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Original Sin Considering how much I disliked Personal Demons, I was surprised to see the Original Sin is a sequel that far surpasses it s previous installment Without a love triangle and all that comes with setting up the forbidden romance, the story moves a lot smoother Frannie and Luc are together and Frannie s dead brother has been charged with being Frannie s guardian angel Luc is being hunted down by a former associate from Hell and Matt is being tempted by Luc s next door neighbor, Lili Despite the slight sappiness of Frannie and Luc s relationship, they do make a good couple now that they are free from the love triangle of death I like the fact that as a human Luc depends on Frannie to protect him She s the fighter and in a one and one fight, she could take him down I found it entertaining that when Luc would try some macho man bravado Frannie would pull out the fact that she s in charge Matt s point of view was entertaining to read, because he mocked the leads and because his story was interesting You have an guardian angel who died young and is now taking care of his sister, which means he is around his family all the time and yet can not talk to them He is bitter at times and you fully understand why As you seem him falling into that hate there is a part that wants to pull him out of it, but another that wants to see how far it can go.The last 100 or so pages of this series has a lot of open palm faced slaps for Frannie as she s forced to deal with view spoiler pretty much being mentally sexually violated hide spoiler Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyI want to preface this review by saying that I loved PERSONAL DEMONS, the first book in this series I thought it was deeply romantic and I loved the dichotomy between angel Gabe and demon Luc and how their love for Frannie manifested itself so differently depending on their nature I even loved how torn Frannie was between them But ORIGINAL SIN is like a completely different animal, one that I think may need to be put down.The first half of ORIGINAL SIN is a good, if not great, follow up to PERSONAL DEMONS Frannie, Luc, and Gabe are still trapped in a rather unconventional love triangle Frannie has chosen Luc, but part of her still longs for Gabe Both guys love Frannie, but think for different reasons that she s better off with the other guy Added into the mix this time is Frannie s twin brother turned guardian angel Matt He s been assigned to protect her from the demons who still want to tag her soul for Hell.The POVs shift from Luc to Frannie to Matt and in the beginning this works Matt even gets his own potential romance and has to struggle with what he may loose his wings if he pursues it The same highs and lows from the first book carry over at first The romantic elements are still strong as is the writing, but the other female characters are likewise still embarrassingly catty and in full blown slut mode 24 7 But in the second half of the book, the tone, the plot, and the characters all shift into something unsettling and ugly There are a number of ick moments one in particular involving a girl having sex with a father, son, and nearly with a daughter from the same family A number of situations that could be construed as rape And several other ugly sexual situations involving teenagers The sexual content in ORIGINAL SIN is never graphic but it is pervasive both in description and dialogue with several crude innuendos It s a far cry from the very sexy, but still romantic vibe from PERSONAL DEMONS.I also lost my patience with Frannie She waffles from Luc to Gabe and back again one too many times for my taste Her behavior with Gabe is especially rankling as he tells her constantly that if she pursues him sexually, he ll loose his wings but she is literally on him every second they are alone reaching for the button on his jeans until he has to plead with her to stop And then just pages later it s almost the exact situation with Luc How am I supposed to respect a character like that I m so disappointed by how much of a departure ORIGINAL SIN is from PERSONAL DEMONS I still enjoyed Lisa s expressive writing and the first half of this book is good with the same passionate romance that made the debut a favorite from last year, it s the second half that I wish I could unread The third book in the Personal Demons series is called HELLBENT and will be published in May 2012 I hope it s like this first book than this follow up.Sexual Content Kissing Scenes of heterosexual and homosexual sensuality Non graphic sex scene Pervasive sexual dialog and references References to rape. Luc Cain Was Born And Raised In Hell, But He Isn T Feeling As Demonic As Usual Lately Thanks To Frannie Cavanaugh And The Unique Power She Never Realized She Had But You Can T Desert Hell Without Consequences, And Suddenly Frannie And Luc Find Themselves Targeted By The Same Demons Who Used To Be Luc S AlliesLeft With Few Options, Frannie And Luc Accept The Protection Of Heaven And One Of Its Most Powerful Angels, Gabe Unfortunately, Luc Isn T The Only One Affected By Frannie, And It Isn T Long Before Gabe Realizes That Being Around Her Is Too Tempting Rather Than Risk Losing His Wings, He Leaves Frannie And Luc Under The Protection Of Her Recently Acquired Guardian AngelWhich Would Be Fine, But Gabe Is Barely Out The Door Before An Assortment Of Demons Appears And They Re Not Leaving Without Dragging Luc Back To Hell With Them Hell Won T Give Up And Heaven Won T Give In Frannie S Guardian Exercises All The Power He Has To Keep Them Away, But The Demons Are Willing To Hurt Anyone Close To Frannie In Order To Get What They Want It Will Take Everything She Has And Then Some To Stay Out Of Hell S GraspAnd Not Everyone Will Get Out Of It Alive Rougher Naughtier Less Hellhoundey.In the beginning, it was just nice to see Frannie and Luc and Gabe again All seemed well, sort of sweet and hopeful The horizon was rosy But of course it can t stay