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Pursuing Your Purpose PURSUING YOUR PURPOSEHow To Discover God S Revelation For Your LifeWe Are Each Born Naked Into Mortality, Totally Dependent On Parents And Others To Provide For Our Basic Needs From That First, Air Splitting Cry Until The Day We Lay Our Physical Bodies Down, We March A Path, Winding Our Way Through Uncertainty, Unforeseen Challenges, And All That Life Has To Throw At Us It Is Not An Easy Task, But It Can Be As Rewarding As You Want It To BeThere Are Few Gifts Bestowed To Man At Infancy, And None Greater Than The Right To Choose The Exercising Of Our Free Agency Is A Fundamental Principle Of Life It Governs Our Day To Day Existence Where We Go And Who We Becomebut Do We Have A Destiny Is There A Plan For Each Of Us, A Journey Laid Out By Our Creator That We Should Walk The Answer To That Oft Posed Question Is Yes God May Not Care What You Wear Or Even The Job You Choose For Yourself, But He Is Concerned About How You Nurture Your Soul With The Decisions That You Make There Are Lessons To Be Learned Through This Mortal Sojourn Some Through Hardships And Others Through Life Experiences However, You Are Not AloneThe Still, Small Voice That Whispers To Your Heart And Mind Is God S Way Of Prompting You With Help And Assurance It Is A Conscience, A Moral Guide To Bless Your Life With Direction Through The Inspiring Words Of Writer Carl Mathis Discover How To Hear, And Then Recognize That Divine Direction We All Have A Purpose, Discovering Yours Is Part Of Life S Many GemsDownload This Insightful, Uplifting Book Today And Awaken Your Soul To Self Discovery, Fulfilment, And Ultimate Joy

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    Pursuing your Purpose is an inspirational, motivational read Carl Mathis has 5 chapters that speak on appreciating life, evaluating your purpose, controlling your purpose, examining your purpose and mastering your purpose He adds examples, parables, and metaphors or analogies to get the gist of your purpose in simple terms Sometimes we have to have a visual picture before we can see it happen in our very lives He further elaborates

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    This could have been a good book, but the writing was awful and there must have been no editing done I guess I shouldn t expect much with a free book There was a good message in there somewhere, but I had a very hard time finding it.

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    Great readI thoroughly enjoyed this book I love how the author touched on various area that we all go through in life I feel that anyone who reads and applies this message will begin to see a transformation in all areas of their life.

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    Church family members and friends l ve read many books, but Pursuing Your Purpose by Pastor Carl Mathis is spritually awakening and edifying which gives a person a positive sense of direction.

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