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Public Enemies: America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933-34 In Public Enemies, Bestselling Author Bryan Burrough Strips Away The Thick Layer Of Myths Put Out By J Edgar Hoover S FBI To Tell The Full Story For The First Time Of The Most Spectacular Crime Wave In American History, The Two Year Battle Between The Young Hoover And The Assortment Of Criminals Who Became National Icons John Dillinger, Machine Gun Kelly, Bonnie And Clyde, Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd, And The Barkers In An Epic Feat Of Storytelling And Drawing On A Remarkable Amount Of Newly Available Material On All The Major Figures Involved, Burrough Reveals A Web Of Interconnections Within The Vast American Underworld And Demonstrates How Hoover S G Men Overcame Their Early Fumbles To Secure The FBI S Rise To Power

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    The Kansas City Massacre occurred over 75 years ago, but you can still go to the renovated Union Station and see chips in the front of the building that were supposedly made by some of the bullets flying around that day If you buy into the premise of Public Enemies, this is where the mode

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    Most Filipinos still look up to America as their savior This was rooted on the fact that the US was the one that liberated the Philippines from the Japanese during World War II The US granted the Philippines its post war independence on July 4, 1946 in the Treaty of Manila However, the milita

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    I made Hoover s reputation as a fearless lawman It s a reputation he doesn t deserveI made that son of a bitch Alvin KarpisForget about all the hollywood versions of these characters you ve ever seen They re all romanticized and lead the viewer from the real facts of those years of 1934 and 1935

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    A 550 page book that reads fast Highly recommended Really enjoyed how he painted the outlaws and the law in their true colors The FBI and the local law enforcement are inept and or corrupt in the beginning but the FBI gets better after many failed battles and real losses The outlaws are not very brig

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    A well researched account of the crime wave that swept across the Midwestern United States in the early years of the Great Depression In my opinion interesting for it s look at the last gasp of the colorful, daring, individualistic, outlaw criminal class By the early 1930 s the world was changing For bet

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    It s a tired clich to say the book s better than the movie, but here it s far truer than usual.Michael Mann s Public Enemies was one of our best director s worst movies On paper, it looked like a great combination he likes cops and criminals, and his criminals tend to be too cool for neckties, as was Dilling

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    For as strange as this sounds, I am fascinated by the culture of the Great Depression I would love to have lived then just to see what going to the movies, listening to the radio was like Of course the War on Crime would have been a big part of it I just imagine what it would ve been like to have lived in Chicag

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    4.5 rounded up A good read Very well researched.

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    So much gangsta crime the year this book covers I had no idea The country was in the grip of the Great Depression and these various criminals took matters into their own hands to seek money and fame across American Hoover was on the case and his newly assigned G men were a tad Keystone for awhile This is the story

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    This book was a major disappointment The best thing about it is that it has clearly been well researched The problem is that the author seems interested in proving the extent of his research than telling a good story A lot of the footnotes give biographical detail of people who are only mentioned once in the story This lac

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