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Ntre Autobiografie Si Bildungsroman Spiritual, Raport C Tre El Greco Publicat Postum, N Traseaz Mai Mult Dec T Drumul Prin Lume Al Lui Kazantzakis Unul Dintre Modelele Sale Era Odiseu , C Ci D Seam De Metamorfozele Intelectuale I Suflete Ti Ale Unui Mare Scriitor Dup Cum Nsu I Autorul Recunoa Te A Adar, Cititorule, Vei G Si N Aceste Pagini Firul Ro U Nchegat Din Pic Turile S Ngelui Meu, Care Marcheaz Drumul Meu Printre Oameni, Patimi I Idei Raport C Tre El Greco Nu Este Un Text Strict Autobiografic Dup Cum Nsu I Scriitorul M Rturise Te Ritos , Nu Este Un Volum De Memorialistic Sau De Nsemn Ri De C L Torie, De I N Paginile Lui Se Deruleaz O Fascinant , Perpetu C L Torie Ultima Carte Scris De Nikos Kazantzakis Este Un Testament Literar, O Proz N Care Cititorul Statornic I Iremediabil Ndr Gostit De Opera Cretanului Va Reg Si Toate Fa Etele Personalit Ii Vulcanice Ale Acestui Titan Al Literelor Grece Ti I Universale Elena LAZ R Αναφορά στον Γκρέκο

About the Author: Nikos Kazantzakis

was a prolific Greek writer, whose works include essays, novels, poems, tragedies, travel books, and translations of such classics as Dante s The Divine Comedy and J.W von Goethe s Faust Like his hero, Odysseus, Kazantzakis lived most of his artistic life outside Greece except for the years of World War II I am a mariner of Odysseus with heart of fire but with mind ruthless and clear, Kazantzakis wrote in TODA RABA 1934 Several of the author s novels deal with the history and culture of his own country, and the mystical relationship between man and God In 1957 he lost the Nobel Prize by a single vote to the French writer Albert Camus.

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    Report to Greco, Nikos Kazantzakis Report to Greco is a fictionalized account of Greek philosopher and writer Nikos Kazantzakis s own life, a sort of intellectual autobiography that leads readers through his wide ranging observations on everything from the Hegelian dialectic to the nature of human existence, all framed as a report

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