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Uma Aventura Quente Em Cingapura A Empres Ria Madeline Delacourte N O Tinha Tempo E Nem Necessidade De Um Homem Em Sua Vida Afinal, Seu Falecido Marido Deixou A Muito Bem Financeiramente Mas Ela Encontrou Luke Bennett Durante A Visita Dele De Uma Semana A Cingapura Com Seu Corpo Musculoso E Atitude Forte Ele A Desafiava Ao Despertar Desejos Desconhecidos Madeline Sabia Que Ele Era C Nico E Sedutor, E, Se Ela Se Apaixonasse Por Esse Bad Boy, Seria Melhor Aprender A Dom Lo Caso Contr Rio, Poderia Se Machucar Sedutor Indomável (Bennett Family, #4)

About the Author: Kelly Hunter

Australian born Kelly Hunter is a three time Romance Writers of America Rita finalist, a USA Today Bestselling author and loves writing to the demands of the short category romance form.

10 thoughts on “Sedutor Indomável (Bennett Family, #4)

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    Kelly Hunter is two for two now I tend to avoid the Modern Romances for Harlequin Presents, but now I know I can get a satisfying read when I reach for her books She writes chemistry beautifully The attraction between her characters sizzle, and the dialogue jumps off the page Her characters are layered, three dimensional, and have issues, but they work through them and communicate I love the Bennett family, just from the tw

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    Kelly Hunter s writing just seems to do it for me My favorite is still The Maverick s Greek Island Mistress but this was very good The plots of this series so far have not been typical of the Harlequin Presents line There is little melodrama, no revenge and not a single secret baby yet The hero, Luke, and heroine, Madeline, here are as usual very well characterized Luke character is dark and he is consumed with his job He tell

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    Kelly Hunter is fast becoming a favourite HP author, next to Mira Lyn Kelly Another five star read from her.I liked both Madeline Luke, and the way that their issues are real, not ridiculous ones, that most RL people would solve in 10 seconds flat.The way that Luke had troubles with Madeline s wealth and her issues with his rather dangerous job, is something that I understand Luke s relationship with his brother, Jake, is great,

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    Untameable Rogue is the story of Madeline and Luke.Our heroine Madeline is a successful businesswoman in Singapore Widowed at a young age after being married to the much older owner of Delacourte empire, she now works hard to keep the struggling realm going, and is known as a cutthroat opponent, who also spends her time rescuing children off the street and giving them a new life.When she rescues the vagrant child Po and whisks him o

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    Rating 3.5 starsNot my favourite of the series, I kind of didn t get on board with the romance that much and like the other book this didn t have much humor and sexual tension What I liked was the unusual heroine, she was tough and proud of herself, after a childhood spent in foster homes and seeing her father and brother self destruct, she married an older man who showed her love and affection, she didn t love him but honoured him and

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    I really wanted to love this one, but I just didn t I enjoyed the widow heroine who married her first husband for the security his fortune provided, and the hero who disabled explosives for a living was intriguing As nice as their romance was the security starved heroine raised in the foster care system falling for a guy who risks his life with every job and the proud hero reconciling his need to provide for a woman with the object of his

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    The third book in the Bennett brother series that I have read is my favourite so far Both protagonists had a fragility that I found touching Set in Singapore, multi millionaire widow Madeline and underwater bomb defuser Luke are pretty much instantly attracted to each other but then have to work out whether their lives can come together on a permanent basis Madeline has had a very rough childhood and embarking on a casual affair with Luke d

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    I actually read this after reading the final Bennett book which I had read to see if Hunter managed to write about the family without dropping a ball like that unnecessary death in the first book.The most intriguing secondary couple in that book were these two the one brother who can fight with Jake when he loses his control at least for a time Whose passion in life is being a warrior who saves people and since your average soldier also has to

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    Fourth in the Bennett Family series, and just as good as the previous ones I liked how Kelly Hunter inversed the usual MB tropes here, with Maddy, the heroine, being the insanely wealthy one Luke was a very alpha hero, which could so easily have gone wrong, but I think it was pulled off perfectly here.The unusual for an MB Singapore setting and the secondary characters also stood out, especially Maddy s housekeeper, with her hilarious pokes at Luk

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    the 2nd book in the bennett family series, and for some reason i just couldn t get into it set in singapore, which is nice, but we didn t find out much about the country, customs, etc i know that s a bit much to ask for in a category book but.

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