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Sacred Ground Jennifer Talldeer Is Osage And Cherokee, Granddaughter Of A Powerful Medicine Man She Walks A Difficult Path Contrary To Tribal Custom, She Is Learning A Warrior S Magics A Freelance Private Investigator, Jennifer Spends Hours Tracking Down Stolen Indian ArtifactsThe Construction Of A New Shopping Mall Uncovers Fragments Of Human Bone, Revealing Possible Desecration Of An Ancient Burial Ground The Sabotage Of Construction Equipment Implicated Native American Activists Particularly Jennifer S Old Flame, Who Is Attractive, And Dangerous, Than Ever Worst Of All, The Grave Of Jennifer S Legendary Medicine Man Ancestor Has Been Destroyed, His Tools Of Power Scattered, And A Great Evil Freed To Walk The LandJennifer Must Stand Against The Darkness If She Wavers Even For An Instant, She Will Be Annihilated, And The World Will Fall Into Oblivion I m not Native American nor do I have any experiences analogous to what they have, so I ll leave a racial perspective to those who really do have one.It was all right I can see why the series wasn t continued This felt like the first book to something but the characters weren t all there Jennie s compelling but the rest of the cast is only all right A little too predictable, though Mooncrow is hilarious, and everything s resolved a little too neatly I didn t feel the pounding sense of conflict like I have with the Velgarth and Elemental Mages series Maybe I need to read stories about Native Americans before I can properly get into the flow of things Probably.Not a bad read, something I won t regret, but again, something I won t pick up again unless I m very, very bored. Not so much a romance as including a romantic strand in the plot I like the presentation of Native Americans maintaining their identity in the general community, the weaving in of magic as if it obviously exists and the strong sense of place A book that grows on me with each re read It takes up the challenge on a number of social issues. Picked this up at a local Goodwill not expecting much just another tale of Shamanism from a lay person, or so I thought Wrong I absolutely LOVED this book and was astounded by the detail Ms Lackey presents As a practitioner of Shamanism one never calls themselves a Shaman it s an honorary title bestowed by others , I found this book fascinating in the lengths she goes to to explain the journeying to Otherworlds, spirit guides, protection, rituals, dress, burials, tools on and on Her understanding and empathy of Native American nations, their history and plight is commendable I ve read all the Tony Hillerman novels and this one surpasses his by far Same genre but different view and detail.Some will like this novel, basically an intro into the world of Native American Medicine Shamanism others who aren t aware that Shamanism exists in reality will hate it or find it incomprehensible and that is as it should be I for one, totally enjoyed it, understood it and appreciate it Worth a re read Thank you, Ms Lackey More Jennifer Talldeer novels, please Pure smut Bad plot, everything was repeated a billion times, the conflict was in the background, and the love scene sucked which is one of the only reasons to read smut lol I picked it up for 50 cents at the library, because I ve heard of her and decided to check her out Well, now I know Back to reading good books, hopefully. All the folks who luv some Urban Fantasy these days should see if they can find this 15 year old book It is the classic thing Private investigator heroine who is small, tough, and a workaholic Check She is also a magically psychically gifted Native American who is being trained as a shaman by her grandfather Check She has a love hate relationship with a mega hot Native dude who used to treat her bad and by the end comes around and stops being a macho dickhead one of those things that NEVER happen in real life as far as I know and basically indentures himself to her as her assistant Check The plot is a typically exciting and enjoyable Mercedes Lackey production, with her usual scary evil bad guys and an unpredictable and fun climax Enjoy, guys Lackey takes on American Indian shamans in this quick read A winning combination of insurance investigation and trips to the spirit world I don t know what Native Americans would make of it, but I enjoyed it. It was great to read this book set in OK Wish she would do , and I enjoyed the Native American aspect I really liked this book, though it s basically a continuation of the Diana Tregarde books with Jennifer Talldeer and her Amerind ancestry replacing Di and her witch ancestry.3 27 2011 Well, just re read this book The story was still good, fun to read Except Can someone explain why, in ONE paragraph, she starts by insisting that they had no cable, but when they got cable they left the antenna up Good book, read it long ago and many times since If you re looking for something similar, try River Marked by Patricia Briggs not the first in that series It had the same flavor to it.

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