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Sólo para Gigantes Autor De Livros De Viagem Como Sudd, Publicado Pela Rocco, E Refer Ncia Do Novo Jornalismo Liter Rio Espanhol, Gabi Mart Nez Conta, Em S Para Gigantes, A Hist Ria De Zo Logo Jordi Magraner, Que PassouAnos Nas Montanhas Do Paquist O Investigando A Exist Ncia Do Mitol Gico Homem Das Neves, At Ser Encontrado Morto, EmMart Nez Visitou A Comunidade Dos Kalasch, Onde O Zo Logo Viveu, E Teve Acesso Aos Di Rios Ntimos De Magraner Para Tra Ar O Perfil Desse Cientista Moda Antiga Aventureiro, Rom Ntico E Contradit Rio Que, Ao Que Tudo Indica, Foi Executado Pelos Talib S It s taken me ages to read this book, nearly three weeks, and it s only 390 pages long It s partly because I m also reading other things as well but it s also I kept getting distracted by the other issues the book raises It s not just a memoir of an eccentric adventurer who was murdered in a remote area of Pakistan, and it s not just a travel book It s also a book that plays with the conventions of these genres.Jordi Magraner was an adventurer who fell in love with the Hindu Kush, and, it seems to me, at different times varied his reasons for being there He was a student of the natural world, and heard stories about the legendary barmanu known to most of us as the yeti and he set off to see if he could find it But for quite long periods of time, he got involved in other quests as well The author would have his readers believe that the quest for the barmanu yeti is not as crazy as it seems.One day in 1949, a doctor of zoology called Bernard Houvelmans opens the Saturday Evening Post and reads an article entitled There May Be Dinosaurs He s wary when he sees that it s signed by a writer he trusts Then, amid the claims made in the text, he reads the names of researchers he also considers serious, and by the end he has found that he needs to look into the information.Seven years later, he publishes On the Track of Unknown Animals, introducing a series of animals discovered to date in the twentieth century Most of them are pretty big There you ll find the okapi, the coelacanth, the Paraguayan peccary, the pygmy hippopotamus, the Cambodian wild ox, and the Komodo dragon.Heuvelmans is a scientist, he considers himself a scientist, the animals he writes about exist in reality , but he has demonstrated that many of them were only located after conversations with indigenous people who gave assurances of their existences by recounting stories, describing them Before they were discovered, these animals were nothan legends to westerners, or the victims of extinction In which case why should we not believe other stories told about fugitive beings p.32 I was immediately distracted by the thought that in this era of fake news, would we believe it if there were reports of a yeti being found in the mountains of the Hindu Kush Perhaps that would depend on where the reports came from If trusted sources like the ABC and the BBC reported it, would we believe it Or would we think that they were sincere but had been hoodwinked Would we disbelieve it altogether or would we accept the revelation that the mythical creature had turned out to be real How you respond to this idea depends on whether you think we have mapped our world fully or whether you think that just as other species have been found in remote uncharted places, a yeti might possibly exist.To read the rest of my review please visit Enthralling from beginning to end, In the Land of Giants is an inspired telling of an uncommon story. West Australian When reading this book, one gets gusts of the best of Kipling, and also of Chatwin, even of Robert Byron It s the story of an obsessive trip, of a murder, of several love affairs, of a journey, of an adventurer who got lost forever, of the danger latent in trying to uncover an elusive truth and a truth only meaningful for he who wants it told and then also, of course, for the fortunate reader Fascinating from start to finish, In the Land of Giantsis the kind of incredible story only an excess of reality can provide.Javier Mar as Martinez ably conjures the scent of juniper, the taste of black, salty tea and the sight of a 40 donkey convoy heading to Panjsh. Spectator A murder mysteryintriguing than anything you could make up. Sunday Territorian Creio que o orgulho de um jovem que sonha , para ele, uma maneira de sobreviver E, quando digo que sonha, n o falo dos sonoros que povoam nossas noites, que as encantam, as exaurem, s vezes as perturbam Nem das fantasias do dia a dia que s o as perambula es do espirito Falo dos sonhos despertos que se apoderam do nosso ser, que penetram nosso cora o, abra am nossa alma e nos devoram, deixando nos sem sossego Erik l Homme, p g 101Os mais velhos, os mais difundidos relatos do mundo s o os relatos de aventuras, sobre her is humanos que se aventuraram por regi es m ticas arriscando a pr pria vida, e trazem de volta hist rias do mundo para al m dos homens a arte da narrativa por si mesma vem da necessidade de contar uma aventura esse homem que arrisca ajuda em perigosos encontros constitui a defini o original do que merece ser contado Paul Zweig, p g 192Quem serei eu quando deixar de ser a pessoa que acreditava ser e que passava por ser E ent o a resposta mais correta minha pergunta ser um ser humano E assim, pura e simplesmente, como um puro e simples ser humano, que se deveriam enfrentar esses seres humanos primitivos e obscuros.Para mim, essa experi ncia foi uma esp cie de revela o, e n o s do mundo, mas de mim mesma E devo acrescentar que foi uma sorte grande e inesperada, uma liberta o Este o momento de mandar, finalmente, para o inferno todos os convencionalismos eis uma nova classe de liberdade que at agora apenas em sonhos se tinha tido como sair de um mergulho e poder esticar vontade, como dar um salto e sair voando, como ter a impress o de ter deixado para tr s a lei da gravidade Pode der que a pessoa se sinta meio enjoada, pode ser, afinal de contas, que tenha sido um pouco perigoso a coragem necess ria, sempre necess ria quando se trata de reconhecer a verdade Karen Blixen, p g 273 I enjoyed this travelogue that followed an adventurer So much history to know, tragic or not. even a top translator struggled to make this readable Jordi Magraner decidi vivir conforme a su idea del mundo, aunque sta se ajustase poco a la cruda realidad Para ello se enfrent a los intransigentes pero tambi n pisote a algunos que s lo quisieron ayudarle para que esa realidad no le golpease demasiado fuerte Encontr su camino en el l mite mismo de lo que la mayor a entender amos como lo aceptable, fue m s all incluso, y por ello se granje demasiados enemigos. This was an intriguing book While it began as an account of Jordi Magraner, a Spaniard, who became obsessed with searching for the Baramanu Yeti in the Hindu Kush Pakistan border near Afghanistan it shifted to an exploration of the local Kalash people and the impact of the Taliban in this region While Jordi s lifestyle was somewhat complicated, his motives not always clear and his mental state obsessive he obviously cared deeply for this minority group that remains largely unknown, destitute and persecuted Parts of this book were a bit slow and repetitive and I think a detailed map of the region would have been invaluable in understanding the geography of this region Thanks to Goodreads and Scribe for my copy of this book.

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Su ltimo trabajo publicado es En la Barrera Alta r, 2012 , sobre la Gran Barrera de Coral australiana Es tambi n autor de S lo para gigantes Edit Alfaguara, 2011 , Nom s per a gegants msterdam, 2011 , que ser adaptada al c mic a finales de noviembre de 2012 y al cine en fechas recientes.La obra Sudd, escogida por El Peri dico y la revista Qu Leer entre las diez mejores novelas del a o 20

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