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Rise (Nightshade Prequel #2; Nightshade World #2) A sequel rich in lore, embedded with deception, magic, danger and fueled by love, RIFT is a must have it, must read book There s something to be said about an Andrea Cremer story, and that s that I LOVE her writing I didn t think I d love this series as much as I loved the Nightshade series, but Andrea proved me wrong with RIFT Now with RISE all I can say is the same thing I did with RIFT, this is Andrea s best book yet I am hopelessly in love with the way she creates her world, her incredibly enchanting, and yes dangerous world, and her characters There is something about the way Andrea writes her characters that just gets to me, and in a good way In RISE as has been the case with the rest of Andrea s books I ve read and fallen in love with, somewhere during the course of reading the story, her characters cross over from being fictional to becoming real At least in my mind I can easily not only visualize Andrea s stunning, and captivating world, but I can clearly picture the characters in their elements I love that Andrea makes me fall for each of her characters, but I can t help but love them, even the ones I wish I could despise, because she allows me to understand them She shows me what motivates them, what drives them to make the choices they do Whether driven by love, devotion, greed, jealousy, the need for power or what ever it is It s through those realistic emotions that makes each of her characters feel real I loved being able to see what motived and drove each of the characters on their quests and their downfalls My favorite part of this book was getting into the makings of what becomes the lore and back bone of the Nightshade series This rich history was nothing less than incredibly enticing I wanted Some things I started to figure out right as things were being revealed, and other things I was shocked by There is plenty of deception, twists, and shocking discovery that fueled how addiction with this exciting storyline What really drives this story is love Andrea Cremer knows how to write sensual, and she does it well Yes, I m a hopeless romantic and I can t get enough of Ember and Barrow They have this truly dynamic, unbreakable bond that makes me believe in this story s true love sigh who doesn t wnat to believe in true love These two are a perfect match for each other, at least in my eyes Ember is ever the fierce, brave warrior I knew she d be in this story Barrow is the one that surprised me the most in this book I LOVE that he embraces Ember for all she is He helps her and is there to protect her and do anything for her, but I love that he also allows her to do things on her own, and doesn t smother nor does he try to change her The two of them together could make me sigh, and laugh all within the same scene There are a few other relationships in this book that brought out the emotions and also fueled the twists that take place I was surprised that I felt that each relationship was not only believable, but just as in depth as the characters are Honestly, this story has it all Strong well rounded characters, a rich history into what started it all, and incredible writing You don t need to be a wolf fan to pick up this series If you love magic, danger, adventure and romance than this is a book for you I highly recommend picking it up Though I really enjoyed the first one in this prequel series, I m now a bit worried about book two The teaser chapters available through MTV s Hollywood Crush site suggest that this one is going to bring the unnecessary romance and sex drama like WOAH view spoiler The first two chapters are about nothing but the scummy boy wanting to have his rape y way with our heroine and then the heroine trying to have her lovey sexy way with the hunky, reasonable love interest In 24 hours, she goes from her first ever kiss to seeing people battle evil and die to fleeing on horseback under the cover of darkness to talking herbal birth control with her lover in the forest after trying to run her hands up into his man goods Really hide spoiler The Sequel To Rift And The Prequel To The New York Times Bestselling Novel NightshadeEverything Conatus Stands For Is At Risk Hoping To Gather Enough Resistance To Save Their Order, Ember And Barrow Attempt A Desperate Escape But Fate Offers Little Mercy When Their Mission Is Exposed, The Couple Face Relentless Pursuit By The Supernatural Horrors That Act On The Commands Of Eira S Ally The Mysterious Bosque Mar A Shocking Revelation Forces Ember Out Of Hiding, Sending Her Back Into The Heart Of Dark Magic At Tearmunn Keep, Where She Must Convince Her Old Friend Alistair Of Her Love Or Face Dire Consequences Ember S Deception Offers The Only Chance For The Resistance To Succeed, But What She Discovers In The Shadows Beneath The Keep Will Shatter Her World And Bring About The Witches WarRichly Sensual And Full Of Magic, Action And Danger, Andrea Cremer S Fifth Book Set In The Nightshade World Is