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Origins Lame attempt to extend the series, painfully, by another book, into the past, so we get some olden times and Gaelic Boooring The first 2 3 books in this series are addictive, a fresh modern teen POV in the tired genre of witches kids with supernatural powers finding themselves and the wonder of Wicca among families communities who don t get it.After 3, it goes downhill There is no psychological development of the main characters and the secondary characters are quite shallowly described and hard to distinguish throughout the series even the promising and believable ones, BFFs Bree Robbie are essentially dropped from the books by 4 a lot of the narrative suspenseful points are all tell and no show , the conclusions are hurried and tied up nicely except for a minimum of predictable suspense that the publisher made you have to draw people through the series Also, each book is so short, it s like a single chapter of a Harry Potter that the narrative arc is predictable and hasty, and makes one wonder if these were paid by the book, or that the series was extended way beyond what should have been its natural life span by the publisher, or what.It s no Harry Potter, that s for sure Apart from the above flaws, here s no humor unless you count Morgan s drinking Diet Coke all the time, which gets tired really fast and no writing good enough to be enjoyed by adults as well a sure sign of a good children s book.Also there s way too much touchy feely Wicca rituals and pseudo Gaelic chanting, which is not well enough written to be convincing and also gets tiresome. Actual rating 2.5Worst one in the series so far So dull Essere catapultati nel passato stato bellissimo 3.5 This book was necessary in that it explained the origin of an important plot device However, I didn t like the switch to yet another character s point of view I found it rather irritating Instead of having Morgan read the Book of Shadow s left by her ancestor Rose, and seeing how she responds to the revelations in it, we get told get a book from Rose s point of view I find the continuity of the series suffers a bit by doing this If you start the series from Morgan s point of view and are following her discoveries of Wicca and it s relationship to her, it s a bit of a let down to have two books told from two other character s perspectives I was invested in learning about Morgan, not them.I m hoping that the resolution is worth it. Ehhh it got interesting towards the end, but that doesn t really make up for how dull the rest was. True rating 4,5 stars.I liked that this books was from Rose her POV I liked the history. Plot Origins, as one might guess from the title, is a story that visits a previous time before the time of Morgan It s about Morgan s evil ancestor, Rose, and the origin of the dark wave Or, it should have been Instead the book was basically Morgan esque drama set in the 1600s in Scotland, with Rose instead of Morgan, though there isn t much difference between the two The part about the dark wave only takes up maybe two short chapters While it is interesting to go into the background of something, dedicating an entire book to it in a series that has books than is reasonably should isn t a good choice WritingThe story has a bit of Morgan s POV, but then it shifts to Rose s, even though we re supposed to be reading her journal, not actually experiencing it along with her Rose sounds very much like Morgan, and there s not much of a difference between the two, even though I m sure Tiernan tried to make it that way The book would have been better if Morgan and Hunter had been reading the book and commenting on it as they went The writing isn t terrible, but there are choices about how it was set up that I would have done differently CharactersI hated Rose Not only was she almost exactly like Morgan, a character so dimwitted I wish I could smack her through the book, but she was also really creepy She messed with the free will of at least two boys for the sake of love, when her mother had forbidden her to do it She was a bad character and the text didn t really try to paint her as one If Morgan and Hunter would have been reading the book and commenting on it, this would have been obvious, but the text tries to make us sympathetic towards Rose Things I LikedI didn t really like anything This book was unnecessary Things I Didn t LikeI didn t like how justified Rose s actions were being portrayed If Tiernan didn t want to give off a feeling like this, she shouldn t have made Origins from Rose s POV It was a rather silly thing to do if we re supposed to see Rose as the villain DiversityThere is none, unless you count some powerful witches being white women.OverallThere was no reason to go into the origins of the dark wave using and entire book to do it The Sweep series is already fifteen books long, and a lot of the books are not needed The reader didn t need to know