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Rest For The Wicked (Claire Wiche Chronicles #1) I really did not care for this book It is 135 pages and I should have read it in an evening I had to force myself to finish it I though it might get better The characters have no depth to them There is no background How does Claire and Annie meet Where does Marcus fit in I realize that this book is a series and the author might give info on the characters later, but I would have rather had a longer book with detail I have no desire to read the other books in this series. So, we re here with a fun read and a rant tastic review But I don t edit my opinions and thoughts on books, so settle in for the ride, lol.The story starts out slowly, and while reading it I thought, ok, this must be the build up See, the issue with reading a lot of urban fantasy paranormal is that you get used to a certain pace of events I mean, I didn t much care for agitated plots when I started out the blog for instance, I was all for the quirky, out of the mold kind of reading I still am, but I ve become a creature of habit as well When I m reading something about a paranormal being, I m expecting agitated action Because that s just how these books sort of conditioned me to react, you know Force of habit.While the rhythm of events did pick up pace and held it throughout, I wasn t 100% engaged in following the events As a villain fan generally, I feel the need for a strong antagonist to be part of any story, or at least a set of very unfavorable circumstances to make up for the lack of a hardcore antagonist The antagonist here started out feeling very promising, but ended up sort of disappointing me by not doing enough, well, evil This is going to sound weird maybe, but it s how I felt.The I advanced in the read, the confused I was about the antagonist and the protagonist I didn t connect with either of them, an oddity, in fact I did connect with Annie, Claire s witchy sidekick of sorts, but not an awful lot I m not sure why, but they didn t reach me a lot Maybe if they would have been tortured, or tortured intensely, lol, I don t know.The writing was good, though I felt it was maybe a bit too mysterious about the characters backgrounds and motivations I had a couple of spots there where I thought, ok, so there must have been some short story prequel to this because I feel like I m missing something here, and the story is told as if either I d been told about it or I should know about it somehow And I didn t For instance, the entire Wiche family thing, I would have felt better prepared for the story had I known about it before going into the whole Natasha thing.In this I tend to make a separate opinion from other readers, in that I like to be told what s what, what are the circumstances, the motivations, the older conflicts that are at play in a story Don t shroud it all out in mystery for me, if I m in the dark about it I m not going to be interested about it Half measures is the key here for me, give me some of it, but leave me guessing Don t just leave me guessing If I m not up to speed on things, I m just watching a Steven Seagal movie it s boring, senseless, and a waste of my time even though it s chuck full of action and blasts and his ridiculous dyed hair Does anyone really think it s not ridiculous Not to mention the outfitsthe whole effort is wasted on me, I will never get some thingsAnyways, I m not saying this read was like that at all, it wasn t, I m talking about the principle here The plot did leave me sort of clueless about the family intrigue before we went into it, I would have liked info there But maybe that s just me, I know other readers tend to have an unusual distaste for the parts that actually make agitated action have some logic and sense The story here made sense, but it could have been a closer call.A lot of ranting in this review, it s just one of those days Sorry.This read was fun, but I wasn t with it all the way There were many good points to it, and I believe it s the start to a potentially awesome series, it shows great potential.Butterfly o Meter Books She S Running From Her Past And Running Out Of TimeClaire Wiche Is An Ordinary Woman, Running Her Wicca Shop In An Ordinary California Beach Town But Claire Wasn T Always Ordinary, And She Isn T Quite Human She Hides A Secret, And A Past She Thought She Had Put Behind HerA Past That Is About To Explode Into Her PresentWhen It Does, And Everyone She Loves Is In Danger, Claire Must Face Up To Her Past And Become What She Left Behind In Order To Save ThemTE This Is A Short Novel, At Just Over , Words Pages , And Has Graphic Scenes Not Suitable For The Under Readers As One Reviewer Stated This Ain T No Harry Potter This book has a lot of action and it never left me bored That said, I feel like so much happened that I missed out on my connection with the characters The dialogue was great, and I loved the way the characters all fit together, but there could have been a little time taken to enhance the relationship between them and the readers I felt confused on what they were thinking Half the time I really wasn t sure whether Marcus had real feelings for Claire or not Even with all this confusion, I plan on reading the second book to find out if they become an item or at least beat Natasha preferably with a hammer. Rest For The Wicked is the first book in The Claire Wiche Chronicles by Cate Dean This urban fantasy begins with Claire