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Orlando innamorato Like Ariosto S Orlando Furioso And Tasso S Jerusalem Delivered, Boiardo S Chivalric Stories Of Lords And Ladies First Entertained The Culturally Innovative Court Of Ferrara In The Italian Renaissance Inventive, Humorous, Inexhaustible, The Story Recounts Orlando S Love Stricken Pursuit Of The Fairest Of Her Sex, Angelica In Milton S Terms Through A Fairyland That Combines The Military Valors Of Charlemagne S Knights And Their Famous Horses With The Enchantments Of King Arthur S Court Today It Seems Than Ever Appropriate To Offer A New, Unabridged Edition Of Boiardo S Orlando Innamorato, The First Renaissance Epic About The Common Customs Of, And The Conflicts Between, Christian Europe And Islam Having Extensively Revised His Earlier Translation For General Readers, Charles Ross Has Added Headings And Helpful Summaries To Boiardo S Cantos Tenses Have Been Regularized, And Terms Of Gender And Religion Have Been Updated, But Not So Much As To Block The Reader S Encounter With How Boiardo Once Viewed The World Charles Stanley Ross Has Degrees From Harvard College And The University Of Chicago And Teaches English And Comparative Literature At Purdue University Neglect Of Italian Romances Robs Us Of A Whole Species Of Pleasure And Narrows Our Very Conception Of Literature It Is As If A Man Left Out Homer, Or Elizabethan Drama, Or The Novel For Like These, The Romantic Epic Of Italy Is One Of The Great Trophies Of The European Genius A Genuine Kind, Not To Be Replaced By Any Other, And Illustrated By An Extremely Copious And Brilliant Production It Is One Of The Successes, The Undisputed Achievements C S Lewis

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    Di armi o di amori e basta Signori e cavalier che ve adunatiPer oldir cose diletose e nove,Stati atenti e qu eti e ascoltatiLa bela istoria che il mio canto moveBoiardo un narratore Deve sempre raccontare, raccontare, raccontare Gli indugi lirici, elegiaci, descrittivi ad esempio rispetto a quello che far Ariosto sono limitati, i moventi psicologici assai r

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    Those who like listening to cruel duels,Gruesome assaults, and massive strokes,Step forward Some random things that occur in the work disembowelment, necrophilia, cannibalism specifically someone is tricked into eating their own children , someone gets hit in the head so hard their nose and mouth poured brains , and Rinaldo meets the God of Love, is whip

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    I like Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto better, but this book that inspired Ariosto s work is still pretty enjoyable I would have been happy to read the whole thing except that I suddenly stopped caring about knights errant and their adventures, probably because that s almost all I ve been reading for the last few months and I felt all of a sudden that I d

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    If you are considering reading this book I feel you should be warned like many of the characters are warned in this book Beware if you are not a honorable knight errant Turn back now if you do not possess the abilities to follow a Renaissance ADHD author through Canto Forests of Magical Jousts, Battles and Fairies Of course that should have been in tetrameter and posted o

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    An abridged translation of a Renaissance Italian epic with lots of knights fighting, giants and other monsters My favorite is a donkey whose ears will cut a person in half wizards, enchanted castles and streams, and lovely ladies, both good and evil.in fact, many things that modern fantasy readers would be familiar with In a very readable poetic translation Some of the battle

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    I read a prose translation, I should have tried to find poetry version Unfinished epic poem, knights and enchantments etc but little of interest if you ve already read things like the Faerie Queen.

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    2018 review Really glad I re read this, I definitely got out of it this time There s a lot left out, but that s going to happen in any translation of Boiardo or Ariosto So much plot But this time I made a bit sense of it, all of the episodic stories are essentially re tellings of the Matters of France, Britain or Rome but always with a reversal Charlemagne the conqueror conquered, stoic warrior Orlando falls in love, ladies man Rinaldo rebuffed and then disgusted by love, the wizard Malagigi undone by magic, etc Meanwhile the overarching story connecting the episodes is a riff on the Siege of Troy Angelica as Helen locked up in the citadel, but because she fled from her Paris Roland as the great warriors Achilles and Hector, refusing service to Charlemagne in France so he can protect Angelica in the far east Rinaldo also as both heroes, killing Truffaldino by dragging him behind as Achilles dragged Hector s corpse Rogero as wandering Odysseus kept apart from the action and his beloved Bradamante by the wizard Atlantes the tournament on the Steps of Merlin as a sort of rigged Judgement of Paris that catalyzes the action.The maneuvering of the Saracen kings was interesting and coherent this time around, though it s still funny that they go from being kings leading armies to knights errant on solitary quests as the author finds appropriate Reminds me of that renaissance criticism of the gestes from Aretino Folengo about how the knights are made to sleep in their boots and armour, ie that their mundane parts of their lives are neglected to an absurd degree It s a funny hangover from the gestes.Overall, I think I can see a bit structure in it than the Furioso, though I m due for a re read of that too Certainly it feels like it retains of a connection to the chansons de geste, where these characters feel like a continuation of the chansons and there s almost something of a canon at work, whereas in the Furioso it s much classical and the characters feel much divorced from the chansons Also big shoutout to Jo Ann Cavalo s stuff on Boiardo, she makes the allegorical side of the episodes less opaque and I m grateful for it William Stewart Rose translation Earlier review I think it s a crime that people still read and study the King Arthur mythos but the Chansons de Geste are or less forgotten I mean, I guess it s problematic and it encourages the wrong sort of right wingers when they fight Muslim caricatures in Chanson de Roland, but here he tames giants and travels the world The Saracens aren t even evil so much as just on the other side, Boiardo and later Ariosto could admit that brave knights could serve either side It just stinks that no one remembers Roland Charles Stanley Ross translation.

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    So this is William Rose s 1823 translation of Francesco Berni s 16th century rewrite of Matteo Boiardo s 15th century Orlando Innamorato and a somewhat abridged translation, if I understand the preface correctly It reads very much like a very flaggable wikipedia summation of the plot of a fantasy anime that ran for several seasons There are a zillion characters I highly recommend keeping a l

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    I pretty thoroughly enjoyed this poem Yes, it is long and it can get a bit repetitious at times, but instead of sitting down and reading this like a modern novel, I read a few cantos every night and found it never got stale It s really a great story it has battles and magic and romance and humor and sex and tons of over the top action While loosely derived from The Song of Roland, it is much live

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    Prima che impazzisse di dolore per quella sciacquetta di Angelica, Orlando era un giovincello come si deve e faceva tante buone azioni Certo, le faceva in una lingua che non tanto si capisce, per tutto sommato per un po uno le riesce a seguire L errore da non fare leggere questo dopo l Orlando furioso, che quello pi bello e questo poi ammoscia Poi cos lungo, non finisce pi

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