An Edge Of Your Seat Page Turner Nightshade Prequel, 3 anyone I really hope so, although I still have not read Rift yet and Rise is not even out yet D Make no mistake I heart ANdrea Cremer and her NIghtshade trilogy and her Rift book, but what the hell happened This book was so boring and bland Nothing Happened It kills me to give this book 2 stars since I Love the previous book so much Fantastic sequel to the prequel Andrea is an extremely talented writer and really knows her time period I love Ember and Barrow and Alistair becomes the perfect villain, hardened by unrequited love We see the origins of the Guardians and Searchers we became so familiar with in the Nightshade trilogy We see sacrifice and Bosque s evil nature unfolding on every page And he is the worst kind, infiltrating all that was once good just with a spark of his evil It is a true play on the wars humankind has fought especially with the prejudices of the Middle Ages Andrea is both a phenomenal writer and scholar and I can t wait to see what she comes up with next. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty An emotional and riveting conclusion to a wonderfully built series.Opening Sentence Alistair could remember screaming only once before, at least since he d become a man.The Review Andrea Cremer knows how to create a world filled with amazement and wonder One of the reasons why I love her work is mostly due to the lore and culture of her worlds They are so detailed and realistic, enough so that I always find myself getting lost in them A favorite series of mine is the Nightshade Prequel Rise is the second and final book in the prequel series, and it is fantastic.In an emotional journey, Rise begins shortly after the end of Rift Ember and Barrow have left Tearmunn after the death of Sorcha Eira has solidified her alliance with Bosque Mar and have taken actions to rising in power Alistair is a lover scorn over Ember s abandonment and is torn between protecting her and accepting his place in Eira and Bosque Mar s big plan Nether world evils follow Ember to the ends of the world, thwarting her escape It results in problems than one can handle, and she must find a way to save everyone she loves But will it mean sacrificing Ember or just her dreams Ember has grown so much in Rise She is not the young woman whose father paid to enter Tearmunn She is no longer the young and wild girl who was headstrong without faults Now, Ember has responsibilities and desires, loyalty and courage Ember has faced danger and saved loved ones, many times, and she knows what pain is, emotionally and physically I enjoyed Ember very much, and I appreciated where Cremer has taken her as a character I like how she has realistic human feelings, despite the time period that she lives in They were real and easy to relate to, and I found myself cheering for her the entire way.Rise brings back many characters, ones that we love and others that we love to hate There is Barrow, the dark and broody knight that has been quickly won over by Ember He shows a different side of himself in Rise, and I didn t think I could love him any than I already do Alistair also shows a different side of himself, and he becomes involved in the storyline which makes it easy to start piecing together this world and that of the Nightshade series There are also many other characters that evolve to the situations at hand, and it s amazing how much they have changed to the twists Each one individually different and interesting to read.Rise is an amazing follow up to Rift The characters have a way about them, taking a life of their own through the words on the page It s bittersweet to know that this is the end of the prequel series, having only two books to know about, but Cremer also finished the story with providing answers and links to the present day counterparts Like I ve said before, Cremer knows how to write a scene and her world building skills are superb It s easy to get lost within the walls of Tearmunn or even outside of them, for I feel like I can take a breathe of air in what feels like a realistic world.Cremer knows how to take risks in a calculated way She manages to write stories that are compelling to the reader s senses and emotions, enough so that she ll have you wanting Cremer talks about different layers of love as well as lust She also weaves in messages of loyalty, beliefs, and the faith you need because you want to be a part of something big.Rise is a great way to start the new year I highly urge you all to read Rise, and if you haven t read the series, to also pick up Rift and the Nightshade trilogy.Notable Scene As Ember spoke, her cheeks became wet with tears I am so sorry that you lost Toshach But I cannot regret what he did, for I could not bear to lose you Barrow drew a ragged breath, lowering his eyes, and few tear drops escaped onto his cheeks I love you, Ember whispered No words she d spoken had ever felt so important or so frightening I have loved no one by you Barrow looked at Ember, and she saw that his deep