Wiche, an ordinary woman, running a Wicca shop in an ordinary California beach town But Claire wasn t always ordinary, and she isn t quite human She hides a secret, and a past she thought she had put behind her Unfortunately the past and big secrets are hard to keep buried, especially when it puts the few people Claire has come to care for in danger Claire needs to stand up and defend her friends and face her past even if it kills her.Rest for the Wicked is a short book, and a quick read It was also a book with a ton of promise I loved the characters, but felt that there could have been a lot of building them Claire is a powerful witch with a hidden past and battling some kind of illness Annie is Claire s outgoing and man crazy side kick my favorite character by the way , and then there are Jack and Marcus who both have a significant role to play I really liked the plot, and the villain from Claire s past doing bad, bad things However, I think this book should have been longer, offering insights into the relationship between Annie and Claire, offering background on the mythology of the supernatural elements and time for new relationships to form I enjoyed Dean s writing style, but just wanted from the story.Rest for the Wicked is a quick, interesting read However, I felt like it could have been fleshed out much I liked what was offered, but felt like I missed out on a good bit of information Perhaps if Dean put the glossary she offers at the end of the book in the beginning, it would offer a satisfying reading experience That being said, I just might pick up the second book just to see if the missing bits are picked up there. Rest for the WickedClaire Wiche Chronicles 1Paranormal 13 4th bookContinuing through the Paranormal 13 book which includes 13 full length paranormal stories by different authors I have read and reviewed the first story, Darkangel from The Witches of Cleopatra Hill series by Christine Pope and am trying to read each story in the Paranormal 13 book I liked the first book so much that I bought and read the next two books in the series immediately afterwards, before I continued on to the next stories in Paranormal 13 I read a little of the next two stories in the book but they were aimed at a younger audience than what I prefer to read since they are about high school kids so I decided to skip to the fourth book in the book.The fourth book, Rest for the Wicked by Cate Dean is the first book in the Claire Wiche Chronicle series I was pleased to see that is was aimed for an older audience or at least wasn t about high school students The book starts out with a psychotic woman with some sort of magical powers terrorizing a brother and sister She kills the sister and puts some kind of spell on the brother, Eric, which makes him obsessed with wanting to kill Claire Wiche who the psycho woman, Natasha, has programmed into his mind, making him believe she was responsible for his sister s death even though he actually saw Natasha kill her Claire Wiche owns and operates a Wicca shop in a small coastal town in California She is a witch but obviously has some secret that she is hiding, making me wonder if she is something other than a witch but the author doesn t come right out and say it She has a friend, Annie, who has magical powers also but she has not learned to use them yet.Eric shows up across the street from Claire s shop but there is some sort of festival happening in the town which makes it hard for him to just go in and kill Claire He ends up going to a pub nearby and runs into Annie who tries to help him because she thinks he is drunk She sticks him in a cab and sends him to his motel.Another man shows up at the shop Claire recognizes him as a Jinn and tells him to leave her alone because she doesn t trust Jinns Because I am an avid paranormal romance reader, I know what a Jinn is I have seen it spelled various ways but if someone wasn t aware what a Jinn is, they would kind of be lost because the author doesn t go into much detail Come to think of it, the whole story isn t very detailed I think the author just assumes everyone knows what all the different types of demons and mythological creatures are and leaves it at that My knowledge of Jinns is limited but in other stories they are usually powerful demons or creatures who are beautiful and use trickery, kind of like genies do This Jinn, Marcos, did seem to attract women but he seemed honest and willing to help Claire.I didn t really connect with any of the characters except maybe Marcos because the author doesn t go into much detail about any of them Most of the book is conversation between the characters and the author doesn t go very deep into their emotions so I just didn t get a connection to anyone.The book was just okay for me It ended on a cliff hanger like the first story in the book did hmmm I wonder if that is a pattern but I don t really know since I didn t read the second and third stories in the book Unlike the first book where I wanted to know what happened so I read the next book in the series, I won t be reading the next book in this series www.paranormalromanceslut.com The plot does not make up for the deficits in the writing of this book The whole book was written like the author held their breath and scribbled it all down in one go It would have perhaps been a wonderful book if she had used this as her first draft, and then taken time to flesh out her ideas, shore up the plot line, and