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Run for Cover (Tomorrow Girls #2) In A Terrifying Future World, Four Girls Must Depend On Each Other If They Want To SurviveNow That Best Friends Louisa, Rosie, Evelyn, And Maddie Know The Truth Or At Least The Danger They Re In The Girls Have Run Away From Their Safe Country Retreat But Life Is Riskier Than Ever, And Rosie Still Doesn T Know Who She Can Trust Rosie S Survival Skills Are Top Notch But How Well Can She Keep Her Own Secrets I thought this novel was quite intriguing, being based in a timeline where people only use electronics to do everything No one buys normal books, or paper and pens any The 4 girls from the first story escape with two boys they met in the first book, and a new boy Something I came to noticed while reading is, the book was in the perspective of a different girl than the first book I find it quite interesting that the novel series is during a time of war, which you learn in the first chapter of book 1, and the author still managed to throw in silly, romance within the story I would definitely recommend this series to others, because this is something I recommended to my teacher last year, and she enjoyed reading it I would also recommend this to others, because the dramatic dialogue makes it feel like you re in the book itself. According to Barnes Noble, the age for this book is 10 14 years It might actually be a couple of years below that This book is extremely easy to read.There are 4 books in the series and each is told from a different character s point of view That doesn t bother me but the seeming change in personality of the characters from book to book does I understand that each book is a completely different perspective, but it comes across as implausible when a very rough character in one book becomes so nice, reassuring and vulnerable in such a short period of time.Things come about way too easily For example, when one character is thinking he or she should do something, another character says or does it as if she was reading the first character s mind That actually happens a lot in this series of books.The kids seem to get out of difficult situations very easily A lot seems to fall into place almost everywhere they go The cavalry always comes in Someone blacks out and when she wakes up, everything is solved Situations like that are also common throughout the series.The premise of the book is very interesting but the execution is a bit lacking and quite unbelievable For an 8 10 year old, it may be on the spot For that age it may be exciting, but for an adult, it is unreasonable The only reason I finished is because I wanted to see how it ended The only reason I gave the series 2 stars is because it may be a good read for children. This is the second book in the series, which really should be read in order The four roommates will each have their own narrative, as the story progresses Although this book gives enough information that it will be an exciting read on its own, it is much suspenseful if you have read Tomorrow Girls Behind the Gates Book 1 was Louisa s story, and this second one is Rosie s The girls personalities continue to build throughout this volume, and we find out why Rosie is so alert for danger, and so plucky and resourceful when it comes Warning this review for the second book reveals spoilers from the first book.The second book picks up where the first left off with the four girls running thru the woods, escaping from their all girls boarding school In the woods, the four girls happen upon three boys from the all boys boarding school, and when a sudden rain drenches them, they take shelter together Sharing stories, they decide to escape together, even though a group of 7 teens is harder to conceal than 4 From there on it is a dash for their lives to escape The Alliance.An exciting book for middle graders who are not quite ready for the Hunger Games level of writing. a very good book I love how they put the books from different point of views it makes it realistic.

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