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Sawbones (Most Wanted) Excellent novella Short, sharp and funny with a story that packs a punch. Began this today right after finising The Ritual It s a book I ve wanted to read for ages as I loved MacBride s Logan McRae series If you ve not tried these then I highly recommend them The first ones Cold Granite Dying Light Broken Skin are some of the funniest, most original and gruesome crime writing I ve ever read I was seriously spitting out tea at some of these I think MacBride then fell a little too in love with one of his outrageous characters Roberta Steel and the latter novels were less believable I was intrigued about Sawbones when I saw it described as gory Seriously More gory than Flesh House I swore I d never eat meat again after that book Then I read Meat and decided I was being a wuss So, I digress, Sawbones was a must read for me So far, I m very impressed MacBride s managed to make sadistic killers quite nice chaps It s irreverent and funny, crisp and well written.I ll update when finished.Finished This is a great little read Little being quite an operative word as it s so short I read this in an hour or so It s quite a nice premise crime boss s 16 year old daughter is taken by a serial killer and he sends his two best men, Harry and Mark, to find her and bring her back They believe she s probably already dead this killer s MO is to cut arms and legs off young blonde girls and just want to find the guy and bring him back to Mr Jones for justice Well, justice of a psychotic crime boss kind Harry and Mark are seriously deranged, but that s what s so funny about this little story We are manipulated into rooting for these guys as they torture and murder innocent people on their quest to rescue Laura They ve got a dead FBI agent in their boot along with a tortured young cop It s so outrageous it s funny and very cleverly done I wanted Laura rescued I wanted Sawbones to meet Mr Jones I didn t care too much what Mark and Harry have to do to bring that about.I ve read too many serial killer novels to remember, but this one s reveal of the horror inflicted on the girls was original and genuinely chilling Stuart MacBride s signature novel is gory humour This one was much straight faced than the Logan McRae books as it s not necessarily played for laughs Told in the 1st person by Mark, we re laughing at these weird, psychotic guys than with them They take themselves quite seriously.Great fun and highly recommended Short though, so don t rely on this one to take on holiday unless it s backed up by many, many. Best Books, Sawbones Most Wanted Author Stuart MacBride This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Sawbones Most Wanted , Essay By Stuart MacBride Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Read this a couple of years ago and can t believe I didn t rate it Funny, gory, and downright yucky True Stuart MacBride, one of my fav cop story authors. This is a grisly but well written novella I think that my only criticism would be that as a British author writing a book based in America, he needed to use American terminology, like curb instead of kerb, program instead of programme, trunk instead of boot, etc Don t read this book if harsh language upsets you as there is plenty I really enjoyed this, although the violence is gratuitous It s a very quick read, I read it in 2 quick sittings. Nice short read. After reading the other reviews, I was looking forward to something a little different maybe because this was the audio version it didn t seem as gritty, plot thickening or as gruesome as reviewers had stated Up against his other books it lacked something but I can not put my finger on what. A quick, racy read, well written but decidedly McBride One wonders what he can possibly write to outdo himself next time I wasn t totally convinced by the US milieu but that is actually a plus for me Grisly, gruesome and witty. I m a huge Stuart MacBride fan, and will happily devour his work In fact, he s one of the few authors whose short stories I am happy to read Therefore, I was plenty eager to dive into Sawbones.With Sawbones we have something different, taking a step away from the tartan noir MacBride is best known for It still has what you expect from a Stuart MacBride novel, if in smaller quantities, ensuring you ll be happy to power through this in no time at all.In truth, this was of a three point five star read, yet I opted to round it down It was interesting, it was something different, and I enjoyed it however, it didn t quite wow me in the way Stuart MacBride usually does It was fun, but far from my favourite read.If you re a big Stuart MacBride fan, it s worth reading If you re new to Stuart MacBride, this is not the best example of his work. Sawbones is a novella, set in the US, not part of MacBride s series books set in Aberdeen There are some similarities though I harbour a fond belief that this author couldn t write out his shopping list without some sly, black humour involved.There is plenty of humour in SAWBONES There s also a lot of gruesome moments, which again is pretty typical MacBride He does love to gross you out, make you laugh, then make you stop and think what the hell am I laughing at for goodness sake It s quite a tribute to the skill of the author that he can make that work in 114 pages, whilst he also tells a soberingly believable story You see Laura s dad is not somebody to be messed with he knows people who know what to do with people, and there s a car full of those people chasing our serial killer across America, tracking the killer that the FBI have nicknamed Sawbones Dealing with Laura s boyfriend, handling the interest of local State Troopers, calling in some big favours The reason they call this killer Sawbones well he s a serial killer, I think you can probably work that one out What the pursuers have in mind well you can guess that without the need for much synapse snapping What ends up happening well maybe you aren t going to quite pick all the elements of that coming The story moves at a very rapid clip one ancient and clapped out Ford Crown Victoria nothwithstanding It s violent, it s brusque, it s unflinchingly gross is some places It s funny, it s black, it s in your face in some places It s highly entertaining and I m probably going to hell in a handbasket because I just couldn t help but laugh a lot.

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