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Rules For A Lady A Lady Does Not Attempt To Come Out In London Society Disguised As Her Deceased Half Sister A Lady Does Not Become Enad Of Her Guardian Even Though His Masterful Kisses And Whispered Words Of Affection Tempt Her Beyond All Endurance A Lady May Not Climb Barefoot From Her Bedroom On A Rose Trellis, Nor Engage In Fisticuffs With Riff Raff In Order To Rescue Street Urchins No Matter How Impossible The Odds, A Lady Always Gives Her Hand And Her Heart Though Not Necessarily In That Order To The One Man Who Sees Her As She Truly Is And Loves Her Despite Her Flagrant Disobedience Of Every One Of The Rules For A Lady

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    A fun regency book, about a rebellious young lady, trying to have her cake and eat it too Bucking the Rules of The Ton, when she really doesn t know why they where put in place to begin with Coming within an inch of her life being ruined by cutthroats, she is rescued by the Earl who is ruling her life and aggravating her the most, of course he is the one that she in the end falls in love with, despite all the barriers and reasons it shouldn t happen A good read for this

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    Yikes I started this two and a half years ago, and only got through a third of it at first.I didn t bother to restart and just proceeded from where I left off before, so I didn t know all the history and how Gillian became Amanda.And she annoyed me at first this time around I know that thwarting the rules were all for the benefit of maintaining her true self, even as she masqueraded as her half sister, but she couldn t seem to meet Stephen halfway But all s well that end

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    Kind of fun and light

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    A Regency Era romance that draws some inspiration from MarkTwain s The Prince and the pauper.

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    An enjoyable readIt was a pleasure to read this book The dialogue, characters, and plotline kept me entertained Jade Lee is a wonderful author.

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    Feckless, annoying girl Plot full of holes.

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    What an odd cover choice for this book The cover implies that the story is far scandalous than it actually is This is nothing than a sweet love story It s disappointing that someone felt the need to grab the wrong sort of attention to it through the cover The story itself holds up on it s own, even without the implied bodice ripping The characters are enjoyable, if somewhat unrealistic, but who looks for realism in their romance novels If only the cover fit the story better

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    This was a Kindle free download after the April Barbara Vey Readers Appreciation Luncheon, and I m very glad I took up the offer Jade Lee is a talented author who always manages to incorporate humor in her books This fast paced book features witty dialogue and expertly motivated characters, helping to make the story believable even though it has the requisite scenes of the heroine impulsively getting herself in danger and the hero coming ably to her rescue, thus proving his af

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    Rules for a Lady gets the distinction of being the first historical romance adult novel that I ve ever read I m practically a veteran in romance novels by now, but I can still remember the shock of my first real romance novel Nicholas Spark s or Uncle Nicky as I refer to him myself books don t count They re not sexy enough The chemistry in Rules for a Lady was off the charts even if the plot was formulaic and predictable Everyone needs a little romance once in a while I m just

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    An enjoyable Regency read Tame clean read well written with interesting characters I don t like the cover art it s wrong for the period as well as the characters I have liked Jade Lee and Kathy Lyons in contemporary reads, and now find her historicals to be lively and entertaining as well will be checking out the rest of this series.

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