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Personal Demons Frannie Cavanaugh Is A Good Catholic Girl With A Bit Of A Wicked Streak She Has Spent Years Keeping Everyone At A Distance Even Her Closest Friends And It Seems As If Her Senior Year Is Going To Be Of The Same Until Luc Cain Enrolls In Her Class No One Knows Where He Came From, But Frannie Can T Seem To Stay Away From HimWhat She Doesn T Know Is That Luc Is On A Mission He S Been Sent From Hell Itself To Claim Frannie S Soul It Should Be Easy All He Has To Do Is Get Her To Sin, And Luc Is As Tempting As They Come Frannie Doesn T Stand A Chance But He Has To Work Fast, Because If The Infernals Are After Her, The Celestials Can T Be Far Behind And Sure Enough, It S Not Long Before The Angel Gabriel Shows Up, Willing To Do Anything To Keep Luc From Getting What He Came For It Isn T Long Before They Find Themselves Fighting For Than Just Frannie S SoulBut If Luc Fails, There Will Be Hell To Pay For All Of Them

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    4.5 out of 5 starsDear Luc,I wasn t supposed to fall for you You see, you are everything I don t like I mean let s start with the obvious, shall we Mr Cain You are a DEMON And as a Mundie Mom I prefer my fictional boy interests

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    First, I would like to thank Goodreads and the author of this novel Lisa Desrochers for awarding me an ARC of Personal Demons I never win anything, so getting this giveaway was extremely exciting As much as I am grateful, however, I can t bring

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    There is a lot of buzz for this book and almost all the reviews are glowing so you know what that means Me, being my ornery, contradictory self must go against the grain and not like the book.For me this book hit on almost every clich in YA right now From

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    1.5 starsHonestly, I found this novel just too tacky for my tastes A few quick thoughts things that didn t work for me Frannie says she never swoons over guys and within the next two chapters all she s doing is swooning Within the first few chapters four hot guys a

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    Whatever you do, don t lump PERSONAL DEMONS in with all the other paranoraml or urban fantasy love triangles out right now Trust me, it s so, so much .PERSONAL DEMONS is clever, heartwrenching, fun, intriguing, intense, and sexy Frannie is a well developed protagonist with f

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    Is this book for real Frannie is disgusting Not only does she switch from Gabe to Luc every other minute, but she s also exremely selfish and shows no compassion or love for anyone, except her grandpa and her dead brother She claims to love Luc, yet, after this absurd declarati

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    I would like to apologize for this harsh review, because it really is not the fault of the writer as a whole Her book is just another notch on my annoyance towards Angel Demon young adult fiction as a whole If I had not read Once Dead, Twice Shy and that abysmal book Fallen, I might not find th

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    I loved PERSONAL DEMONS Frannie is a kind, smart girl who questions the world around her and made for a very interesting narrator She really holds her own in a story filled with powerful, supernatural creatures The other narrator Oh my Finally A bad boy done RIGHT Luc is sexy and written with a realistic

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    A rant Here we go Disappointing I couldn t get past Chapter 15 which is just a bit than half way so I feel like I gave this a fair shot.So.The book advertises itself as a paranormal romance, a tug of war between Heaven and Hell, seductively represented by two obviously gorgeous guys called Gabe riel and Luc ifer

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    Luc, so hot I love a bad boy, but when that said bad boy is trying to redeem himself Even hotter Anyway, great new book about fighting one s destiny against the forces of Heaven and Hell.Frannie is the black sheep in her very religious Catholic family Never having recovered from a childhood accident, she blames herself for

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