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Okinawa Diet As someone who is fascinated by different cultures, this was very interesting to read I never think about how my food can effect yin and yang, or how different foods might affect different parts of my body A large portion of this book also gives the history of the island and promotes healthy living withthan just food This book describes how many different foods can affect your body and tells you how to prepare them so you can incorporate the diet into your own life I recommend this book to anyone interested in learning about a new culture, or a new diet. Okinawa Diet The longevity secret, is not the typical diet book With his background as an anthropologist specialized in Japanese culture, Marco Carestia offers an insight into the living style of the inhabitants of Okinawa that show to be one of the longest living populations in the world What it is interesting about this book is that every aspect of the Japanese culture is taken into consideration, ranging from the history, to help the reader understand the modern choices regarding healthy living through the Okinawa diet, to actual facts about foods and their properties It gives information about the longevity of the Okinawan population, the interaction between the five elements that according to the Japanese culture is essential to the body, and the role of the yin yang The book also provides tips to follow in order to conduct a healthier living style with a list of food and their benefits, and an example of what a typical week following the Okinawa diet would look like food wise.So, if you want to have an insight into a specific area of the Japanese culture such as healthy livening through diet and specific combination of food also, but are also interested in knowingabout the history of Japan, Okinawa Diet The longevity secret is the book for you. There is said that we are what we eat Unfortunately, the hustle and bustle of nowdays lifestyle makes it almost impossible for many of us to really think about what and how we consume However, food is not the only element that influences human well being The various social and environmental changes have a great impact on our health as well.In this context, Marco Carestia proposes a return to origins in order to improve the quality of life The beauty of his work resides in the example he choses, namely the Okinawan people and their origins Some might wonder why Okinawa Well, Okinawa is the place where two great cultures meet and combine, creating an unique way of life and a healthy cuisine Traditional Chinese medicine and phylosophy mingles with Japonese culture and ingredients, resulting in a diet considered to be the secret of longevity.The reader is engaged from the first page, when he glimpses into the rich history of this paradise like place Reading Marco Carestia s book is similar to a travel at the beginings of Okinawa and living each of the significant historical moments that led to the so apreciated today s community where can be found the largest number of centenarian inhabitants in the world OKINAWA DIET The Longevity Secret is a charming book that offers a better cultural understanding of the people known for their long and healthy life It also comprises a detailed description of various ingredients, as well as a large amount of amazing recipes of the Ryukyu cuisine. Wow I have been looking for a book like this for a while so when I saw it come up in my recommended purchases and bought it I was not disappointed Marco Carestia goes really in depth into the origins behind the Okinawa diet and really explains why it is an effective method for staying healthy and keeping thin The people that live in Okinawa, Japan have some of the longest lifespans in the world and it s all thanks to their diet which is rich in things like antioxidant fruits and vegetables and seafood I was worried when I started reading that it was going to be a complicated diet to remember but it s actually very simple and easy to implement into your everyday life And if it helps the people of Okinawa live to be 100 years old it seems to be worth it The books says that Okinawa is called the Land of the Immortals because most people there live to be over 100 years old and have fewer incidents of things like heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, Alzheimer and other diseases commonly associated with old age So it s not just a long life but a fulfilled one Apart from the actual information about their eating habits, Carestia gives a lot of information about Okinawa itself and why this method of eating was created I learned a lot about a fascinating country and the history of it s people There is so much interesting depth to this culture and it s food I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a new and interesting way to eat There are a number of regions throughout the world where people are known to live longer, healthier lives One of these regions is the Okinawa Prefecture also known as the Longevity Island The Okinawa Diet Book explores how we, in other regions, can achieve longevity, live healthier andmindfully by following nutritional principles inspired by those followed by the people on the Longevity Island The book also provides a fascinating history of Okinawa Island, Okinawan culture, cultural practices, and diet It acts as a guide to balancing mind, body and soul for longevity through the Okinawa diet and includes a detailed list of food with