blue eyes were the color of the sea upon which they now sailed Kiss me, Ember FTC Advisory Philomel Penguin provided me with a copy of Rise No goody bags, sponsorships, material connections, or bribes were exchanged for my review. SpoilersDisappointing I enjoyed the first book in the series but I found this one positively boring The plot wasn t engrossing at all For the majority of the book nothing really happened apart from 1 Ember and Barrow running away and hiding 2 Ember wanting to have sex with Barrow, and Barrow turning her down for various reasons oh and by the end of the book they still hadn t had sex even though one of the arcs was how sexually frustrated they were 3 Ember whining about her love for Barrow and whinging about everything else in her life 4 Bosque Mar manipulating Eira and Alistair to do his evil bidding which by the way he did in a cheesy and cartoonish way 5 Alistair and Eira becoming evil and power hungry So yea, it was all rather dull I have to admit I was entertained towards the end when the action kicked in but it didn t make up for the rest of the book which was mediocre at best The romance, the characters, the action and the plot was for the most part rubbish Ember lost what little charm she had and turned into a whiny, pathetic loser Every other thought she had was about Barrow and her pathetic wuv life I should believe in the love and romance without having to have the heroine repeatedly think about the hero and how much she loves him it was irritating Another thing that bothered me about Ember was how much she hated wearing dresses, I kept rolling my eyes every time she moaned about having to wear a dress Seriously, the world was in danger of being taken over by evil and demons and she was whinging about having to wear a dress Why do authors think that heroines who hate wearing dresses equals a strong, brave, profound heroine It doesn t, it just makes them come across like stuck up, fussy bitches The only thing I liked about Ember was her relationship with her sister, Agnes.Barrow was okay, I guess he was just there He didn t stand out in any way but I think out of all the love interests in the Nightshade series, he s probably the best yea, the rest were really bad Ren was a giant manslut, Shay was a boring douche and Alistair was a psycho I just wish Barrow had to his plank like personality apart from his honour The romance was bland but that was to be expected with a cookie cutter heroine and a flat hero I didn t buy the love they had for each other, it takes than Ember complaining about her love life for me to be convinced of their passion and connection towards each other Half way through, I was actually wishing that Ember would end up turning evil and running away with Alistair as that seemed a exciting prospect than Ember Barrow s relationship.Alistair and Eira s POV were the most interesting though that s not saying much , they were both delusional, desperate and psychotic it made for half decent reading However, I wasn t impressed with how easily they were played by Bosque it was obvious he was manipulating them so he could become powerful, and I thought it was dumb how Eira and Alistair never doubted or questioned him I would have had respect for them both if they acted half as intelligent as they were supposed to be.The best thing about the book was finding out about the origins of the Elemental cross, the wolves, the seekers or keepers or whatever the hell they re called, the witches and the prophecy it tied up the Nightshade series quite well.All in all, I was less than impressed I liked the ending and the history backstory to Nightshade but the rubbish plot, unexiciting romance and whiny cliched heroine let the book down. Genre YA, Paranormal Rating 3.0 Full review shortly I m kind of disappointed in this book truth be told I know that it s only a two part prequel to the Nightshade series but I m feeling that there should be at least one book to fully explain and explore the Searchers, Guardians, etc I seriously loathe Alistair and his actions throughout this book, and I guess that s because of the writing ability of Cremer who loves to get under our skin IE Ren and the ending of the Nightshade series.I didn t see where Ember ended up being a strong, likable heroine in the end It was like chance and luck than anything else The book spends LOTS of time with Bosque Mar and Lady Eira as well as the ills that perpetrates the very being of Alistair s soul.This could be considered the end of the beginning since the next book leaps in time to Calla Tor s story However, there are a ton of questions I have and I m not in the minority on this including what happens with Agnes and her baby Perhaps in her spare time Cremer can pen a novella that connects the series even further Loved this book Really felt the danger As usual I have a ton of sticky notes Such great writing and imagery If you like werewolves or historical knights in shining armor stories then this is for you.

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