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Rotten Pumpkin Compost Won T Mean The Same Thing After Readers Have Seen The Amazing Transformation Of Jack From Grinning Pumpkin To Mold Mottled Wreckage To Hopeful Green Shoot The Story Of Decomposition Is Vividly Told So That Science Comes To Life And Death Part Story, Part Science, And A Whole Lot Of Fun Features A Teacher Guide In The Back Of The Book, And Additional Material Including Instructions On How To Put On A Rotten Pumpkin Play In Your School Are On The Creston And Author Websites

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    the photos in this book are an easy five stars watch a jack o lantern transform from whimsical holiday porch decoration into flattened, mold covered slime disk in 32 easy pages it kind of makes me wonder why we don t carve the jack o lanterns weeks in advance, because they are way cooler and spookier after all the insects and mold have had their way with them and i suppose it would discourage mini hooligans from

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    Every October you walk into your bookstores and your libraries and you see the overwhelming swath of seasonal fare pelt you from every side Apples and pumpkins, scarecrows and black cats You begin to wonder if it s possible to do anything that s both new and autumnal any Then you turn around and you see the book most likely to make you back away in true, abject fear Rotten Pumpkin A Rotten Tale in 15 Voices is basic

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    THIS IS NOT A BOOK FOR THE EASILY SQUICKEDI just wanted to get that out there and clear The prose is serviceable This book is all about how a jack o lantern is reduced to compost, through the assistance of mice, squirrels, slugs, bugs, molds, and fungi The photos are awesome if you enjoy seeing a mold up close It makes me want to document the decay of our carved pumpkins, day by day.Perfect for those who enjoy the science of grossne

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    A dynamic mix of story and nonfiction, this book follows the life of a pumpkin He has his shining moment as a jack o lantern lit for Halloween, but then is put into the compost That is where the story gets interesting First he is chewed on by mice, squirrels, slugs and vomited on by flies Now he looks a lot different and has fungi growing The various molds introduce themselves, explaining what they do, including the fascinating Penicillium So

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    Icky Gross Fun As a school librarian, I have learned that gross out factor can have great appeal for a book and this one does not disappoint.David M Schwartz and Dwight Kuhn take us through the decomposition of a Halloween pumpkin As someone who has left a pumpkin out too long and had to deal with the mushiness afterward, I found it truly fascinating to actually see up close what is going on Schwartz and Kuhn start with the mice and squirrels that will

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    After Halloween, a Jack o Lantern no longer takes its place as the center of attention Unloved and forgotten by humans, the fruit begines to rot over the subsequent pages The photographs and text are filled with fascinating facts and images as a mouse, a squirrel, and slugs munch on the pumpkin, leaving places for mold to grown By the time various fungi have had their way with the pumpkin, its seeds spill into the garden soil, possibly resulting in another Jack

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    Educational, graphic in a gross, decomposing way , and surprisingly sad For its targeted age group, Rotten Pumpkin is just the right amount of exposition and explanation, the color photos are all perfectly gross for children of that age, and everything is easy to follow along However, everything is written in the first person, and while the narration of the animals and fungi that are doing their deeds to the pumpkin, hearing the pumpkin itself discuss its uselessne

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    good way to teach decomposition

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    What happens to your jack o lantern after Halloween is over and it has been left outside to rot Amazing science, but photos that might ve made my stomach turn

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    This will be a fun one for science class.

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