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Personal narrative of the first voyage of Columbus to America AwesomeVery good I definitely recommend this book to anyone It was very well just great and I am sure you all that read it will love it His immediate taking possession of the islands he discovers, naming them, for the king of Spain, promising gold and slaves is than amazing The natives are described as naked, scared, and awed by the arrival of ships. The Year Will See Schoolchildren Everywhere Celebrating Christopher Columbus S Fantastic Journey To Uncharted Lands This Illustrated Storybook Is A Compilation Of Passages Taken From A Translation Of The Actual Journal That Columbus Kept On His Travels A Book To Stir All Who Read It Full Color And Black And White Illustrations Throughout Read for personal research I found this work of immense interest.This work was one of my resource sources while ghost authoring the historical fiction novel I, Slave 1746 1963 for E.MH Ratterman.I found this book s contents helpful and inspiring number rating relates to the book s contribution to my needs.Overall, this work is also a good resource for the researcher and enthusiast. It was an interesting read since it gave us the thoughts directly from the man himself An interesting way to study the events of his first voyage I read this book to my second grader as part of her studies of Christopher Columbus. This journal is fascinating I especially enjoy the almost mutiny two days before they reach land, the two sets of books a secret one with how far they re really going, and one for the crew that says they re not going as far , and the constant fruitless searching for gold. fascinating He cooked the books so that the sailors wouldn t get discouraged by knowing how far they had actually traveled without reaching land Small book intended to be read by children to be able to read the journal of Christopher Columbus. I loved this book because it has so many details and does not leave very much out It goes from August 1942 all the way to May 1943 He talks about all of the Indians that he met and what they did for him but also with the challenges that they faced like a ship taken over by pirates and a crew sailing away then coming back but lost in a storm I also liked the part when the Indians helped him when they ran aground to save everything aboard the ship. I only wanted to give this four stars, but it was amazing is really exactly how I feel about this book.I have to admit a lot of it is just my own ignorance I had no idea that Columbus s journal of the first voyage survived I knew very little of what happened on the journey It is actually a pretty good yarn.How often does anyone think to make a 500 year old primary source available to kids Maybe the best part is that almost every page raises questions that are left unanswered Just to pick the most obvious examples Columbus seized men, women, and children from among the natives He left thirty nine men, the crew of an entire ship, behind in the new world What becomes of these people Columbus mentions than once that the Indians are friendly, peaceful, and unarmed, and that a small force could subjugate them all What will happen next Back to the library for books, to find out

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