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Saving Daisy Saving Daisy Is The Second Critically Novel By Phil Earle HEROIC, Phil Earle S Hugely Anticipated Third Novel Is Out OnAprilDaisy S Mum Is Gone Her Dad Refuses To Talk About It As Far As Daisy S Concerned, It S All Her Fault As Her Life Starts To Spiral Out Of Control, Panic Leads To Tragedy And Daisy S Left AloneBut Sometimes The Kindness Of A Stranger Can Turn Things Around A Stranger Who Desperately Wants To Save Daisy If She Ll Only Let Herself Be SavedA Powerful And Moving Story Linked To Phil Earle S Critically Acclaimed Debut Book, Being BillyPraise For Being Billy A Wonderful Book Morris Gleitzman Phil Earle Writes Starkly But Sensitively In This Brilliant Page Turning Novel It Moved Me To Tears Jacqueline Wilson This May Be The Most Authoritative, Honest And Moving Account Of Children Trapped In The Care System To Date Keith Gray, Scotsmanlife Affirming, Redemptive, And Really Just Rather Good Marcus Sedgwick, Guardian Moving And Powerful, I Loved It Sophie McKenzieBeing Billy Was A Total Page Turner Authentic And Gritty Billy S Voice Doesn T Falter Spiky, Brave And Compassionate Jenny Downham

About the Author: Phil Earle

Phil was born in Hull in 1974, and he studied English and Drama at Hull University He worked for a year as a carer in a children s home, then after training as a drama therapist, he worked in a therapeutic community in London, which cared for multiply abused adolescents Then, changing tack completely, he chose a marginally sedate life as a children s bookseller It was here that he develope

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    Lovelovelove.Can I just leave it at that Can we just call that my review No You want God, sometimes you are the most demanding readers ever.You will know by now how much I loved Being Billy by Phil Earle so I was practically chomping at the bit to read his next book Saving Daisy tells the story of Daisy Houghton, who you will know if you ve read Billy s story I ve been thinking about how to class Saving Daisy and I

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    The first thing that I m going to say about this book is simply Wow I didn t know much about this book when I picked it up, only that I liked Daisy s character in Being Billy, Earle s debut novel I could see a lot of potential and depth in Daisy from her appearance in Being Billy and this book certainly reached and topped that potential This is a sort of prequel to that, though it is a standalone, and so it s not neces

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    Saving Daisy is an emotionally charged and powerful read from the British author of Being Billy Be warned now that you ll need to have a box of tissues beside you while you re reading this book because it will rip your heart out.Phil Earle s writing is unflinchingly honest He s not afraid to tackle difficult or emotive topics such as death and bereavement, rape, bullying, drinking and other such issues His background as

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    I cried, I laughed, I loved, I grieved Saving Daisy was an emotional roller coaster one I adored and was sad to leave Or, precisely, I was heartbroken to leave Daisy I really, really loved her and Ade too Daisy never knew her Mum Her Dad won t can t talk about her In Daisy s eyes, it was her fault.As the fear, the misplaced guilt over her Mum s death gets stronger and stronger her ways of coping become violent, extreme Bu

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    Having met Daisy in Phil Earle s Being Billy I was eager to find out her story I have to say I haven t been disappointed Daisy s life is just as intense and gripping as Billy s was The prologue really does hook the reader in you want to know if Daisy really did what she said or was it a misconception The first part of Saving Daisy we get to understand the relationship she has with her dad and learn about the strategy she s d

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    Argh This is one of those books One of those impossibly difficult to review, yet utterly brilliant books which I absolutely loved Just thinking about reading Saving Daisy makes my heart ache a little So, I m going to try and review it But in case I just ramble on incoherently, my basic advice to everyone is just read this book.From the prologue, we knew something would happen to Daisy s dad I wasn t expecting to be quite as af

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    Since reading the fabulous Being Billy I have been looking forward to reading Daisy s story Now that I have, Phil Earle has truly cemented himself as an author I will read simply because his name is on the cover I absolutely loved it.The events of Saving Daisy take place before Being Billy making this a prequel of sorts I loved finding out all about Daisy and having the story told from her point of view I adored her in Being Bil

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    Daisy s story is an incredibly emotional, devastating and uplifting novel It had me in floods of tears out of sadness and happiness I hasn t felt quite so emotional over a book in a long time.Earle has a tragically beautiful writing style It is gritty and raw and brutally honest I haven t read his first novel Being Billy but after finishing Saving Daisy I can t wait to.When starting the novel I has absolutely no idea where it was

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    Absolutely astonishing read Maybe because I m at that right age to appreciate Daisy s turmoil, I felt like I connected with her, however I have never been through anything that Daisy has been through I love books like this, especially because my passion is working with children and families One day I d like to be like Ade Although I have never personally experienced what Daisy has, I have known people with certain similar traits or

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    This book was much better than I d anticipated, and it was very original too Definitely a story worth reading.

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