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Shades of Earth Amy And Elder Have Finally Left The Oppressive Walls Of The SpaceshipGodspeed Behind They Re Ready To Start Life Afresh To Build A Home On Centauri Earth, The Planet That Amy Has Traveled Trillion Miles Across The Universe To Experience But This New Earth Isn T The Paradise Amy Had Been Hoping For There Are Giant Pterodactyl Like Birds, Purple Flowers With Mind Numbing Toxins, And Mysterious, Unexplained Ruins That Hold Secrets Than Their Stone Walls First Let On The Biggest Secret Of All Godspeed S Former Passengers Aren T Alone On This Planet And If They Re Going To Stay, They Ll Have To Fight Amy And Elder Must Race To Discover Who Or What Else Is Out There If They Are To Have Any Hope Of Saving Their Struggling Colony And Building A Future Together They Will Have To Look Inward To The Very Core Of What Makes Them Human On This, Their Most Harrowing Journey Yet Because If The Colony Collapses Then Everything They Have Sacrificed Friends, Family, Life On Earth Will Have Been For Nothing FUELED BY LIES RULED BY CHAOS ALMOST HOME

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    FINAL RATING 3.30 STARS CATCHALL I love a good sci fi series, especially the wild ones It s not often we get to experience an entirely new planet, and it was fun to try that in this novel It s fast paced, almost a thriller, but doesn t quite reach this level Even so, it s a major page turner that kept me up late into the night This last installment was just as brill a

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    Minutes after I finished SHADES OF EARTH OH MY STARS I CAN T EVEN I SERIOUSLY CAN T EVEN SHADES OF EARTH is seriously one of the best finales to a YA trilogy EVER So much action, so many secrets, so many betrayals, SO MUCH EMOTIONS I still can t get over how much I adore this book and this series.Guys, you are going to LOVE SHADES OF EARTH It s definitely

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    Hace rato ni amaba tanto una trilog a dist pica La verdad es que despu s de Los Juegos del hambre cre que no iba a encontrar otra distop a que me apasionara tanto Pero en 2014 encontr Legend y ahora en 2015 encuentro a Across the Universe Los tres libros son maravillosos la historia no deja de sorprenderte en ning n momento y el final es tan inesperado como maravilloso Me ha en

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    3 1 2 starsI was so prepared to give this series conclusion four stars right up until that cheesy ending I knew it was going to happen, I was hoping it wouldn t but, deep down, I just knew it would I ve given the first two books Across the Universe and A Million Suns four and three stars respectively, the latter rating being mainly because I thought the characters lacked development

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    Seen at Scott Reads It Space may be the final frontier but it s made in a Hollywood basement Red Hot Chili Peppers There will be spoilers for Across The Universe and A Million Suns In this review there are no spoilers for Shades of Earth at all You re probably asking yourself Why is he quoting the Red Hot Chili Peppers I have always wanted to go to space and discover new planets

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    Wow What a conclusion.And that s all I m gonna say until closer to the release date Hormonal Pre Reviewhttp m.wired.com geekdad 2012 07 neNo NO FUCK no How could Penguin do this Those original AtU covers are my favorite covers in the entire world Out of every book in the world, those two book covers are my absolute favorites And then they redesign them Seriously We should revolt at Penguin He

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    no no no no NO NO NO I hate these new covers NO I LOVED THE OLD COVERS WITH A PASSION 3 3 3And now 3They will not match as well OHMYFUCKINGGODNOOOOOOONot happy Can you tell

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    AFTER READING This was a great ending to the series While I am sad to see the series go I like the way it concluded BEFORE READING EDIT NUMBER WELLWHATEVER The cover doesn t look as bad any I still really really REALLY want a pretty star cover but now this cover doesn t look as flat as before Am I making sense Maybe Well, I think the cover is okay I still don t like the cover changes though EDIT NUMBER

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    Espa ol EnglishFinalmente llegan a Tierra Centaury, mucha gente se qued en La Fortuna, pero se agregan mas cuando por fin despiertan a los congelados La coexistencia no ser f cil ya que al ser los nativos una raza monoetnica desconf an de los descongelados, que a su vez tienen su propia agenda y no aceptan a Elder como l der por ser tan joven.Al llegar al planeta se encuentran con evidencias de que no solo

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