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Les six livres de la république it will be awsome Bodin S Les Six Livres De La R Publique Is A Vast Synthesis Of Comparative Public Law And Politics, The Theoretical Core Of Which Is Formed By The Four Chapters Translated In This Volume These Four Chapters Contain His Celebrated Theory Of Sovereignty, Which Informed His Thinking On The State And Made His R Publique A Landmark In The Development Of European Political Thought This Theory, However, Also Contained A Seductive But Erroneous Thesis That Was Of Great Importance For The Development Of Royalist Ideology The Idea That Sovereignty Is Indivisible, That The Entire Power Of The State Has To Be Vested In A Single Individual Or GroupThis Thesis, Together With The Crisis Of Authority In The French Religious Wars, Led Bodin To A Systematically Absolutist Interpretation Of The French And Other Contemporary Monarchies His Primary Aim Was To Exclude Any Legal Ground Of Forcible Resistance A King Of France, He Hoped, Would Continue To Adhere To Moral And Prudential Limitations, But A Proper King Could Not Be Lawfully ConstrainedThis Is The First Complete Translation Of These Chapters Into English SinceIt Is Accompanied By A Lucid Introduction, A Chronology, And A Bibliography From The Back Cover A seminal text on the topic of sovereignty, this edition brings together some of the most informative aspects of Bodin s much larger original text Considering the signs and sources of sovereignty Bodin takes us through a consideration of where political legitimacy comes from the perspective of a 16th Century French monarchist Excellent provocation for thought. Como Jean Bodin antes que l, Hobbes reconoci que el aspecto principal de la majestad de la soberan a y el poder absoluto consiste en otorgarles la ley a los sujetos, en general sin su consentimiento , pero Hobbes maniobr para combinar esta noci n con un esquema contractual de representaci n que legitimara al poder soberano a priori Imperio P g.68La obra de Jean Bodin est a la cabeza del pensamiento europeo que estudi el concepto de soberan a nacional Su obra maestra, Les six livres de la R publique, publicado por primera vez en 1576, en medio de la crisis del Renacimiento, trat como problema fundamental a las guerras civiles y religiosas de Francia y Europa Bodin encar las crisis pol ticas, los conflictos y las guerras, pero estos elementos de ruptura no lo condujeron a sostener ninguna alternativa id lica, ni siquiera en simples t rminos id licos o ut picos Por esto la obra de Bodin es, no solamente, una contribuci n fundamental a la moderna definici n de soberan a, sino tambi n una anticipaci n efectiva al desarrollo subsiguiente de la soberan a en t rminos nacionales Al adoptar una perspectiva realista, l se anticip a la propia cr tica de la soberan a de la modernidad La soberan a, sostuvo Bodin, no puede ser producto de la unidad del Pr ncipe con la multitud, lo p blico y lo privado, ni tampoco es un problema que pueda resolverse ateni ndose a un marco contractualista o de derecho natural En realidad, el origen del poder pol tico y la definici n de soberan a consisten en la victoria de un lado sobre el otro, una victoria que vuelve a uno soberano, y al otro, sujeto La fuerza y la violencia crean la soberan a Las determinaciones f sicas del poder imponen la plenitudo potestatis la plenitud del poder Esta es la plenitud y unidad del poder, pues la uni n de los miembros de la rep blica depende de la unidad bajo un nico gobernante, de quien depende la efectividad de todo el resto Un pr ncipe soberano es por lo tanto indispensable, pues es su poder el que conforma a todos lo miembros de la rep blica Imperio P g.78 I was very disappointed in the editing of this volume, a slim 150 page paperback for which I shelled out the equivalent of 30 bucks Of course, Bodin s entire Six Books on the Commonwealth is quite a ponderous volume, but abridging it down to just four of its 42 chapters seems a little extreme, especially when they aren t necessarily the four chapters you re most interested in And the introduction in contrast to the general trend of great introductions in this series , instead of giving a good general sketch of Bodin s project, seemsinterested just on arguing and nitpicking with him, which is hardly helpful for the neophyte Not that there s not plenty to argue with in here I was frustrated by Bodin s stark centralizing impulse, in which all political power descends from a central national authority, and local authority exists only by permission from the higher sovereign Not only do I think this is a bad idea, but it seems to me simply unhistorical, downright mythical, as the centralized sovereign authorities in places like England and France in fact arrived quite late on the scene, long after many of the regional and local authorities I don t know perhaps Bodin s argument could be theoretically true without being historically true, but it was hard to tell from these selections Indeed, at many points, his theory seemed to consist of interesting assertions, which I could accept as an interesting hypothetical model of political authority, but which never offered any compelling reason to accept them as true and normative Indeed, the standard authorities that other political treatises of the period appeal to Scripture and natural law seemed to play very little role in his account, at least in the chapters presented here.

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