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Rain of Gold In the beginning of the book it starts of with Espirito a poor man that tries to sell sweet water to help his people with food and clothing.When he tries to trade in the water the man rejects his offer Espirito not only did he have the water but golden rocks that the business man was very interested in receiving Espirito let him know that they would be no digging undergrounds for these golden eggs Then this is where Lupe comes out a young six year old girl that lives in La Lluiva de Oro La Lluvia de Oro is a place in Mexico North Central where it is surrounded by mountains where they discover a vein of gold that could change the environment in just a little time An American mining company purchases the mine and develops the valley into large industrial operation.Later though out the story it talks about how Lupe s sister Sophia and Lupe work in the southern fields where they are refused to get some of their paid It leads to Sophia to go on strike for low wadges It all leads up to a group of generations that struggle an example for all families that travel for a better life Its all laid of a bunch of family trees that connect each other How a vein a gold can change a the world in a bad way and a good way I would definitely recommend this book to people that love hearing generation stories The Rain of Gold isn t just a book that has three generation but a hole lot of adventures and conflicts through out the book When I started reading this book I could not but it down for one second I loved it and almost done with it less This is family history of the most immediate kind, redeemed from its excess of filial piety and lack of craft by a passion and sense of drama that usually but not always stops just short or melodrama It helps that the author s family lived in times that were entirely too interesting One side came from a remote mining village terrorized by the kind of bands of thugs left over when Villa s army disintegrated The other undertook a harrowing trek across the mountains and deserts The early part and I write this as one who has read much of the literature and traveled over some of the unforgiving landscape has an unusual freshness and immediacy, no doubt because of its roots in family lore and the uncritical passion that the writer brings to the material Someone who cast a critical eye on these stories would probably have slowed the narrative down, robbed it of the intensity that makes it so readable The tension slackens some once these families reach the relative safety of the United States but one of the children turns into a bootlegger,which enlivens the later going In its own way, this novel is a remarkable achievement, as the intensity of its telling overcomes its lack of seasoning. In Rain Of Gold, Victor Villasenor Weaves The Parallel Stories Of Two Families And Two Countries Bringing Us The Timeless Romance Between The Volatile Bootlegger Who Would Become His Father And The Beautiful Lupe, His Mother Men And Women In Whose Lives The Real And The Fantastical Exist Side By Side And In Whose Hearts The Spirit To Survive Is Fueled By A Family S Unconditional Love 5 and a I read this on a friend s recommendation and was immediately caught up in the story of Villasenor s parents and grandparents It s nonfiction, but full of old Mexican allegorical stories There were times when, as I read, I would think He s telling MY family s story After I read it in English , I bought it for my mother in Spanish.UPDATE March 2008My Hispanic book club chose this book for discussion, and I skimmed through it to refresh my memory This book is quite wonderful Although listed as a non fiction book, it reads like a novel It has feelings The reader can not read it without becoming attached to the people and events of the story Victor Villasenor has traced three generations of his Latino family s history in this book and their migration from Mexico to the U.S Through tragedies, losses, trials and successes it traces their ability to keep their faith, drive, love, and humor as a suture that binds the family This book made me have a greater empathy as well as understanding of the background of many Mexicans who have immigrated to the United States Dona Margarita, in particular, is one of the oldest matriarchs in the story that has many words of wisdom to keep her family on the good path through its many transitions For example, Salvador her son finds that he becomes full of hate for one of his brothers as well as many of his Latino friends when they fail to lend him dinero and reciprocate his act of loaning money that he has done for them many times over She says You must gain faith in the basic good of mankind and reach out and take the hand of God.Not to fall to the devil s temptation of despair and darkness and these easy thoughts of hate and destruction, but to see beyond these and reach for the stars with the conviction of mind and soul that we, the human species, can only survive in our own house, when we have made peace within ourselves and then with all our fellow human beings on earth Throughout his family history saga, Victor Villasenor provides a positive tone No matter the situation, humor and good intentions prevail I recommend this book. Rain of Gold by Victor Villasenor turned out to be great book, and is by far on my top five The book is about mainly two characters Lupe and Juan Salvador It tells the story of both families in different places in Mexico in the time during the Mexican Revolution Both families find it hard to adjust in the life that they are surrounded by with many deaths, and find themselves traveling north to America as a refugee That s when the story of Juan and Lupe come together and take some twsit and turns.There are so many ways I can say of how the book was written, but it comes down to marvelous,fantastic, beautiful, etc While I was reading this book, it kept grabbing me with the usage of the words it was so..welcoming I am Mexican, and the way that the characters thought, talked, laugh, pray, joked, basically everything that they did felt so familiar in my heart I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially those who would like to take a glimpse in the Mexican culture There is always a little something for everyone history, mystery, commedy, revenge, sadness, death, etc. Already being an I love Mexico buff this wasn t a hard book to get into but it was really one of the best historical novels I ve ever read It s autobiographical in the sense that it s the family history of the author as passed down through his parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc but it really reads like a book of fiction because of the very mystical strain that runs through his family Anyone Mexican whose interested in their indigenous roots should read this book It starts near the beginning of the Mexican Revolution when the two main lovers in the story the author s parents are both young children living in separate towns in Mexico Both of their mothers are Indian who have been separated from their tribes by extermination wars but instill their children with indigenous Christian values each one leaning towards one side of that synthesis rooted in their homelands The early part of the book is very magical The story quickly gets brutal as the two families flee what I never realized was a particularly bloody civil war only to arrive to the United States at a time when the racism against Mexican was truly unchecked However, the individual survival stories are amazing I really felt at times that I was sitting talking with an old, wise grandma reading this book A few times the story veers towards being slightly soap opera esque but given that its all true you can t blame these people for living intense lives I loved this book and tried to read the whole thing last Friday night I was being greedy but finally gave up around 4 30 in the morning I m really surprised I haven t heard buzz about this book from my friends given the many, many historical issues it touches on that we all care about And it s a love story 3 Truly a unique book If AZ ever gets itself right this should be required reading for anyone who grows up on the border. This book was entertaining, but the writing was poor Specifically, the author used way too much foreshadowing It was annoying And the characters were pretty evil, especially the two Mexican mothers, who bugged me to no end. This book was exceptional The family research the author conducted to put this family story together is amazing Reading this book gave me a whole new outlook into immigration and Mexican history The war and revolution that occured in Mexico was so bad that families had to flee in order to save their lives They didn t want to leave their homes where they had lived, farmed, ranched, etc for generations any than we wanted them to come to the U.S And then they get here and rent tents and migrate with the crops just to earn enough money to buy some food What an enlightening story.And the characters were wonderful And knowing that they are real people made it all the better.I also thought it highly appropriate that I read this book while I was in Mexico although I did not plan that.I highly recommend this book it is one of those books that, although it is pleasurable to read, it actually enhances your life by having read it. This is a wonderful story, made that much impressive simply by the fact that it is the true story of the author s family It is impossible to not feel what the characters are feeling and, as a reader, you become emotionally invested in the story very quickly I found myself crying when the characters cried, feeling scared when they felt scared, and basically emulating all emotions reflected in the book It s a bit long and looks like a text book at first glance with black and white photos of the author s family in the middle of the book , but don t let that discourage you because it flies by Definitely one of those books that you are sad to be finished reading because you miss the characters.

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