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Le Livre des Baltimore 3 de 5 estrellas Me ha gustado Es dif cil para mi hacer esta rese a, Jo l Dicker es uno de esos escritores que hace magia entre p gina y pagina, su manera de escribir es nica y deliciosa servidora se declara total admiradora El problema no es del libro, el problema es m o que esperaba un Harry Qubert II y eso no ha pasado La historia aunque la protagoniza el Gran Marcus no tiene nada que ver con el anterior libro, se pueden leer de forma independiente La familia de Balti se te mete en el coraz n y vives su vida desde muy adentro, especialmente los d as de Acci n de Gracias Me encanta leer a este autor, leer a de l hasta la lista de la compra pero esperaba mas misterio, m s intriga y una novela menos calmada que sta Jo l te seguir leyendo, siempre 5 out of 5 stars OUR APRIL 2018 BOOK CLUB READ Jo l Dicker did it again No one writes as he does I cried silent tears at the end of the book I am so shocked in all the good ways though What an epic book about a family tragedy and how well thought through the entire story was A true piece of literary art So here is what the family tragedy is aboutFresh from the staggering success of THE TRUTH ABOUT THE HARRY QUEBERT AFFAIR, Marcus Goldman is struggling to write his third novel A chance encounter in Florida throws him some inspiration from a surprising source Alexandra Neville, the beautiful, phenomenally successful singer and Marcus s first love All at once, memories of his childhood come flooding back Memories of a family torn apart by tragedy, and a once glorious legacy reduced to shame and ruin The Balti Boys The Goldman Gang That was what they called Marcus, and his cousins Hillel and Woody Three brilliant young men with their whole lives ahead of them, before their kingdom crumbled beneath the weight of lies, jealousy and betrayal For years, Marcus has struggled with the burdens of his past, but now, he must attempt to banish his demons and tell the real story of the Balti Boys I loved this story about three charismatic boys growing to maturity in the 1990s and early 2000s with all the social and political changes of America in that time I guess it must be true when they say that you haven t lived until you have read and lived through all the emotions in a Dicker novel What amazes me the most is that a person can create these types of feelings only by using words and make such a crazy story so believable It ll tear your heart your guts out, but it ll be so worth it, I promise AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ Gr ce aux livres,Tout tait effac Tout tait oubli.Tout tait pardonn.Tout tait repar Jo l Dicker, Le Livre des Balti 4.5 Absolutes Lesehighlight Le style d criture un peu moyen surtout sur les dialogues d amour, c est si niais ne m a pas emp ch d adorer cette histoire, d vor e d un bout l autre et referm e avec beaucoup d motion Je reste marqu e du souvenir des Goldman et les Neville alors qu ils n ont jamais vraiment exist c est la magie des livres Quanto bello quando trovi quei libri che ti prendono gi dalle prime parole Quelli che ti fanno fare tardi la notte, che vorresti leggere per ore intere ma un po ti trattieni perch in fondo non vuoi che finiscano troppo presto quelli che ti fanno organizzare in modo diverso la giornata dai faccio subito questo lavoro cos finisco presto e riesco a leggere qualche pagina.Di 5 stelle ne ho letti tanti, ma poi ci sono quelli che hanno qualcosa in pi , una specie di sesta stella, che non si pu mettere ma dentro di te senti che c.E ora non voglio parlare della prosa di Dicker ho sempre preferito una scrittura semplice ma che ti cattura ad una superba ma noiosa Su questo non c altro da dire.Questa la storia della famiglia Goldman ma non ha nulla a che vedere con le solite saghe famigliari , anzi dellE famigliE Goldman quella perfetta di Balti, la pi ricca, la pi riuscita e tutti gli altri pi che si possono mettere , e i quella di Montclair di cui fa parte il narratore e protagonista, quel Marcus Goldman di Harry Quebert , in tutto e per tutto sempre uno scalino pi in basso dell altra.Il romanzo come un lungo filo che si intreccia tra le famiglie nel corso degli anni e si, con i soliti salti temporali che secondo me Dicker gestisce molto bene Insomma questo filo ti si attorciglia addosso, non riesci a sbrogliarlo finch non arrivi alla fine della storia Ma poi vorresti riavvolgerlo e ricominciare da capo, ricominciare la lettura come se nulla fosse, come se quel libro non l avessi mai visto in vita tua.Peccato averlo gi finito, chiss quando incontrer di nuovo un 6 stelle Neste terceiro livro publicado, Jo l Dicker volta a Marcus Goldman e em boa hora o fez Se gostou de A Verdade sobre o Caso Harry Quebert