked the book up in the first place.Anyway, I am glad that I did pick this book up The story follows Jessica, as she deals firstly with the disappearance of her brother Georgie when she is younger, and now as an adult, the disappearance of her brother Timothy Her brother Timothy s disappearance causes her to travel to Egypt to find him, and unravel the mystery of his disappearance.I must say that I enjoyed the parts of the story written from Georgie s perspective, being unsure of whether or not it is accurate, it was interesting to be given an insight into an autistic mind.The book was a page turner, but unfortunately filled with too many convenient turns, and a bit of a rushed and unpolished ending, otherwise it would have gotten 4 stars.

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Kate Furnivall was raised in Penarth, a small seaside town in Wales Her mother, whose own childhood was spent in Russia, China and India, discovered at an early age that the world around us is so volatile, that the only things of true value are those inside your head and your heart These values Kate explores in The Russian Concubine.Kate went to London University where she studied English and

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