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No Pit So Deep, 2 (The Cody Musket Story, #2) Part Of The Series The Story Continues A Star Cast Of Characters And A Plot With Twists Than Chubby Checker Cody Has Become A Baseball Icon, But He Plays A Dangerous Game Running His Secret Paramilitary Division Of Planned Childhood, Raiding Traffickers And Rescuing Children Cody And Brandi Are Devastated When A South American Cartel Retaliates By Abducting Knoxi, But The Six Year Old Helps Her Parents And Fourteen Avengers Lead Fifty Children On A Jungle Escape To Freedom With A Rogue Army In Pursuit, Inspiring A Whole Nation To Join The Fight For Liberty Finally, After Being Gunned Down Accidentally By Police, Cody Lies In Methodist Hospital, His Life In The Balance A Trip To Heaven And A Surprise Ending That Shocks The World

About the Author: James Nathaniel Miller II

James N Miller has been described as a realist, comic, writer, and entrepreneur He is a gifted speaker who has entertained thousands, and his inspirational tweets and posts have traversed the world He became a writer, he says, because he has things he wants to say He is a fiction author and a current monthly byline contributor for The Liberty Beacon worldwide media group.He is a pilot with

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    In his amazing second novel, No Pit So Deep The Cody Musket Story Book 2, author, James Nathaniel Miller, II takes a moment to reintroduce us to the Cody and Brandi Musket Story, then off we go on some harrowing adventures, not of their making A remarkable story and read Four years had passed since their late night romantic wedding and now they were back in the thick of things Th

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    The author, James Nathaniel Miller, II takes us back to the beginning of No Pit So Deep, the Cody and Brandi Musket Story, and then fast forwards us into the belly of book 2 This fast paced novel doesn t miss a step in the storytelling process.The emotional intensity of this novel based on true events will take you into some deep, dark places, and then shed an illuminating light to sort

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    Rescue of the innocentThe spellbinding story of passionate hearts seeking to rescue children from the hands of evil men One such stolen child was Knoxi, whose parents placed children rescued into safe homes Knoxi at age six is wise beyond her years Her daddy taught her to be able to hide on plain sight and to always pay attention to the little details This story of the saving of not only Knoxi

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    Cody musketStory pulls you in and doesn t let go The horror of your child being kidnapped in revenge for the good works you have done to rescue children from human traffickers And the amazing story of a very young lady who uses everything her father has ever taught her to outwit and escape on her own despite ruthless men looking for her The story continues with this young lady willing to go back to r

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    No Pit So Deep The Cody Musket Story Book 2 continues the story and begins with the kidnapping of his adopted daughter and the race to rescue her The situation is desperate and it will take that one miracle to save the day Good thing that that one miracle was waiting in the wings.

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    Knoxi is a character I ve fallen in love with Out of the mouths of babes comes some profound thoughts The subject matter of this series goes beyond any romance and to the heart of Christianity, LOVE Your heart will be broken for those preyed upon How many of us would reach out and fight for the rights of these unfortunates if we had the finances and connections

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    Child traffickingNothing nothing nothing can be so loathsome as child trafficking Those who commit this crime are the most evil people on Earth Those who dedicate their lives to rescuing the victims of this crime often putting their own lives and families at risk are true heros This story highlights one such mission Words cannot express my gratitude and respect to them.

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    Faith and Sci fi meet up with interesting story I loved this story from the first to the last page It was exciting and heart warming at the same time which is not something that you often find in a faith based novel I loved the characters and how they continue to fight for those who have no one else to fight for them.

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    Cody musket book 2.Yet again,a good story,page turning adventures Once again.too much God in 2nd half,also plot alert.the prologue of the first book,answers the burning question of the second

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    Excellent read I started this book laying in KU MED in Kansas city ks I finished it at NRH hospital in Emporia Kansas where I will finish my rehabilitation before going home with my wife I LOVED this book

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