vai render se ao O Livro dos Balti.Neste livro Dicker conta a saga da fam lia Goldman A fam lia abastada que vive em Balti e a fam lia remediada, da qual faz parte Marcus, que vive em Montclair E no presente e em frequentes viagens ao passado que vamos acompanhando Marcus na sua busca pela verdade e do que aconteceu no dia do Drama.A hist ria, contada sempre do ponto de vista de Marcus, bastante comovente Atualmente um escritor de sucesso, mas que est a passar por um bloqueio criativo, refugia se num local calmo tendo por vizinho Leo, uma personagem que me cativou por ser uma esp cie de conselheiro bom, tal qual anjo da guarda, sempre presente nos maus momentos para o aconselhar.Opini o completa em Se Encontrar Este Livro, Por Favor Leia O Queria Que Algu M Conhecesse A Hist Ria Dos Goldman De Balti At Ao Dia Do Drama, Existiam Dois Ramos Da Fam Lia Goldman Os Goldman De Balti E Os Goldman De MontclairO Ramo De Balti, Pr Spero E Bafejado Pela Sorte, Mora Numa Luxuosa Mans O Encarna A Imagem Da Elite Americana, Abastada E Influente, Que Vive Em Bairros Exclusivos, Passa F Rias Nos Hamptonse Frequenta Col Gios Privados J Os Goldman De Montclairs O Uma T Pica Fam Lia De Classe M Dia E Vivem Numa Casa Banal Em Nova J Rsia A Esta Fam Lia Modesta Que Pertence Marcus Goldman, Autor Do Romance A Verdade Sobre O Caso Harry Quebert Mas Era Fam Lia Feliz E Privilegiada De Balti Que Marcus Secretamente Desejava Pertencer Mas Tudo Isto Se Transforma Com O DramaOito Anos Depois Do Dia Que Tudo Mudou, A Hist Ria Da Sua Fam Lia Que Marcus Goldman Decide Investigar Movido Pelas Mem Rias Felizes Dos Tempos Ureos De Balti, Procura Descobrir O Que Se Passou No Dia Do Drama, Que Mudaria Para Sempre O Destino Da Fam Lia O Que Aconteceu Realmente Aos Goldman De Balti No tiene nada que ver con La verdad sobre el caso Harry Quebert salvo el protagonista Marcus , ni siquiera es el mismo g nero, pero me ha encantado I loved, The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair, and I was delighted to read the sequel Author Marcus Goldman is about to start writing his new book and has relocated to Boca Raton, Florida Florida reminds him of his Uncle Saul, who lived there when he was older, and a chance meeting with his ex lover, Alexandra, brings back memories of his youth and his cousins, the Balti Goldmans While his new neighbour, the elderly Leonard Horowitz, berates him for not getting down to work, Marcus spends his time recalling the past and tries to piece together what happened so many years before This book goes back and forwards in time taking us from 1960 to 2004 It is the story of three cousins Marcus, Hillel and Woodrow Finn Hillel is the son of Marcus s Uncle Saul and Aunt Anita and Woodrow Woody is a young boy they adopt Throughout his childhood, these Balti Goldmans, seem to define success and happiness to Marcus They live in a beautiful house, with a holiday home at the Hamptons and are wealthy, attractive and exude happiness and success Marcus delights in staying with them, while, on his return home, everything seems slightly dull and tainted His father is not as self assured as Uncle Saul, his mother not quite as attractive as Aunt Anita and he envies Hillel and Woody their closeness.As the story progresses, different characters enter the story including Scott Neville, a school friend of Hillel and Woody, and his sister, Alexandra We learn of friendships, relationships, family arguments and sporting ambitions Along the way, we know from the very beginning, that there is a tragedy which unfolds Obviously, I do not want to write any spoilers here, but we learn of what happened slowly and some readers may find the long, winding story difficult Yes, this book could have been edited to be shorter, but personally, I really enjoyed learning about the Goldman family even if my dis interest in sport was tested to the limit Obviously, Marcus gradually learns that everything he thought was so impressive and, seemingly perfect, as a young man, could not possibly be so uncomplicated Through learning about the reality of his cousins lives, he begins to come to terms with his own feelings of yearning to belong to the Balti Goldmans and to be accepted by them I liked Marcus very much and loved the way that the novel unfolded gradually to reveal the layers of complicated relationships beneath the fa ade If you enjoyed the Harry Quebert Affair then you will, undoubtedly, enjoy this If, though, you have read the earlier book and found it a struggle, then will probably feel the same way about this as, in format, if not in content, it is quite similar I will certainly read anything else by this author, which is translated, and I am confident I will enjoy it.

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