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Ruined A Gripping YA Supernatural Novel Set In New Orleans Twilight With A Ghostly TwistRebecca Couldn T Feel Out Of Place In New Orleans, Where She Comes To Spend The Year While Her Dad Is Traveling She S Staying In A Creepy Old House With Her Aunt Claudia, Who Reads Tarot Cards For A Living And At The Snooty Prep School, A Pack Of Filthy Rich Girls Treat Rebecca Like She S Invisible Only Gorgeous, Unavailable Anton Grey Seems To Give Rebecca The Time Of Day, But She Wonders If He S Got A Hidden Agenda Then One Night, In Lafayette Cemetery, Rebecca Makes A Friend Sweet, Mysterious Lisette Is Eager To Talk To Rebecca, And To Show Her The Nooks And Crannies Of The City

About the Author: Paula Morris

Paula Morris, a novelist and short story writer of English and Maori descent, was born in New Zealand For almost a decade she worked in the record business in London and New York She now lives in New Orleans, where she teaches creative writing at Tulane University.Paula s first novel, Queen of Beauty, won best first work of fiction at the 2003 Montana New Zealand Book Awards Hibiscus Coast, a l

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    Ruined is marketed as a ghost story and it is a story about a ghost, but it s not what I expected It s not scary, or spooky or spine tingling It s just about a girl who happens to be a ghost The plot is quite good and we are introduced to Rebecca, who is the only person or so she thinks that can see the ghost, Lisette They form a f

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    This was my first ever library book Lol There were almost no interesting books available So I picked this one up Surprisingly satisfactory This not horror Just as Twilight is has vampires This has a ghost So don t expect to be horrified But the descriptions of New Orleans were breath taking.

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    Rebecca s Dad has to go to Japan for six months and is going to have to go and stay with her Aunt Claudia As if leaving New York isn t bad enough, she also has to start prep school All of the girls are pretty snotty and have a high opinion of themselves, being from the richest familys in New Orleans One night Rebecca hears voices and sees severa

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    Even better this time around This is one of the reasons why I love rereading it also has a downside I always fear when I start a reread what if I don t love it as much as I did the first time Or even worse what if I m indifferent to it what if I can t even fathom why I shelved it as dear most dear books I m so glad I own the sequel And I m in New Orlea

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    this was a poorly written story that obviously needed to be revised, with hardly any good character It was like they were all literally ghosts, no emotions whatsoever I could sum up the book in just a few paragraph s as easy as this Great, im moving in with my voodoo aunt, who isnt really my aunt, and ive only met her a few times, wait why do i call her aunti

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    Well it was an interesting one I loved it from start to finish and it was an interesting look at today s society levels.At first I was a bit irritated that the South was painted in such a mean way, when Southerners are usually quite nice people Then again I ve never met the high society Southerners like Helena Bowman so I can t know if its that bad or not But I got

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    Hi I just posted this review on my blog and foremost, I loved the cover Its very mysterious and at the same time it tells a dark, witty story For me I love books that are filled with mystery, horror and suspense But I never loved books that s all about vampires and werewolves and fallen angels whatever I hate those kind of books It shifts my mind into something that is so

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    Like the main character, Rebecca, I knew very little about New Orleans before Katrina What I did know came from sources like movies, novels, comic books and random historical facts that stuck in my head from American history classes Pop culture painted a surrealistic view of the city populated by a people who have lived and thrived on traditions for centuries and Mardi Gras, was

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    Ruined is a creepy, gothic ghost story, the perfect read for the Halloween season The setting and the entire tone of the book are so eerie The book is never too scary, but it gives the reader the perfect amount of chills and thrills.I m usually much into characters than settings, but in this story, New Orleans seems like it s own character I learned so much about the city s history as

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    I am a sucker for these things the south, graveyards, good writing, a well spun multi generational yarn, a curse, ghosts, and tarot card readers How could I not like this book Different books fit into my bookshelf in different ways, and I have very few like this one So happy to have it

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