that way Oh no They all have to get dragged through a maelstrom of insane crazy twists, so that by the second half of the book you re all, Wait, what and Oh no She did NOT just do that And, He d better just straighten up, or I m gonna burn this mother down Needless to say, Original Sin is addictive It is not short on surprises, and it lays on the intrigue pretty thick, to rev you up for book three I m looking forward to the epic conclusion It will no doubt lay the smack down And hopefully have hellhounds Because they re adorable. Review from Teens Read and Write ORIGINAL SIN is sinfully delicious A sexy, adventure jam packed with tons of fun and excitement starring some of my favorite YA characters The demons are back in spades and using every sneaky trick in the book to isolate Frannie and Luc, exploiting human emotions and bringing about the worst They re so good at their jobs Frannie returns as her spunky, strong self Luc still sooo super sexy Okay, I did have an issue about him missing some glaring clues about a particular someone, but he pulls through in the end Or does he There s that blasted cliff hanger endingArgh, I hate those, making me wait And Gabe Gabe is gone forever Well, for most of the book I missed him.Instead we ve got Frannie s new guardian angel, her brother Matt, who despises Luc and turns out to be rather unangelic in his attempts to protect Frannie from Luc But Luc is AWESOME so I m thinking, What is wrong with you, dude With three points of view Frannie, Luc and Matt I enjoyed getting into everyone s head Lisa Desrochers does a wonderful job seamlessly integrating the alternating POV s to keep it interesting without any confusion.Be aware that ORIGINAL SIN punches up the sex factor There isn t explicit detail but it s happening and demons use it as a way to tag human souls ORIGINAL SIN hurtles you through a crazy batch of surprises and plot twists that had me raising my eyebrows and flipping pages I can t wait to see how Frannie is going to get through all of it I mean, I really want to know Oh the bittersweet conflicting agony Luc the betrayal still haunts my thoughts and dreams Gabe why can t you fall and choose to be Grigori Frannie, my heart aches with yours in this second installment of Lisa Desrocher s demons angels trilogy saga This is the first YA paranormal novel I ve read that contains all the elements of one hellish , dangerous plot with MCs that will linger in your mind long after you re done with the last page Everything from lurking evils to glorious holy good sex and its every tantalizing temptation, the innocence of a summer meadow and babbling spring creek, and all the melancholy desires hidden in between.Frannie I thought her Sway would become powerful, and I truly wanted to see of her powers It was intriguing to learn that she was Nephilim which explains her unearthly gifts I appreciated her need to be strong and independent, trying to face head on any demons or evil forces that were trying to overtake her and consume all that is good in her essence Good will prevail Frannie proves this truth as she overrides any demonic essences yet to overturn Luc, once again How incredible is she But oh my G, nothing can give voice to the penetrating hurt, core shaking pain and ultimate betrayal that Frannie endures as the images of Luc and Lili s intimacy replay in my mind How heartbreakingly painful that was Tears fell from my eyes as Frannie realized what she was seeing when Luc was completely lost I didn t want to read any after that I was in so much pain for Frannie Luc Ok, I know that his betrayal to Frannie was not his fault In no way could he be held responsible for the overpowering temptations of the evil succubus, but still, it would have softened the pain for me had Frannie not seen Luc all caught up in devouring lust for Lili That B And no matter what I say to convince myself otherwise, I was slightly delighted when Luc suffered horrible, inhuman punishment from Lucifer himself Muah hahaah Evil laughter lingers for a little while here But, in the end, I still want Luc to be saved again, even if it s Gabe that pulls him out of hell s fires Luc may try as hard as he wants, but there s no way in hell he ll be able to stay away from Frannie And yes, a few tears shed for Luc when he realizes how much he s hurt Frannie, how much his uncontrolled betrayal has scarred her And it s so oh so sad made me want to turn back time for him Just so his love for Frannie would be pure and not tainted in her eyes, in the way she saw him with that FUGLY Lili Gabe Forever the white knight in shining wings that s Gabe to me He is beautiful, perfect, glorious IMO, Gabe can do no wrong He is the perfect gentleman, the perfect angel, and if he fell for his love lust for Frannie, it s all good He d still be perfect, even fallen How could every girl not want him He is always there to save Frannie, comfort her and give her the solace she seeks I m saddened knowing what would happen to him if he fell so NOT fair There goes my heart, squeezing and thudding again, hurting for him Giving up Frannie the way he does, bringing Luc back to run interference so he doesn t cave into his wildest temptations How unfair is that I just hope that some justice is afforded to him for all that he obliges to Frannie, and I know he is only carrying out his heavenly duties, but he deserves love too Just saying I d want to hold him, forever Matt I hate him That s all I can say I hope that he gets his when the time comes.Lisa Desrochers has done it again captured my love for angels and demons alike , and all of you Personal Demons fans, Team Luc or Team Gabe, you ll want to pick up your copy IMMEDIATELY when it comes out so you can start your roller coaster ride through heaven and hell Watch out for Luc s glowing red eyes and Gabe s splendid wings they ll carry you through one page to the next 10 stars on this one While the writing was good in Original Sin, the story didn t always make a lot of sense, and especially Luc should have been able