descriptions, actions, nutrients, properties and preparation methods.Would recommend this book to anybody interested in learningabout longevity, how longevity can be influenced by diet, and Okinawan culture and food practices Definitely a great read Marco Cartesian, the author of Okinawa diet the longevity secret is an anthropologist based in Japan and has specialized in the culture of Japan In this book, he begins by describing how food plays an important role in the lifespan of an individual The book draws the reader s attention as many people seek to know the secret behind long life To answer the various question that the reader might have concerning life secrecy, he describes Okinawa diet in details The Okinawa diet that he describes is not that complex, low in salt, high in vegetables and fruit, which is very easy to prepare and very healthy Personally, I enjoyed reading the book as I was able to know the culture of the Japanese people This could be the reason why most people who live long are the Japanese Generally, I agree with the author s point of view of the secrecy to long lifespan In addition, the style which the author uses is formal and suitable for everyone, young or old I loved how the author integrated the aspect of physical exercise with the Okinawa diet As I conclude, this is a book that I would recommend to my friends to know the secrecy behind the long lifespan It is very interesting, would give it 100%, and read it over and over. Okinawa Diet by Marco Carestia is a short book packed full of information about the longevity aspect of living in Okinawa, and how that came to be The author provides a great deal of history in the book about the culture of Okinawa, militaristic and otherwise This provides a good basis on which to understand the book The diet itself is not that complicated, low in salt, high in vegetables and fruit, which is something we can all aspire to However, the author delves further into the culture that enables so many centenarians to live out their lives in Okinawa Physical activity, being revered in society, familial connections and generally staying active both physically and mentally, may all be things that contribute to a long, healthy life This is an ancient diet that has stood the test of time, the proof is self evident in the long lives that many lead in Okinawa Highly recommend for an interesting look at this amazing culture. The author, Marco Carestia, starts by telling us the origins of the Okinawa Diet He tells us the interesting story about the Okinawa Islands, which is where the diet originates from This does a good job pulling you in and getting the reader interested right from the start I really enjoyed learning about the laws of nature, it s something I didn t know.The Okinawa diet is one of the healthiest in the world and I enjoyed learning about it in this book I m going to use the information that I found in this book to try out this diet Thank you so much for Okinawa Diet The Longevity Secret A definite must read Thumbs up Not your regular diet book The book is a great combination of a historical read plus something which you can incorporate into your daily diet It is so fascinating to think of the times where a simple and healthy lifestyle helped people lead a fulfilling life up to 100 years of age and beyond This book takes you into that era When you see this book on the shelf, you might assume it to be another Japanese diet book with recipes of foods and beverages that can help you maintain a balanced lifestyle Much to my surprise, the book has a rather refreshing take on diet It indicates that all the elements in nature and the senses we experience are also part of something that we consume and this is intertwined with the foods we consume An optimum balance of these elements is the key to a much desired longevity.We are then given an array of foods with the elements that they are associated with and their benefits for our body One can be surprised to see this correlation between nature with food and how it can affect your body This book shows a different perspective of having a balanced and satisfactory lifestyle Instead of a percentage proportion of carbohydrates, proteins or fats as you would generally expect, it takes you through the Japanese secret of finding the origin of all that we consume through elements of nature and how keeping a balance of it can do wonders for your body and mind Highly recommended for anyone who appreciates how nature remains so closely tied with us forever An absolutely interesting and refreshing read. Okinawa Is Famous For Having One Of The Healthiest Population In The World With The Longest Lifespan This World Record Is Supported By Scientific Studies Conducted Over The YearsCentenarians Express A High Satisfaction Level With Their Lives Okinawans Know What It Means To Live A Long And Healthy Lifespan The Book Provides A Great Deal Of History About The Culture Of OkinawaOkinawa Is One Of The Healthiest Places In The World And One Where People Have The Longest Lifespans The Book Provides A Guideline For Getting The Most Out Of Their LivesReaders Don T Find A Hard Time Reading This Book And It Was Very Easy To Understand By Everyone, Young Or Old

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Marco Carestia is an anthropologist specialized inCulture of Japan with training in Japan Consolate ofMilan,on the basis of his Diploma of Japanese.He has focused his studies on food culture since MilanExpo 2015.

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