generally form a cohesive and functional story Instead she handed in her rough draft and called it complete More aggravating is the author wrote a type of glossary at the end of the book, where she seemed like she was still confused and vacillating over her own key terms A glossary should be forward and direct, and your terms should be so clearly defined within your world that the glossary seems redundant, not imperative and disappointingly perplexing Normally I can forgive nearly any defect in writing, as long as the plot keeps me interested Sadly I don t think any dramatic twist of events could have kept me from feeling disappointed by this illogical jumble. Ordinary is Not the word to describe this book I absolutely enjoyed this tale about witches and other things that go bump in the night The author did an excellent job of creating an air tight innocent alibi for the main character, Claire, only to take you on a journey of uncovering the dirty little secrets sweep under the rug This book was a shocker Here I was thinking it was going to be glitter and fairy dust yet it turned out to be of a soap opera, complete with drama, sexual activity, murder, magic, minions, and other juicy diabolicalness In the end we re left on a cliff hanger that is sure to frustrate many Rating 3.5 hearts This is just going to be a rant about a lot of crap.I got a Kindle for Christmas I was excited At first I anticpated only loading classics onto it, because I m a classics gal, and prefer to buy physical copies of books if I m going to pay for them I don t like forking over money and not having anything tangible But then I discovered the glory that was free Kindle books I delve in, downloaded, started reading and haven t found a good one yet.Similar to this one We all have that friend who sucks at telling a story They couldn t spin a good yarn if they wanted to No matter how fantastic the story is, they tell it all in one breath, jumbling the words, and snickering between every sentence, until you can t tell the difference between their enthralling tale and a recipe for spinach dip Some people just suck at story telling.Like this author Now don t get me wrong Her writing was actually quite good, and she had a few really cool ideas Hence the two stars, by the way You don t get bumped up from one star for nothing, you know But I felt like this story was so rushed that she literally forgot to mention well, everything I was either extremely confused, or slamming my foot down on an imaginary literary brake She tried to encompass full ideas, actions, events into single sentences so I either missed the point entirely, or something significant happened and I didn t pay much attention to it because it was so fleeting There were definite parts missing The writer sometimes would mention names and actions backwards, not put in specific actions and suddenly a character was someplace else in the setting and I couldn t find out how they got there This book was like looking through a peephole, being half deaf, and trying to get the whole storyAlso, her characters I was halfway through the book before I even remembered who was who They re just so similar, the men really aren t distinguished from each other, and a couple times I got them confused She didn t describe them, through another character s POV or through their actions, and it irked me I wanted to get to know her characters, to see them, but it was like they were constantly hidden from me.This book is like being dropped in the middle of the story and being expected to understand what the feck is going on BUT WAIT, because the BS gets even ridiculous The author has several pages at the end of the book, as a reading guide as to what everything is, and how she was using magic and mythological creatures NO NO NO NO You do NOT do that You show the reader, while they re reading, what your world consists of You don t put something at the end of your book like, Oh, by the way, here s everything to make the last 130 pages of shit make sense You don t do that That is very, very poor writing on the author s part.I think what was disappointing was the fact this book had a lot of potential, but instead fell terribly, terribly short of anything entertaining I hope the author takes time in further works, because she will benefit amazingly from a bit better planning and execution. 2.5 stars There are 7 reviews on this book All of them just absolutely glowing Which is why I downloaded it I found this book because it was part of a book cover contest and after reading the reviews found it intriguing ButI thought the story was just okay I m not sure what these other reviewers are used to reading but really I did not find this near as fascinating as they did It would have been so much better if it had not been rushed This could have been easily a 300 pg book with explanations and I read it in four hours In a matter of about three days there are two deaths, one love match, one really big reveal.that was actually the most interesting thing about the book And people healing from their grief It just didn t flow well at all There is a cliff hanger at the end that makes you want to read And I actually might provided that the author writes it in than 150 pages because the story concept is interesting but far too crammed together So I don t highly recommend it but for 99 cents..nook price..it doesn t break the bank to give it a try.

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