all of the events that transpired before Rose created the first dark wave Yes, a lot of things lead up to it, but just telling us about her being accused of a witch and wanting to destroy those who wronged her was enough Tiernan probably could have given us this information through Morgan paraphrasing it to Hunter in the next book.Here is a link to my notes. If the whole series was written this way, I would be utterly in love with this series In this book, we find out about one of Morgan s ancestors, Rose, the woman who started the black wave because she was wronged by her lover She was accused as a witch and was sentenced to death We find out her lover, Diarmuid She thought they were soul mates, only to find out in the end that he was using her for sex, that he didn t mean anything that he promised her Not only was she wronged by Diarmuid, she was also wronged by his promised wife, Siobhan s clan Both of their clans are against the Woodbanes, and she wants every clan to suffer for making the Woodbanes always look like they re evil, when they were actually trying to be good witches Now, Rose wants every clan to suffer the same fate of the dark wave as Diarmuid s and Siobhan s clans Rose is a strong character, a little desperate, but amazing She wants everything to be done for the good, and she s a fighter for what she believes in Even when her mother throws her out of the coven and home, she still holds her head high because she does not think that she did anything wrong She was only protecting herself from death and fighting for clan s rights, something that her mother didn t understand Throughout the book, the tension in Sile s coven is high because they all have been wronged one way or another, and they practice dark magick behind Sile s back The Woodbanes were destined to practice dark magick, and Rose found the perfect way to make all the other clans suffer for what they have done to the Woodbanes Lastly, an important note to touch upon was when after the dark wave The Christian townspeople fear her in a way that gives Rose power They don t sentence her to death they actually let her go if she promises not to harm them She walks with her head held high, people paying her respect for her power They don t dare to cross her, and she s relieved because she no longer has to hide who she really is I think Rose is an admirable character for all that she had to endure and continuously fighting for what she wants I have no idea how Morgan can be related to her because Morgan is the exact opposite of Rose. This was probably my favorite book I m really shocked because it seems most people don t like it I enjoyed the history of Morgan s ancestors and discovering how the dark waves got started It s very interesting but I guess to each their own On to book 11 Origin Une Plateforme Bourre De Grands Jeux PC Origin Dcouvrez De Grands Jeux PC Et Mac Sur Origin Jouez Aux Derniers RPG, Jeux De Tir, Jeux Sims Et Plus Encore Origin Get Great PC And Mac Games On Origin Play The Latest RPGs, Shooters, Sims GamesTlcharger Origin Gratuit Origin Anciennement EA Download Manager Est Une Plateforme De Distribution De Jeux En Ligne Ce Programme Est L Utilitaire De Tlchargement De Jeux Sur Le Site Du Mme Nom Il Vous Permet DTlcharger Origin Gratuit Clubic Il Peut Tre Alors Essentiel Pour Tlcharger Et Installer Les Nombreux Jeux Incontournables De L Diteur Comme La Franchise Battlefield, FIFA, Les Sims Ou Encore Les Diffrents Need For Speed I Origins FilmAlloCin I Origins Est Un Film Ralis Par Mike Cahill Avec Michael Pitt, Brit Marling Synopsis Sur Le Point De Faire Une Dcouverte Scientifique, Un Mdecin Part En Inde La Recherche D Une JeuneSkincare Products Makeup Origins Origins Blends Ingredients From Nature With Advanced Science To Create High Performance And Natural Skincare, Makeup And Bath Body Products Origins Return Origins Return Est Un Jeu En Ligne Par Navigateur Gratuit De Stratgie Militaire Spatial Vous Dirigez Une Plante Et Vous Devez La Dvelopper, Militairement Et Conomiquement Le But Est De Devenir Au Plus Vite Le Souverain Le Plus Fort Et Le Plus Respect De L Univers Mais Il Faut Aussi Le Rester Origin Aide Helpea Suivez Cette Procdure Pour Utiliser Le Client Ou La Boutique Origin Dans La Langue De Votre Choix I Origins Wikipdia I Origins Est Un Film De Science Fiction Dramatique Indpendant, Crit, Produit Et Ralis Par Mike Cahill, Sorti EnIan Gray Et Son Assistante Karen Font Des Recherches Sur L Origine De La Vision Et L Apparition De L Oeil Chez Les Espces Vivantes, Tandis Que Leur Ami Kenny Constitue Une Base Mondiale Des Iris, Chaque Iris TantORIGIN Trouvez Votre Voiture D Occasion En LLD Ou LORIGIN Chez ORIGIN Nous Vous Proposons Un Trs Large Choix De Vhicules Particuliers Et De Vhicules Utilitaires D Occasion Tous Nos Vhicules Ont Bnfici D Un Entretien Rigoureux Dans Le Cadre Du Contrat De Maintenance De La Location Longue Dure

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