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Relic Just Days Before A Massive Exhibition Opens At The Popular New York Museum Of Natural History, Visitors Are Being Savagely Murdered In The Museum S Dark Hallways And Secret Rooms Autopsies Indicate That The Killer Cannot Be HumanBut The Museum S Directors Plan To Go Ahead With A Big Bash To Celebrate The New Exhibition, In Spite Of The MurdersMuseum Researcher Margo Green Must Find Out Who Or What Is Doing The Killing But Can She Do It In Time To Stop The Massacre

About the Author: Douglas Preston

Douglas Preston was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1956, and grew up in the deadly boring suburb of Wellesley Following a distinguished career at a private nursery school he was almost immediately expelled he attended public schools and the Cambridge School of Weston Notable events in his early life included the loss of a fingertip at the age of three to a bicycle the loss of his two fr

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    Sometimes I really want a hot dog.I don t care that it s filled with crunchy bits of pig hoofs or that it s encased in a horse s transverse colon or even that it will provide enough sodium to last me for the next 75 years I just want to bite into that thick, juicy tube o meat and let the uniquely succulent flavor of indulgence course thro

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    Every sixty to seventy million years or so, life starts getting very well adapted to its environment Too well adapted, perhaps There is a population explosion of the successful life forms Then, suddenly a new species appears out of the blue It is almost always a predatory creature, a killing machine It tears through the host population, killing, f

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    Have you ever read a book that was so intense and absorbing in some areas you were reading so fast, and you thought, did I read all of that part This is one of those books.I have to thank Matthew for his recommendation on this one.This was an enjoyable thriller read for me Since I had worked before in an Art Museum as security personal and then curator, I

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    This is another book series of books I was introduced to by my late wife we were married 34 years before she passed so there were quite a few books we ended up sharing, sometimes to the surprise of each of us I introduced her to things like epic fantasy she introed me to things like, well Preston Child or Koontz I am surprised not only that I liked it them but that

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    RelicSome thoughts.Now, this isn t really a review, simply because too much time has passed since I actually read the novel to form any objective and cohesive opinion on its literary merit What I would like to focus on is what remained with me.I m sticking to my original rating This novel is one of the few that my wife and I still discuss on a rather regular basis,

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    I loved Relic and definitely plan to read books in this series Relic was entertaining and suspenseful from the beginning to the end It was totally riveting and the tension just builds and builds I literally could not keep turning the pages fast enough.What I loved about it The creature was intelligent, cunning and scary enough to freak you out And the mystery behind the origin of t

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    A good mix of science and suspense Reminds me of Michael Crichton Very thrilling lots of good twists that I did not see coming.

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    3.5 stars rounded up because I liked the characters.Well I started this in 2016, so it counts Bahahaha Slammed the last 40% last night when I got home most of it and finished the Epilogue this morning Woof Talk about action and pacing and that revelation in the last few pages Yikes Starting this, I felt like I was reading a Jurassic Park knockoff Not in a bad way, but it was all super sciencey and ta

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    Hang the f k on people have been telling me to read the Pendergast series but NOBODY told me it started with this book clearly the basis for one of the most awesome awful monster films of the 90s I didn t even know it was a book I feel tragically misinformed.Come on now, you SHOULD have led with this nobody could say no to a monster in a museum.

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    I ll be damned This silly book turned out to be one big, over the top, cheesy, load of fun I enjoyed it quite a bit I ve read some reviews where people called The Relic a mystery horror and I guess in some ways it is but I tend to look at it as a crazy, disaster, monster film If you took The Position Adventure, threw in a furry, brain eating, velociraptor, and then had a total nincompoop in charge of the

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