to understand many things long before he did which was when it was actually too late.This and all my other reviews are originally posted on my blog un Conventional Bookviews Mind BLOWN Review to come. I had to stay up until 2am in the morning to finish reading this.The book manages to make you smile, make you want to cry, make you say WTF and make you want to drop kick several of the characters in the face repeatedly over the span of a few pages.Now I need Book 3 now First of all, I have problems A lot of problems with this series If I can turn back time, I ll hit myself in the head before I can purchase this nightmare Sure, I might get a bump on my head the size of an egg for a week but at LEAST I could have saved myself some money AND from the trauma and doubt in humanity this series caused me Yes, I admitted that this book was written in style that is slightly better than the first book Personal Demon It s really my demon if you get what I mean so here you go, my applaud BUTBut my fellow friends, the story line sink even further I know it should be deemed impossible after the first installment but like I said before in my first review, the first book was the most bearable of it all I m not going to even mention the third book By the time I was done, I decided to lean it to one of my friend who at that moment I wasn t quite happy with Needless to say our friendship is kinda rocky at this point Now aside from that Let s get into all the problems I have with characters of this book shall we Since I strongly dislike most of them and it would take too much of my time to point out every flaws, I m going to go with the main character which most of my burning passion cough cough flows toward Frannie Cavanaugh I don t like the name Frannie, no offence to all Frannie out there I think my dislike of this name originate COUGH from this book So blame the book not me Anyhow, where to start This girl bitch is simply the most annoying slash selfish slash is she in heat or something I ll explain what I meant in a bit But this is my reaction to her I m known to have low tolerance to stupidity and this Frannie girl had to be one of the most idiotic heroin I ever read about She s the type of girl that make us women look bad with her screaming, nervous break down, and the inability to control her emotions and hormones She had no problem cheating on her lover if she feels horny Basically if she want kissing someone, she ll kiss them regardless of her relationship status with another guy.Of course she sees herself as someone really in control and smart but the fact remains that all she seemed to be doing in this story are I NEED TO SLEEP WITH GUYSI M DEPRESSEDI DON T BELIEVE IN LOVEI WANT A NORMAL LIFE WITH A DEMON ANGEL BOYFRIENDI HAVE SWANG AND HELL AND HEAVEN WANTS MEI WANT GABEI WANT LUCI M TRYING TO SLEEP WITH GUYSOH MATT TRYING TO SLEEP WITH GUYS AGAINI M DEPRESSEDI WANT LOVE BUT I DON T WANT TO LOVE ANYONETAYLOR NO LILITH AND MATTLILITH AND LUC NOO LUCIFER YESSI WANT GABEI WANT LUCTRYING TO SLEEP WITH GUYSAND EVERYONE GOES CRAZYI think there s a plot somewhere among her trying to have sex, trying to be pitiful, trying to blaming herself stuffs that she know wasn t her fault but because she needed to be look depressed And of course she tried to convinced herself that she s a pure person never mind all the sexual shit going on because she was doing something for other or helped them In truth her actions were pretty self serving BUT doesn t matter for dear Frannie, she s too absorbed in herself to really know the difference She had to be the victim.Her demon boy toy Luc has been tricked to have sex with a succubus A SEDUCING SUCCUBUS even if I m straight I don t think I can resist her either Let me explain when I said tricked The succubus made it so Luc thinks that she is Frannie So yes he thought he was sleeping with Frannie when in reality it was just one of the succubus s mind trick.Naturally she got pretty pissed like any person But different from people with functional brain who would soon realized that he had no chance against her, she did not realize that why am I not surprised What made me pull my hair out even is the fact that she actually had no right to her bitchy behaviors and declare herself as the victim when she herself is WILLING to kiss and do with ANOTHER GUY Gabe, her guardian angel boy toy the moment Luc wasn t around Willingly Without feeling guilty too, her little to non existing brain can t wrap around the ideal of fairness and that you re supposed to treat people the way you want to be treated.Did I mention that her decision making part of her brain, specially the part that tells her to notice important things or the seriousness of the situation, seemed to be highly lacking Frannie is also one of those dumb leads that keep important life threatening information she knew to herself when she should tell it to her protector I call this type the I want to get myself killed so badly but don t tell anyone that type Or maybe that needs to happen or else the whole damn thing wouldn t have a plot at all I hate it when book does that So transparent So painful So predictable Ughhh Oh, and she have a brother who s as stupid at her too, well maybe better at least and she have 5 other sisters Well they re probably the only group of characters I didn t hate Probably because they don t show up much and doesn t seem to be CRAZY in love lust with someone in the story.I guess it s like what they say YOUR BRAIN STOP WORKING THE MOMENT YOU FALL IN LOVE BUT still, I just can t understand why Gabe or Luc OR ANYONE would fall for her or importantly why would that kind of power very powerful power from GOD, the kind that can destroy save the world etc belonged to someone like Frannie in the first place I questioned humanity after that, specially with a lot of good reviews for this book I simply do not understand THIS SERIES IS HORRIBLE GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK

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